Collaboration with a School

Open to all EdTech companies who have worked with a school or educational institution at any age range or sector in an innovative way to have a transformative impact upon either educational standards, or the operational running of the institution.

The collaboration must have been launched and developed in the 24 months preceding the entry closing date.

Each application must be supported by an in-depth case study that provides both quantitative and qualitative evidence to show how the institution benefitted from the collaboration, addressing the following criteria, where relevant:

  • The innovative nature of the collaboration
  • Evidence to show the impact on learning in the Classroom and/or operational efficiency within the school
  • How the collaboration supports or enhances the everyday life or work of teachers, pupils or schools
  • Testimonial(s) from a named individual at the school about the impact the collaboration has had
  • Effectiveness in terms of aims and results, which could include ROI or other measures of success

Companies should make sure that their submission form is evidence based and covers all the criteria requested clearly and succinctly to showcase their product effectively.