Free Digital Content or Open Educational Resources

To reward exemplary free digital and online resources for teachers working in the early years, primary, secondary or further education and skills sectors.

Product types
Products that are free at the point of use for the user, including digital resources, content and apps.

Products in this category must be free at the point of use for the user and designed for use within educational institutions or as part of educational learning for pupils outside of the classroom as part of independent learning and support activities.

Judges will not expect entries to match every criteria listed in the category. Each product will be considered on individual merit:

  • Does it provide valuable user guidance and information?
  • Does it provide flexibility to the teacher?
  • Does it enable effective learning?
  • Does it track progression and achievement?
  • Does the product show consideration for e-safety within the online context?
  • Is it distinctive and innovative?
  • How does it enable access for learners with SEND?
  • How does it promote inclusion?

Read here more details about inclusion and accessibility.

Companies should make sure that their submission form is evidence based and covers all the criteria requested clearly and succinctly to showcase their product effectively.