BenQ – RP Series Education Interactive Flat Panel

Transforming classrooms into hubs of collaboration and active learning, the RP Series Interactive Flat Panel from BenQ is packed with intuitive and flexible features designed to support the educational goals of classrooms today.
Personal NFC cards can be used to log into the system and access teaching resources from the cloud with a simple swipe, ensuring a fast start to lessons. Equipped with a suite of tools and features such as handwriting recognition software EZWrite, video recording, MS Office compatibility and a germ-resistant screen the RP Series facilitates effective learning and teaching.

Cybernetyx Technik – Galileo ONE

Galileo’s optical tracking technology converts any TV or display into a giant tablet with 255 multitouch points. A powerful built-in quad-core computer eliminates the need to have a dedicated classroom computer, saving cost and reducing unnecessary cabling mess. Its wide-angle lens provides a full-view of the classroom without any moving parts. The camera’s facial recognition technology monitors how attentive students are in class. The mic array allows everyone within a 12-foot radius to be heard, while the beam-forming technology focuses the mic on the person speaking. It acts like a personal digital voice assistant for the teacher. Its whiteboard application syncs with Kneura Cloud LMS to suggest teaching path and deliver curated content.

The idea behind creating a device like Galileo ONE is to easily transform a classroom into a truly smart learning space in least cost and effort – and use the generated data to reform teaching, improve learning outcomes, and ROI for administrators.

Dremel DIGILAB – Laser Cutter LC40

Dremel Digilab Laser Cutter is a 40W desktop laser which can cut, score and engrave a digital image into a variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, glass, leather, paper, fabric, cork, and more. Our Laser Cutter unlocks student creativity by enabling student-driven learning. Dremel DigiLab is the only brand in laser cutting that offers an ecosystem of resources that is ever-evolving and continuing to grow. Students can ideate, design, prototype, and assemble their visions into tangible items at a fraction of the speed and cost. Simply draw on paper or create digitally, then export the file onto the easy-to-use software in order to bring the project to life. Offering the largest material library in its class, the Laser Cutter allows students to effortlessly create without worrying about compatibility. With a Dremel DigiLab laser cutter and a student’s imagination, the project possibilities are limitless.

HP – ProBook x360 11 EE Notebook PC

Built for schools and Designed for learning. Improve learning outcomes, save teacher time, and engage students like never before with the powerful, durable, flexible HP ProBook x360 11 Education Edition.
• The rugged x360 built for schools and adaptable to every learning style. Inspire limitless learning with the HP ProBook x360 11 G5 & G6 Education Edition that easily flips and folds to suit all the ways students like to learn, in and out of class.
• Engineered to keep pace with busy students. Deploy a device that can work if it falls off a desk2, is splashed with a soda3 or has the power cord compressed. It resists spills3 and attempts to remove keys and is drop tested from122 cm.2
• