This year 2Simple celebrates 20 years of supporting teachers and creating educational software which enables them to concentrate on what they do best – teach.

The aim of 2Simple’s software has always been to explore the power of ICT as a creative tool and how it can make a difference to the learning experience by taking difficult concepts and making them accessible to children of all abilities. We also aim to provide teachers with powerful planning and monitoring tools so they can not only meet requirements but reduce unnecessary workload. Our mission today hasn’t changed but our suite of services and resources shows how we’ve been able to respond to changes in the education sector and the needs of educators and learners.

2Simple would not be here today without the support and commitment of educators, schools and our partners who work with us and use our resources. Thank you and here’s to another 20 years.

Arbor Education

Arbor is the school management platform that makes essential daily school work simpler and your data more powerful. We were founded in 2011 by people who were frustrated by how clunky school software was, and wanted to transform the way schools work. 8 years on we’ve helped 800+ schools and 69 MATs make the switch to our smarter, cloud-based MIS, dramatically saving staff time, reducing school costs and ultimately improving student outcomes. On top of this, we have over 10,000 schools signed up to Arbor Insight: our free, industry-leading benchmarking tool for every school and MAT in the country. Last year, we launched a free parental engagement app to hundreds of schools and released our new ‘Understanding Your School’ report, which helps schools view their performance in the context of Ofsted’s new inspection framework. We’ve also hosted 3 sold-out conferences, attended by over 200 MAT leaders, representing 157 trusts. Most importantly, unlike other MIS providers, we have clearly-defined social goals enshrined into how we work, and measure the impact we have on schools. That’s because, ultimately, we’re a company that cares about the difference we make, and we make sure we deliver impact for all our schools as we grow.


Having continued to grow substantially over the past year, CPOMS is now used by nearly half of all schools in the UK to underpin their safeguarding practices.

An ever growing and greatly applauded support team coupled with a constantly developing system mean schools are continuing to recommend CPOMS to their peers and colleagues. Word of mouth referrals between schools and a wide variety of educational institutions have proven to be a great force in spreading the good news about just how much more efficient the task of safeguarding and child protection can be for staff who are incredibly busy.

The safeguarding of children and vulnerable young people is an extremely complex and difficult task, so to help so many schools streamline their processes and improve outcomes for those who need help the most has and continues to be extremely motivating for the hard-working and diligent staff at CPOMS.

Elementary Technology

As a leading edtech partner to schools, Elementary Technology listens, learns and innovates to improve the service they provide.

Their unique Classroom Healthcheck®, their Customer Experience Centre, their dedication to education and their charitable support all contribute to their mission to be a trusted, independent advisor to schools.

This world-class provision of advice, consultation, interactive technology, safeguarding systems, pedagogical software and associated services means they’re enjoying impressive growth; in sales, in their product range and in the number of schools they’re supporting to deliver better education.


The InVentry sign in and visitor management system is trusted by more than 6,000 schools and colleges in the UK and helps improve the efficiency of entry into the building. The fully integrated system also allows schools to accurately monitor who is onsite at any one time as well as simplifying the regulatory burden placed on schools from OFSTED, GDPR and various health and safety bodies. InVentry speeds up the signing in process, keeps identity information secure, and leaves schools feeling confident that their students are safe.


LGfL is a charitable trust serving thousands of schools nationally.

LGfL’s mission is the advancement of Education and our priorities are:

• Saving Schools Money;
• Keeping children safe;
• Energising teaching and learning;
• Tackling inequality;
• Promoting wellbeing.

Our surpluses are reinvested back into schools, including non LGfL customers , enabling key resources such as free school meals eligibility checker and our research into safeguarding to be available to all schools.

In 2016 LGfL embarked on a fundamental transformation to reflect the needs of schools. This has driven a complete change in LGfL, our priorities and the products and services we deliver to schools. Our refreshed focus has enabled LGfL to deliver over 1 million free licences to schools that are delivering savings, value add or potential additional funding in excess of £24 M per annum. Our focus on what schools’ need has driven some of the world’s biggest EdTech IT implementations spanning security, cloud and connectivity. Today, well over 90% of London schools continue to use LGfL services almost 20 years after the formation of LGfL.

We are proud to support schools. We are driven by schools. #WeAreLGfL

Optimus Education

Since 1997 Optimus Education Limited has been the leading provider of professional development support and school improvement information for schools, academies and other educational institutions.

Our mission is to ensure all schools, academies, educational practitioners and leaders feel equipped to do their jobs even better, leading to improved schools and enhanced outcomes for students. We achieve this mission by providing a wide range of high-quality, easily accessible practical resources, content, conferences and events.

Scanning Pens

Scanning Pens has spent the last 15 years expanding to become a worldwide EdTech provider, guided by their Co-Founders, Jack Churchill and Toby Sutton. Since its founding, Scanning Pens and its subsidiaries have been working towards providing reading support to struggling readers. Their assistive technology has been integrated in schools across all ages, aiding dyslexics and English language learners. In recent years, Scanning Pens has been taking steps to ensure their technology can be used with a whole school approach.

Scanning Pens works with external researchers, speaks directly with their customers, reviews the needs of teachers, and adjusts the support their provide in order to make the most of their technology. Their effectiveness has been recognised time and time again by prestigious institutions including Bett, BDA, TeachCo, Google for Education, and many more. Their plans for the future aim to boost support for those with reading difficulties and implement new school resources design to support teachers and students. One movement in particular that highlights the passion Scanning Pens have for their community is the Go Red campaign. A push to boost the awareness around dyslexia.