Educational Apps

Product types
Digital learning opportunuties designed to support and enhance skills development, and/or teaching and learning. Please note curriculum content apps are excluded from this category and must be entered in the relavent age phase category. Apps must have been published within 12 months of the date of your entry submission. Companies may enter as many different apps into this category as they wish. This category is for paid for resources, if your product is free please enter the Free digital content / open education resource category.

Teachers and learners at all phases in education.

Judges will not expect entries to match every criteria listed in the category. Each product will be considered on individual merit.

  • Is it value for money?
    (failure to include pricing details will result in the entry being marked down)
  • Is it simple to download and use?
  • Does it work on a range of platforms?
  • Does it help support learning and teaching?
  • Is it innovative and engaging?
  • Does it provide flexibility to the teacher?
  • Does it track progression and achievement?
  • How does it enable access for learners with SEND?
  • How does it promote inclusion?

Read here more details about inclusion and accessibility.

Companies should make sure that their submission form is evidence based and covers all the criteria requested clearly and succinctly to showcase their product effectively.

Entrants will need to supply free access to the app for judging purposes.