2016 Winners & Finalists

Early Years Digital Content

ANT_2925Winner: Discovery Education – Dinosaurs Module in Discovery Education Espresso

 “The judges said this was a well designed resource with a good range of activities and some high class video’s. It is easy to navigate and good value for money.”

  • Learning A-Z – Headsprout
  • Little Fox Inc. – Little Fox
  • Oxford University Press  – Big Writing Adventures for Reception (P1)
  • SK Telecom Smart Robot Coding School

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Primary Digital Content – core subject content

ANT_2947Winner: Oxford University Press – Big Writing Adventures   See featured finalist video >

 “The judges were impressed with the extent to which Big Writing Adventures engages learners. It also offers clear guidance to teachers and tracks progression well.”

  • 3P Learning – Mathletics
  • 3P Learning – Reading Eggs (incorporating Reading Eggspress)
  • 3P Learning – Spellodrome
  • Daydream Education – Maths Tutor
  • Discovery Education – Phonics Module in Discovery Education Espresso
  • Lego Education – MoreToMaths
  • Twig World – Tigtag Junior

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Primary Digital Content – rest of curriculum

ANT_2962Winner: London Grid For Learning/ Computeam – Maya – A Journey through the Maya World with Dr Diane Davies, Maya Archaeologist

“This entry showed an interesting and engaging approach to teaching and learning and clearly addresses current needs in the National curriculum”

Highly Commended: Oddizzi – Oddizzi

  • 2Simple – FAITH MATTERS
  • Bloomsbury Publishing Plc – Telling the Time apps
  • EducationCity – EducationCity
  • Hamilton Trust (with White October) – Hamilton Trust suite of websites: Hamilton Trust, Hamilton Player and Hamilton Education
  • JMB Education – KS2 Spanish

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Secondary Digital Content

ANT_2974Winner: SAM Learning – SAM Learning

 “Sam Learning is a safe and flexible product which is accessible and offers excellent guidance and information. Good feedback from students”

Highly Commended: Show My Homework – Show My Homework

  • 3P Learning – IntoScience
  • Britannica Digital Learning – Britannica® Pathways: Science™
  • Cambridge University Press – GCSE English Literature for AQA Frankenstein Cambridge Elevate Enhanced Edition
  • Cambridge University Press, UK Education – GCSE Mathematics Online
  • PG Online Ltd – Teaching units and textbooks

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Best Whole Course Subject Curriculum Resource

ANT_2985Winner: Oddizzi – Oddizzi

“With a topic based approach and a good range of images, the judges felt this was a high quality engaging resource to support the teaching of geography.”.

  • 3P Learning – IntoScience
  • Coordination Group Publications (CGP) – Salut!
  • Language Angels (Nubridge Publishing Limited)
  • Oxford University Press – Big Writing Adventures
  • Teaching Resources Ltd – Guzled Teaching Resources
  • Twinkl – Twinkl PlanIt Key Stage 1 History

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ICT Tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment – non web based

ANT_2995Winner: Capita SIMS – SIMS Assessment with the SIMS Teacher app

“This tool highlights to staff, pupils and parents where there is progress and where there are gaps, so targets can be set for next steps. It is easy to use and inclusive.”

  • 2Simple Software – 2Build a Profile
  • Alexandra Institute – WizeFloor
  • EES for Schools – Target Tracker
  • Global Vocational Skills – i-GVS
  • NetSupport Ltd – NetSupport School
  • Texthelp Ltd. – Read&Write

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ICT Tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment – web based – classroom aids

ANT_3008Winner: 2Simple Software – Purple Mash

“This is a well established product which has clearly benefitted from development in schools. It has a good system which allows children to receive meaningful feedback”

  • Codio Ltd. – Codio
  • Creaza AS – Creaza
  • Daydream Education – Maths Tutor
  • GenericMaths Ltd. – ConquerMaths.com
  • GoConqr – GoConqr
  • SAS Apps LTD – App Camp

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ICT Tools for Learning, Teaching and Assessment – web based – whole school aids

ANT_3015Winner: TES Global –  TES Institute

“The judges said this was very well designed with excellent CPD approach and content. It showed strong practical examples and demo’s of good teaching”

Highly Commended: CEM – BASE

  • EDLounge – Edlounge
  • Frog Education – Frog Progress
  • GL Assessment – Progress Test Series   See featured finalist video >
  • Learning Ladders – Learning Ladders
  • Prime Principle – Classroom Monitor
  • Shoo Fly Publishing – School360

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ICT Special Educational Needs Solutions

