Start-up of the Year

argeX Arastirma ve Gelistirme SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.

We are a passionate, driven team who developed watchX. watchX is a Scratch and Arduino programmable smartwatch kit from STEM education.


Astonio delivers innovative solutions addressing people’s daily routines, needs and concerns. The company was incorporated in 2016 by a group of experts in fields ranging from education and social networking to software engineering and artificial intelligence. The team’s diverse background helps the company generate novel solutions in a variety of areas including Education. Most recently, the company’s released an inventive assessment tool Pointis. Besides, it runs its own popular educational social network, conducts contests for thousands of students, delivers hundreds of courses to teachers globally. The company’s intuitive products emerge into people’s lives and provide users with new great powers.


EvidenceB-kidscode develops digital modules that include tests, activities and dashboards (chatbot, serious game…) based on specific topics of school curriculum (math, language, science…). These modules are based on the latest concepts and results of cognitive science (e.g. Core Knowledge approaches) and draw on an artificial intelligence engine which contribute to adaptive learning. They are sold for the most part to school publishers as well as to education professionals.

EvidenceB-kidscode was created in 2017, hosted at and part of

National Education Group

 National Education Group respond to changing policy, emerging trends and customer-insights to deliver modern and responsive online education.

Our training is delivered to senior leaders, teachers, parents and members of the school community across the UK and overseas. We do this through a number of dedicated brands focused on a specific area of interest within schools. Each brand has its own dedicated team who share the NEG mission to make people want to learn online.

Shenzhen RYZE Tech Co., Ltd.

Ryze Technology is a tech startup established in December, 2017 based in Shenzhen, China. Our goal is to make drone flying fun and exciting. We also believe play is a big part of learning, and learning about drones can also be fun and entertaining. Therefore, we have been devoted to promoting education on drone knowledge and programming knowledge using our programmable mini drones Tello and Tello EDU. Powered by DJI flight control system and Intel processor, our products support programming languages such as Scratch, Swift and Python, and more advanced programming features, like drone swarm, allowing kids, teens, and even adults to learn the basics of drones and coding while having fun.

Spelling Shed

Spelling Shed makes spelling awesomer! We provide a spelling scheme for schools and a game that children enjoy using to practise their spelling. Teachers can set homeworks and track pupil usage and achievement as well as using our pre-made resources. Our product has been very well received and shown to have a huge impact on children’s spellings with over a hundred million words spelled in our system in our first year. We are now starting to make maths awesomer too with the launch of Maths Shed, which helps children practice times-tables and other number facts.

Your Favourite Teacher

Your Favourite Teacher is a web-based platform aimed at raising achievement for students that are at a disadvantage. We have created ‘open-university’ style schemes of work for students and teachers to work through the GCSE curriculum. They would watch our fully animated videos of real teachers, listen to podcasts, take quizzes, download worksheets and upload assignments. Primarily aimed at raising achievement in English and Maths, however, Your Favourite Teacher has begun building content for Science, History and Geography and will develop its growth over the next few years. We are launching our National BETA trial with schools across the country in January where we can assess the impact on learning, achievement and self esteem in young people.