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3P Learning – Mathletics

3P Learning is the award-winning team behind the world’s number one online maths resource Mathletics, as well as additional resources, Mathseeds and Reading Eggs designed to help children gain confidence in maths and literacy skills. Established in Australia in 2004 and in the UK in 2006, 3P Learning has its EMEA headquarters in Bristol. Its focus is on creating motivational, curriculum-aligned content to engage learners through fun, game-based resources for Key Stages 1 – 3. 3P Learning resources are used by millions of children worldwide with thousands of schools across the UK improving outcomes through its resources.

Awecademy – Awecademy

Awecademy is a future-focused educational organization based out of Canada that is disrupting traditional high school curricula and inspiring students to bring about civilization-level change. Through an online platform and off-line programs, we future-proof high school students, educators, and industry leaders with new smarts and critical survival skills.

Awecademy has been shortlisted for multiple awards including the Next Billion EdTech Prize, the Reimagine Education Awards, Bett Global awards and is currently being licensed by GEMS Education (world’s largest private education provider) for its entire network of students globally. The programs are endorsed by award-winning educators and global futurists.

Bedrock Learning Limited – Bedrock Vocabulary

As a literacy co-ordinator working in South London, Aaron Leary saw the need for explicit vocabulary teaching to improve student outcomes. He researched the best ways for students to understand and retain the new words students met across the curriculum and threw his heart and soul into creating the online resource that is Bedrock Learning. With 80,000 students enrolled into the program, a research base that proves its impact, and a renewed Ofsted focus on word-poverty and its academic effects, Bedrock Learning is aspirational, accessible and essential.


CENTURY is an award-winning teaching and learning platform for schools, colleges, and universities. It takes personalised learning to the next level. Using learning science, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience, CENTURY creates constantly adapting pathways for each student and powerful assessment data for teachers. The platform features world-class learning resources written by experienced teachers. This vast library is linked to the British curriculum and provides resources from Year 3 onwards. It covers core areas including English, maths and science and can be used for any subject. CENTURY improves student outcomes and reduces teacher workload, empowering educators to work smarter not harder.

London Grid for Learning and Inspyro – Explore Geography

LGfL is a not for profit Charitable Trust – all connected school receive:
Fibre connectivity – LGfL is one of the largest and fastest dedicated educational networks in the world. 
Saving schools money – saving millions every year through procurement on behalf of thousands of schools.
Content and services to support inclusion and well being.
Transitioning to the Cloud – supporting schools to move to next generation digital platforms. 
Keeping schools safe – network security designed to keep schools safe from cyber threats. 
Keeping children safe through our Safeguarding Centre of Excellence. 
Award winning curriculum content for schools to energise teaching and learning.

Mangahigh –

Mangahigh is a digital game-based learning resource designed to help teachers teach maths and coding. Used by over 5,000 schools in 50+ countries, Mangahigh content is aligned to various international curricula and uses AI to personalise learning. The platform provides comprehensive analytics for teachers to assess the performance of a student, a class or the whole school.

PG Online Ltd – KS3 Teaching Resources for Computer Science and Design Technology

PG Online is an educational publisher with a new generation of resources to support teachers and schools. Since 2016, they have gained endorsement from all major examination boards and won seven major industry awards with a further 26 nominations. They have a quickly-proven track record of success in both increasing grades and in improving the work / life balance of teachers having provided over 150,000 lessons to teachers and students representing 50,000 teacher evenings given back. An estimated two million students are taught somewhere, every hour of every teaching day across over 70 countries by teachers using PG Online materials.

Tassomai – Tassomai

Tassomai is a clever online learning and revision program for GCSE science which has helped thousands of students get better grades. It also organises learning to avoid stressful cramming, encouraging a “little and often” approach throughout the year. Tassomai helps teachers by cutting down on marking and enabling them to easily identify strengths and weaknesses amongst their students, while sending weekly progress reports to parents so they know how their children are doing.

This Is Language Ltd – is an interactive, video-based resource for the teaching and learning of French, Spanish, German and Italian at secondary-school level. Enjoyed by over 140,000 students on six continents, is unique in its commitment to only ever feature authentic, unscripted language in its videos, the better to prepare students for using their linguistic skills in the real world. The site is built for language teachers by language teachers, and so offers over 9,000 curriculum-aligned videos and 50,000 accompanying scaffolded exercises, in-depth progress tracking and automatic marking – for fewer nights spent with a stack of exercise books!