Centre for Global Education with various schools in India

Being an Educational Consultant in India and a member of various educational organizations in the country, I have easy access to many schools across the country, which enables me to integrate students of schools from different demographic zones like rural and urban settings, the informal sector etc., in various projects. This helps me to get a wider perspective about the concerns, views, opinions, ideas and innovations across a cross-section of the society, which can be generally taken as a majority opinion or belief of the country.

To channelize the energy in the positive direction, it becomes imperative that the youth (under 15 years) are empowered to participate in conversations on topics of global importance, their impact and vulnerabilities, by supporting and providing a platform for collaboration with students across the world, enabling them to understand the similarities and dissimilarities with their experiences, take up research, blog, case studies and finally present their views, opinions, ideas and innovations to the world leaders, facilitates the students to take responsibility and initiate action projects to bring about the necessary changes in all aspects for improving their lives, as theirs will be the generation which is going to be the victim of non-action.

GL Assessment with South Shore Academy

South Shore Academy is a secondary school in Blackpool with 76% of students receiving pupil premium funding and higher than average in-year admissions In an ambitious two-year partnership with GL Assessment, a specialist in educational assessments, it was revealed that half of students were reading at below the expected level for their age at Key Stage 3 The partnership helped the school gain a deeper understanding of the issues it faced in raising students’ reading ability Results from their assessments were a major driver for making significant changes to the way literacy had been taught up until that point The first year’s results are impressive:

• A 6% increase in the number of students reading at above average levels for their age

• The overall standard age score (SAS) at KS3 and KS4 has increased by +4 SAS points – the equivalent of almost ½ a grade at GCSE

• Year 9s have made significant progress – their standard age score increased by 5 points

“We couldn’t have done this without GL Assessment helping us to understand what we needed to do to inspire our students to aim higher ” Bernadette Kaye, Assistant Head and Head of Literacy at South.

London CLC with Iqra Primary School

Iqra Primary School’s head teacher Humaira Saleem had a vision for her school: that every child should be able to access technology and make full use of it to support their learning, developing the skills they need for the 21st century. London CLC worked closely with Humaira and her team to understand their context and requirements and deliver on their shared vision. The positive impact on teachers and pupils from the innovative collaboration between Iqra and London CLC to realise technology-enhanced learning has been shown in numerous ways.

81% of teachers said that the support had a high positive impact on their own technical skills
72% of teachers said that the support had a high positive impact on pupils’ skills with technology
63% of teachers said that the support had a high positive impact on the whole school

Alongside collaborating to bring Humaira’s vision to life, the school has also saved money as a result of the support and advice from London CLC. Humaira had this to say: “Getting the technical support, as well as curriculum support and CPD for teachers, meant the strategic partnership has supported the school throughout the change.

Mangahigh, Blue Duck Education with Arbour Vale School

Accessibility is an increasingly important focus for the UK education space, with 1.3 million children diagnosed with special educational needs; 14.9% of the entire student population. These students can regularly be left behind due to a lack of resources to support their unique learning needs.
In light of this increasing macro trend and the collaborative relationship that developed between Arbour Vale School and Mangahigh, the two partnered together on a journey of understanding, development and innovation. As a unique game-based learning resource, Mangahigh.com was identified as a strong, impactful tool for SEND students at Arbour Vale School, and both parties wanted to take this impact further.
Through a year of school visits, two-way training sessions and constant collaboration, Arbour Vale School opened its doors to Mangahigh and now are supporting the company in making its platform and content accessible to a wide range of SEND students with varying educational needs.

MyTutor with Ravensbourne School

MyTutor & The Ravensbourne School: Turning U grades into strong passes

At MyTutor, we provide online one-to-one tuition that raises confidence and helps pupils hit their target grades. Our 400+ partner schools rely on us to support their students’ in-class learning, particularly for GCSE core subjects.

This year, we worked with a group of 70 Year 11 students at The Ravensbourne School in Bromley, Kent, to provide extra support in GCSE Maths and Science. The programme, which focused on under-performing high prior attainers, helped the pupils to make huge leaps in confidence and progress.

On average, pupils made 1 whole grade of progress at GCSE vs. their February mocks. And in Maths, where every single student started from a U grade base in November, 69% of those who took the Foundation paper went on to achieve Grade 9-4 at GCSE.

Ravensbourne’s Deputy Headteacher, Marc Naylor, described the impact of the tuition as “transformative”, explaining: “For these pupils, who don’t often get one-to-one attention, it gives them a really tailored level of support. Because they have the same tutor each week, they develop a strong relationship and rapport – and it’s this that builds confidence and really helps them to improve.”

Royal Shakespeare Company and Samsung with Welcombe Hills School

In June 2019, the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and Samsung collaborated with Welcombe Hills, a special school in Stratford-Upon-Avon, to deliver an immersive two-day Romeo and Juliet whole school takeover using digital technology. The school’s pupils are aged between 3 and 19 years and have a wide range of additional needs including complex Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Over 180 students at Welcombe Hills participated in the two-day event which came about following a meeting of the ‘Shakespeare Squad’ (a team of 20 students at the school who are all Shakespeare Ambassadors and meet once a week).

The Shakespeare Squad wanted to showcase the long-term partnership with the RSC and create a film which would demonstrate how learning about Shakespeare and using immersive technologies supports student well-being and learning at the school. The school set out to ensure that every pupil would get access to different activities to help them delve more deeply into the world of Romeo and Juliet. The students took part in a huge range of immersive and multi-sensory experiences in order to explore the themes, characters and key scenes in Romeo and Juliet.

Soundtrap with the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings

Soundtrap has been partnering with the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings (CEEAS) to spark original musical creations among youth in American juvenile justice facilities. CEEAS works with instructors in these facilities to maximize teaching and learning in order to help students succeed after release, whether in further education or employment. Soundtrap provided free licenses the organization’s initiative – a competition called “UNSUNG: The Voices of Youth Justice.” The goal of UNSUNG is to inspire imagination by having participants create songs that spur awareness of the policy issues impacting the lives of these young adults.

Seventy submissions from individuals and groups across the nation who attend secure schools, were turned into CEEAS, whose judges selected the 10 favorites from which a shortlist of five winners were picked. Every student who submitted a song received written feedback from up to five judges. All the songs submitted covered a gamut of topics ranging from social injustice to the desire to turn their lives around. The ultimate favorite and winner was chosen by American musician, songwriter, record producer and philanthropist Aloe Blacc, creator of several international hit songs.

Sparx with the Ted Wragg Trust

As a socially focused education technology company, Sparx has been reimagining the way maths is taught and learnt in schools since 2010. Our aim is to improve numeracy, and therefore life opportunities, for over five million learners by 2030 (#Ed5M).

Our long-term collaboration and development work with schools, combined with the experience of our team of educators, means we understand the challenges faced by school leaders, teachers and students and are passionate about helping.

The result is not an off-the-shelf software product – it is an approach to learning based on strategies that are founded in pedagogy and that relies on the world-class maths content that sets us apart. Underpinned by our sophisticated, adaptive technology platform and high levels of support, Sparx delivers progress and increases attainment in maths, in addition to acting as a catalyst for transformational change in many of our schools.

We are still at the start of our journey to motivate and engage learners while enabling teachers by providing them with deep insights, and we have big ambitions. Collaboration, creativity and innovation are embedded in our culture – a mindset we share with the schools with which we work.