Associated Educational Technologies –

Extremely cost effective, ConquerComputing is the complete online solution for Parents, Home Educators and children to build confidence to share in the digital excitement of the 21st Century.

The ‘scheme of work’ approach means that Parents and Home Educators do not have to worry about planning. The 40 lessons for each Primary Year are perfect for a ‘once-a-week’ delivery. Each has a beautifully crafted Video that teaches concepts in a child-friendly, step-by-step approach, covering the whole National Curriculum. No prior knowledge is needed by Parents or children. Designed to enhance curriculum understanding, a complete set of Lesson Plans and automatic record keeping remove the need for any preparation or marking. Creative Worksheets and fun Quizzes underpin learning, giving confidence to children of all abilities.

Friendly ‘characters’ in the videos are personalised to appeal to younger generations, promoting engagement and inclusivity. Simple language used in the voice-overs can be understood by all children. Associated mathematical concepts are covered in ‘explainer’ videos and several lessons focus on aspects of e-safety.

User guidance is provided at the outset, albeit the on-screen navigation and ‘click-on’ assets are simple to use. Automatic tracking and reporting of children’s progress can be viewed or downloaded.

Big Bang Generation – KOKORO lingua

For the first time, children can successfully learn a foreign language from children their age.

Our platform is inspired by the latest research in neuroscience:
• Young children have a natural curiosity for learning and their brain is a sponge.
• Children are born with the ability to reproduce all the sounds of the world.
• Age 3 to 8 years is the ideal period for learning new languages.

Our platform is based on an emotion-based learning approach:
• Children are taught in a simple and emotional way through games, songs and fun and master a new language in 12 months with an impeccable accent.
• Emotion and intuition are powerful factors in learning and memorisation.
• Early exposure to a foreign language promotes acceptance of social and physical diversity.

By supporting KOKORO lingua, you are endorsing an innovative project which focuses on:
– Universal education, for a world rich in collaboration and the exchange of information, knowledge and ideas.
– Joyful education, encouraging children to be confident, creative, free to express their ideas.
– Universality, love and acceptance, bringing children together around joyful discovery and learning.
– Caring and socially responsible approach, based on a true philosophy of well-being.

Drops – Drops

Drops combines engaging word puzzles with visual association to teach the essentials of language. It was founded in 2015 by language and learning enthusiasts Daniel Farkas and Mark Szulyovszky, and with 36 languages and 15 million users worldwide and counting, is one of the fastest-growing language platforms in the world. Drops focuses on the three pillars of language learning (core vocabulary, confidence, and consistency) and uses a variety of proven learning methodologies including mnemonic association, gamification, and spaced repetition, to make learning accessible and effective to a broad range of language learners with different goals across the globe.

Drops only teaches the essentials of language – vocabulary – as they believe an app alone cannot guarantee fluency. Their approach is rooted in visual learning and only takes 5 minutes a day, making it an ideal auxiliary educational tool for parents to use with their kids at home.

EasyPeasy – EasyPeasy

EasyPeasy is an evidence-based digital early years home learning programme that improves early childhood development and school readiness through increasing positive parent-child interactions and learning. Designed for parents with children aged 2 – 5 years old, EasyPeasy provides inspiration for developmental play straight to their mobile phones. It’s through playing together that families also learn together, especially in the early years, and our approach is informed by an enormous body of evidence, including evidence from rigorous evaluations on EasyPeasy.

EDLounge – EDClass

The EDLounge Ethos through the EDClass virtual classroom:

“Leaders successfully achieve their strategic goal of providing flexible training programmes through an approach that blends online learning with face-to-face support.” OFSTED Inspection Report 24-25 July 2019

“To support and work alongside education with a common goal through the delivery of FULLY INCLUSIVE tailored learning both nationally and worldwide.”

EDLounge is a training and education centre providing virtual learning, management and guidance through an online platform, with the aim of breaking down all barriers to learning. We called it EDClass.

EDClass offers National Curriculum pathways, live teaching and support, meeting the diverse needs of our learners.

EDClass is proud to help support your school break down barriers for your learners using our new range of products and safeguarding techniques to meet their diverse needs:

• mental health problems
• long-term illness
• in isolation
• excluded
• 6th-day provision
• home-educated
• persistently absent
• school phobic
• vulnerable
• at risk
• foundation and Functional Skills learners
• disengaged
• demotivated
• low-level literacy or numeracy

We have over 11,000 lessons and resources.

EZ Education, Creators of Doodle – Doodle: DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish

Doodle is an adaptive, cloud-based learning platform accessed through our apps: DoodleMaths, DoodleEnglish, DoodleSpell and DoodleTables. Intelligent technology creates individual work programmes which are motivational, affordable and convenient to use, and build confidence and ability in 4-14 year olds.

Using our own proprietary in-built intelligence, Proxima™, progression in primary maths and English is guaranteed. With every question answered, Proxima learns more about each child’s understanding and builds a personalised work programme. Aimed to be used for just a few minutes a day, DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish are the perfect homework tools.

Parents and teachers feel confident that every child is receiving work at just the right level for them. They also benefit from online dashboards, enabling them to analyse gaps, progress and content covered, or add supplementary content should it be felt necessary. DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish are fully curriculum-aligned from EYFS to the end of KS2. All are available on all touch-screen devices, laptops and desktops. Purchasing DoodleMaths also provides access to DoodleTables, while purchasing DoodleEnglish provides access to DoodleSpell.

Proven by academic studies to raise attainment, used by over a thousand schools and tens of thousands of home user subscribers, our technology is widely trusted by teachers and parents alike.

Learning Ladders – Learning Ladders

Learning Ladders is at the forefront of school improvement software, and remains the only system to link in-school formative assessment with at-home Parent Tutorials, meaning all adults are empowered to support every child, in every objective, every time.

Learning Ladders saves teachers time and schools money, while improving results (by 11% on average) and involving parents.

It is now used by leading schools in over 16 countries.

Tassomai – Tassomai

Tassomai is a clever online learning program which teaches students while simultaneously feeding back data to their parents so they can see how their child is progressing – this is visible on the parent dashboard and via a weekly email.

The software helps students of all ages prepare for their exams and generally improve their understanding and confidence. Courses are available for students aged 7-17, and for science, English, maths, French and Latin.

All of Tassomai’s content is unique, written by subject specialists and teachers, and matched to the exam board specification or national curriculum.

Tassomai is built on several pedagogical principles; the questions are written in such a way that they both test and teach. When students answer questions incorrectly they receive instant corrective feedback, meaning the questions work as flashcards, reinforcing the concepts students need to know.

Students have a daily goal, which encourages them to spread their learning over as long a period as possible, breaking it down into manageable chunks. Simultaneously, Tassomai’s unique algorithms select the topics which most need attention, while encouraging interleaving and spacing – all methods of learning which have been scientifically tested and shown to be highly effective.