Best Education Support Resource for Parents or Home Learning

3P Learning – Reading Eggs

3P Learning is the award-winning team behind the world’s number one online maths resource Mathletics, as well as additional resources, Mathseeds and Reading Eggs designed to help children gain confidence in maths and literacy skills. Established in Australia in 2004 and in the UK in 2006, 3P Learning has its EMEA headquarters in Bristol. Its focus is on creating motivational, curriculum-aligned content to engage learners through fun, game-based resources for Key Stages 1 – 3. 3P Learning resources are used by millions of children worldwide with thousands of schools across the UK improving outcomes through its resources.

Associated Educational Technologies Ltd. – ConquerComputing

The brand-new ConquerComputing suite is perfectly tailored for Primary school children and the Computing National Curriculum. Equipping them with coding skills never before accomplished in the British education system in an area where there is often little experience amongst teachers. Every step is explained in entertaining and perfectly crafted videos that fire the interest of children and underpin confidence amongst staff and parents. Detailed lesson plans provide teacher guidance. Colourful and engaging worksheets guide and assess students on or offline. Ready-made projects and assets are instantly accessible to individuals and groups. Interactive tests and activities assess learning and retention.

Auris Tech Limited – Fonetti

Auris Tech has created the World’s First speech recognition engine built specifically for children’s read speech. It powers Fonetti®, our tablet app that provides a highly interactive and encouraging reading environment for kids through our voice-enabled Listening Books™. Think: reverse karaoke. As a child correctly reads our familiar content aloud, the words light up. Kids are so engaged, they actually want to read during tablet time! They feel brave and comfortable reading, love earning rewards, delight in visual and voice engagement, and their supportive adults benefit from the progress tracking. Auris aims to advance literacy globally, starting in the UK.


My language teacher is 6 years old! I learn her language through games, play and fun. My teacher is not only helping me learn, my teacher is my friend. KOKORO lingua is an online-program to learn English and foreign languages for 3-8 years old children. Through weekly videos, native children share their language, via games, activities, songs and fun! The children, at school or at home, watch the video 3 to 5 times, learn with pleasure and the right accent, and then switch to the next one. The pedagogical path is defined by a team of experts in languages, Montessori and alternative learning approaches. French – Swiss project.

EDLounge – EDLounge


EdPlace – EdPlace

EdPlace is the most comprehensive online educational content provider helping parents, tutors and teachers support children’s learning outside the classroom. 100% aligned to the Curriculum, EdPlace supports children from year 1-GCSE in maths, English and science. When using EdPlace across the school year, students progress over 150%. EdPlace’s accessibility toolbar supports 15+ learning differences, making learning more accessible for SEND students. EdPlace believes every parent should have access to quality educational support that effectively helps their child succeed. As parent champions, their mission is to be the most trusted partner for parents with the biggest impact on a child’s education.

Learning Ladders – Learning Ladders at Home

Learning Ladders is the new way that schools accelerate learning by connecting teaching in school and at home. Our vision is a world where every child’s learning is scaffolded both in class and at home by informed and engaged adults, and those adults have all the tools they need at their fingertips. We’ve already helped nearly 500,000 students increase their grades by an average of 1%, and been shortlisted ‘Best Product for Teaching, Learning and Assessment’ by BETT 5 years running.

Tassomai – Tassomai

Tassomai is a clever online learning and revision program for GCSE science which has helped thousands of students get better grades. It also organises learning to avoid stressful cramming, encouraging a “little and often” approach throughout the year. Tassomai helps teachers by cutting down on marking and enabling them to easily identify strengths and weaknesses amongst their students, while sending weekly progress reports to parents so they know how their children are doing.