Company of the Year (less than £3m turnover)

Edukey Education Ltd

Edukey develop innovative software that meets the needs of teachers, students and schools. Class Charts ( combines data rich seating plans and effective behaviour management. It streamlines managing pupil behaviour, saving teachers and SLT hours of time. Includes; homework, detentions, WAR boards and parent/pupil apps. Our Provision Map ( system streamlines the process of managing SEN, saves hours of time, can help secure extra funding plus helps succeed with Ofsted. Includes Learning Plans, Costed Provision Mapping, Reports and parental communication. Additional plug in software available for our Provision Map system includes Safeguard my School and School Robins.

E Z Education

At EZ Education we’ve made it our business to help children learn at exactly the right level for their ability. Our apps – DoodleMaths, DoodleTables, DoodleEnglish and DoodleSpell – have awarded children across the globe over 133 million DoodleStars for their efforts; that’s a lot of amazing learning! Our team are education and technology specialists, united by a passion for growth-mindset, who deliver affordable personalised learning programmes. What sets us apart is our power inside, Proxima™: in-built algorithms which set appropriate work for each child to guarantee progress. Everything we do is driven by our mantra, “little and often gets results.

National Education Group

National Education Group respond to changing policy, emerging trends and customer-insights to deliver modern and responsive online education.

Our training is delivered to senior leaders, teachers, parents and members of the school community across the UK and overseas. We do this through a number of dedicated brands focused on a specific area of interest within schools. Each brand has its own dedicated team who share the NEG mission to make people want to learn online.

New Era Education

New Era Education provides thousands of schools across the globe with cloud-based solutions, designed to support 21st century teaching and learning. Our product suite includes the no.1 primary learning cloud on the market – DB Primary, SchoolPing – the all-in-one school communications solution, Websites and Identity and Access management solution – Able+ Cloud.

In the last 12 months, our product suite has helped 1,000s of schools to:

  • Save £6,400 every year on communications
  • Increase parental engagement
  • Save teachers up to 11 hours a week
  • Save administration staff up to 120 hours a year
  • Increase home learning

PG Online Ltd

PG Online is an educational publisher with a new generation of resources to support teachers and schools. Since 2016, they have gained endorsement from all major examination boards and won seven major industry awards with a further 26 nominations. They have a quickly-proven track record of success in both increasing grades and in improving the work / life balance of teachers having provided over 150,000 lessons to teachers and students representing 50,000 teacher evenings given back. An estimated two million students are taught somewhere, every hour of every teaching day across over 70 countries by teachers using PG Online materials.

Soundbite Learning UK Ltd

At the heart of GCSEPod are our videos. We call them “Pods”. Each one is a highly concentrated, 3-5 minute burst of audio-visual learning and specialist subject knowledge for 25 curriculum areas. It’s written by expert subject teachers then rigorously quality assured. Narrated by professional voice over artists and with visuals produced by our award-winning in-house design team, every Pod is mapped to GCSE and IGCSE exam boards and we are committed to keeping up with curriculum and technology changes.

Spongy Elephant Ltd



Tassomai is a clever online learning and revision program for GCSE science which has helped thousands of students get better grades. It also organises learning to avoid stressful cramming, encouraging a “little and often” approach throughout the year. Tassomai helps teachers by cutting down on marking and enabling them to easily identify strengths and weaknesses amongst their students, while sending weekly progress reports to parents so they know how their children are doing.

Titus Learning Ltd

We’re Titus Learning, a certified Moodle Partner providing smartly tailored e-learning services to the education and business sectors around the world. We handpick services to address specific Moodle requirements: whether that’s bespoke themes making Moodle effortless to use; integration with other systems to save time; or custom development ensuring you get the perfect fit. Of course, all of the above is paired with our unparalleled hosting, training and support services. With clients ranging from schools, colleges and multi-school groups, to businesses supporting 50,000+ users, and plenty in-between, we’re perfectly placed to help any organisations meet their LMS / VLE needs.