 ANT_3023Winner: Crick Software – SuperKeys

“The judges felt this was very impressive. They described it as “something simple done properly” and “small but perfectly formed”. It is helpful for students of all ages”

  • Crick Software – Clicker Communicator
  • GamelabUK – The Boris Games
  • Inclusive Technology Ltd – Inclusive Eye Gaze Education
  • Mike Ayres Design – Switch4 iPad App
  • Smartbox Assistive Technology – Grid 3
  • The Publishing Foundry – Educater    See featured finalist video >

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Digital Devices

ANT_3038 Winner: Avantis Systems Ltd – Tectus

“The panel said this showed sound design principles and was easy to use. If you are looking to store a class set of tablets then this is the way to do it”

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ICT Leadership and Management solutions

ANT_3053Winner: Oxford University Press – School Improvement Pathways   See featured finalist video >

“The judges were impressed with this product providing support for school improvement. Good involvement of current practitioners, school advisers and subject experts.”

  • Bluesky – Bluesky Education
  • eCadets – eCadets   See featured finalist video >
  • EDLounge Ltd – EDLounge
  • EES for Schools – School Effectiveness+
  • Groupcall Limited – Groupcall Emerge
  • Prime Principle – Classroom Monitor
  • Show My Homework – Show My Homework

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ICT Exporter of the Year

ANT_3061Winner: GL Education

“The judges felt that GL Education’s impressive international growth along with their powerful promotion of their product and brand internationally made them worthy winners.”

Highly Commended: Eurotalk

  • Double First
  • EducationCity
  • SK Telecom

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ICT Service and Support

ANT_3074Winner: Scomis

“The judges viewed this as a very full submission with surveys and good feedback. It really ticked all the boxes”.

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ICT Company of the Year (less than £3m turnover)

ANT_3083Winner: bksb Ltd

“They keep very close attention to changes in requirements and offer free training seminars. There was very positive feedback on the company from a diverse groups.”

  • Contact Group
  • Just2easy
  • Learning Ladders & School Explained
  • New Era Education Ltd
  • Prime Principle
  • Think IT

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ICT Company of the Year (over £3m turnover)

ANT_3086Winner: Joskos Solutions

“Joskos’s demonstrated a committed approach to customer service and their significant success really impressed the judges”.

  • 3P Learning
  • Avantis Systems Ltd
  • Firefly
  • Frog Education
  • Fujitsu UK & Ireland
  • Toshiba

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Free Digital Content/Open Educational Resources – content suite

ANT_3106Winner: Twig World in partnership with Imperial College London – Reach Out CPD

  • Beauchamp College – BeauchApp
  • Computing At School – QuickStart Computing
  • Esri UK Ltd – ArcGIS Online
  • Gojimo – Gojimo
  • LearnPad – LearnPad Tool Suite
  • Rising Stars – My Rising Stars

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Free Digital Content/Open Educational Resources – single issue resource

ANT_3119Winner: The National Archives – Magna Carta

Highly Commended: Tesco – The Tesco Eat Happy Project

  • CTVC Ltd/TrueTube and Breakthrough Media – Faith on the Frontline
  • iCompute – iCompute Lite
  • London Grid for Learning – Counter-Extremism: narratives and conversations
  • National Theatre and Frog Education – National Theatre On Demand
  • Royal Society of Chemistry – Periodic Table app

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International Digital Education Resource

ANT_3134Winner: Whizz Education – Maths-Whizz Suite

“A comprehensive resource for communicating a wide range of scientific ideas. Easy to use, high-quality resources and an intuitive structure make this a valuable tool.”

  • Discovery Education Espresso Sweden
  • InfoMentor – InfoMentor
  • INSTRUCTURE – Canvas
  • LiteracyPlanet – LiteracyPlanet
  • Little Fox Inc. – Little Fox
  • Mozaik Education – mozaBook
  • Twig World – Tigtag

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Educational Apps

ANT_3146Winner: SuperMemo World – Olive Green

“The judges saw this as a very engaging app with a good main character and a range of student activities. Good for self study as well as a group and simple to use.”

  • Intellisense – LabCamera
  • Learning A-Z – Raz-Kids
  • Minds On Play LLC – LogicCity for Schools
  • Raddlist – Kids Sound Lab Pro
  • Speechmark Ltd – Colorcards Basic Sequences
  • TechSmith – Coach’s Eye

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The ICT Innovator of the Year

ANT_3153Winner: Makewaves

“The judges felt the winners had created an interesting and creative tool that has the potential to motivate learners, and to recognise and value the achievement of young people.”

Highly Commended: Ohbot Partnership

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Outstanding Achievement in ICT Education

ANT_2669Winner: Dominic Savage