Free Digital Content or Open Educational Resources

Adobe – Adobe Spark for Education

Adobe empowers students with the digital skills they need for educational and career success. When students use Adobe Spark, part of Adobe Creative Cloud, to develop creative and persuasive communications, they participate more actively in their learning and gain visual, audio, and animation skills that give them an edge in the modern workplace. We’re committed to helping schools incorporate digital tools across their curricula by providing resources like free professional development and teaching modules for faculty. We facilitate the sharing of best practices among different schools. And we offer special pricing to make it easy to teach essential digital skills to every student. To learn more, visit

BBC – BBC iReporter

BBC iReporter is an interactive game created by the BBC and Aardman Animations to give 11-18 year olds the skills to identify fake news and false information.

The game gives players the experience of being a BBC reporter covering a breaking news story and deciding which sources to trust and publish and which not to. It gives them the skills to check and verify sources and spot the difference between comment and opinion.

Designed and built in collaboration with 11-18 year olds and senior BBC editors BBC iReporter can be played on mobile, tablet and desktop.

EduKit Solutions Limited – EduKit Insight

Improved wellbeing leads to better outcomes for students. But faced with falling budgets, meeting the expectation to assess student wellbeing and mental health seems to many schools to be an impossible task.

So we created EduKit Insight, a free online student wellbeing tool that schools across the country are using to assess student wellbeing and to track the impact of interventions. Schools can then use EduKit Connect, a free online database of hundreds of youth organisations, to find appropriate free support.

EduKit offers a a much needed holistic solution that empowers all schools to understand and improve the wellbeing and mental health of students.

London Grid for Learning and Child Bereavement UK – Managing a sudden death in the school community

LGfL is a not for profit Charitable Trust – all connected school receive:
Fibre connectivity – LGfL is one of the largest and fastest dedicated educational networks in the world. 
Saving schools money – saving millions every year through procurement on behalf of thousands of schools.
Content and services to support inclusion and well being.
Transitioning to the Cloud – supporting schools to move to next generation digital platforms. 
Keeping schools safe – network security designed to keep schools safe from cyber threats. 
Keeping children safe through our Safeguarding Centre of Excellence. 
Award winning curriculum content for schools to energise teaching and learning.

Mathigon – Mathigon

Mathigon is an online platform for secondary mathematics, that combines cutting-edge technology with an innovative new curriculum. Our mission is to make mathematics more interactive, personalised and engaging than ever before – and to ensure that every student enjoys learning.

Our unique content format allows students to explore, discover and be creative, and it can seamlessly adapt to different abilities. Every chapter has a captivating narrative, and a virtual personal tutor provides real-time feedback. Mathigon was created by Philipp Legner, has won numerous awards, and is used by students and teachers all around the world.

Prowise – Prowise Presenter

Prowise is a leading UK-based company that develops innovative, high quality and reliable digital education solutions. Our self-developed Touchscreens, personal devices, lift systems and user-friendly Presenter and Central software allow us to make learning and collaboration more accessible, effective and enjoyable. It’s not just hardware, or software, but a 360 degree solution that works in synergy to ensure that information is not just presented, but experienced. To date more than 20.000 schools, 275.000 teachers and hundreds of companies in sixteen different countries make use of the solutions of Prowise.

Royal Shakespeare Company – RSC Shakesepeare Learning Zone

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre creates theatre at its best, made in Stratford-upon-Avon and shared around the world. We are passionate about the impact Shakespeare can have on every young person’s life and work with thousands of young people, teachers and partner theatres each year. Shakespeare’s plays challenge young minds, giving them a new understanding and confidence with words and language. RSC Education uses the same approaches to teach Shakespeare that our actors use in the rehearsal room, encouraging students to explore the words on their feet, speaking them aloud.

Wellcome Trust – Explorify

Explorify is a free, easy to use digital resource of activities to help primary school teachers spark pupils’ curiosity and develop their thinking skills. Developed by Wellcome, the global health foundation, Explorify will enhance primary science teaching, so that every pupil has an excellent first experience of science. 

Youth Sport Trust – Active School Planner

Established in 1995, the Youth Sport Trust is an independent UK children’s charity dedicated to creating a brighter future for young people through the power of sport and physical activity. Through our programmes at local and national level we want to ensure that every child — regardless of age, gender, background or ability — has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle and has access to high quality PE and school sport. We passionately believe this is crucial to tackling some of the biggest challenges facing today’s generation of children and young people.