Best Practice Network

Outstanding Leaders Partnership (OLP) is a national partnership of Teaching School Alliances, MATs, Diocese and research partners, founded and supported by training organisation Best Practice Network (BPN), working in collaboration to design, develop and deliver a suite of accredited qualifications for school leaders, the National Professional Qualifications (NPQs).

In May 2019, OLP underwent a quality review with the Department for Education. The performance review rated OLP as ‘exceptional’ overall with a score of 9/10 and highlighted strengths including;

• “The success of the engagement strategy is evident in its high-profile and far-reaching national presence. These ensure that high quality programmes are available in as many localities as possible.”
• “All participants interviewed feel very well supported in their learning. The systems and people providing support are a strength of the programmes.”
• “Exceptional performance/best practice. Cohesion of learning online and face-to-face sessions supports high quality programmes”.

2018/19 has been a special year for OLP. The rapid expansion of our partner network and outstanding candidate recruitment has enabled us to make a meaningful difference to the capacity and capability of thousands of leaders, their schools, the pupils they support and the communities they serve.

Creative Hut

After only two years of trading, CreativeHUT has already made a huge impact by boosting confidence in STEAM through hands-on learning.

Founded by friends Paul Chisnall and Gareth Boldsworth in 2017. CreativeHUT is a STEAM education resource and training solutions company based in the North West. Servicing the whole of the UK, working with key partners such as LEGO® Education, KUBO, Sphero and Makeblock.

Our core focus lies in Inspiring educators to prepare their students for future careers that don’t exist yet. We achieve this through a STEAM-for-all approach developed to build confidence in students, though the application of 21st-century skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving.

Our aim is to become the most valuable partner of any educator, looking to inspire their students whilst also engaging global industry partners to make an impact in the classroom.

Crick Software

Crick Software has been developing award-winning literacy software for over 25 years. We have always invested our profits into the latest technologies and collaborated closely with educators to ensure that we can continue to provide quality educational software for learners of all abilities.

As a thought leader within the industry, we generate and support significant research into the use of technology solutions to support literacy development.

We provide excellent customer service to ensure that our customers have a fantastic experience with us every step of the way. We provide several free support options for our customers once they have purchased from us too. We also conduct our business in an ethically and environmentally responsible manner.


First launched to schools in 2010, GCSEPod is now in over 1,500 schools in 30 counties. Delivering curriculum mapped subject knowledge through 6,500 unique “Pods” Each Pod provides 3-5 minutes of highly concentrated learning – the attention span of today’s teenagers! Available on any device, on or offline, our Pods are created using the principle of dual coding. Having two narrators on each Pod and key words, phrases and images on-screen stimulates multiple senses – aiding accessibility and knowledge retention Students want their music/ TV on demand, GCSEPod delivers ‘education on demand’. Just like iTunes or Spotify, teachers can create bespoke playlists, allowing them to make lesson plans or flipped learning assignments in seconds. With many teachers leaving the profession due to workload or the pressure of being required to teach outside of their specialism; having content for 27 subjects mapped to exam boards and being able to teach, assess, monitor, manage and engage means GCSEPod has been described as the teachers’ ‘holy grail!’. Their unique support service, PodUP, goes far beyond product training. Through a unique coaching model, they help educators to change the learning culture in their school, using GCSEPod as a catalyst to develop whole-school ICT strategies.

GDPR in Schools

More than 2,500 schools rely on GDPRiS to monitor and manage their compliance with data protection laws. GDPRiS equips all school staff with the knowledge and confidence to handle personal data securely and the reassurance that they are doing everything they can to protect the children in their care and make their school a safer place to learn.
GDPRiS is the market-leading data protection compliance solution for schools offering:
• Unique supplier product directory – 3,000+ pre-populated data maps, defines legal basis for processing, how the rights of data subjects are met, retention, evidence of supplier compliance
• Fast, efficient reporting, tracking and management of Data Breaches, SARs, FOIs
• Comprehensive auditing tools to deliver evidence-based accountability
• Whole-school approach with highly secure user accounts for all staff
• A central place to securely store, share and access policies, procedures and training materials

GDPRiS is proven to deliver tangible results when used across multiple schools. We are a friendly team of educationalists who are here to help you with your GDPR and data protection compliance journey.


Hable’s mission is to change the way people feel about technology. IT projects are as much about people, as they are about technology. As a services business, we provide expert consultancy, change management and training to help schools adopt modern ways of working, teaching and learning in the cloud.

Hable was formed by Mark Reynolds, who left Microsoft’s education team to build a business. He experienced the gap between a technology led project, and a successful, fundamental whole school shift in the way they work, teach and learn. Hable is a Microsoft partner, helping schools get the most from the free cloud services within Office365.

When #TeamHable work with a school, we focus on the school’s actual needs and strategic goals. We focus on people and cultural change, turn it into real-world training and consultancy, underpinned by leading and innovative technology.

National Education Group

NEG respond to changing policy, emerging trends and customer-insights to deliver modern and responsive online education. Our training is delivered to senior leaders, teachers, parents and members of the school community across the UK and overseas. We do this through a number of dedicated brands focused on a specific area of interest within schools. Each brand has its own dedicated team who share the NEG mission to make people want to learn online. We make quality information and high profile experts accessible and affordable for EVERY school across the globe, from page to screen, through the power of video.


Tassomai is a clever online learning program which teaches students while simultaneously feeding back data to their teachers and parents to help them target intervention more effectively. The software helps students of all ages prepare for their exams and generally improve their understanding and confidence. Courses are available for students aged 7-17, and for science, English, maths, French and Latin.

All of Tassomai’s content is unique, written by subject specialists and teachers, and matched to the exam board specification or national curriculum. This allows teachers and parents to see the exact subject areas students are struggling on, allowing them to easily and efficiently target intervention.

Tassomai is built on several pedagogical principles; the questions are written so that they both test and teach. When students answer questions incorrectly they receive instant corrective feedback, meaning the questions work as flashcards, reinforcing the key concepts.

Students have a daily goal, which encourages them to spread their learning over as long a period as possible, breaking it down into manageable chunks. Simultaneously, Tassomai’s unique algorithms select the topics which most need attention, while encouraging interleaving and spacing – all methods of learning which have been scientifically tested and shown to be highly effective.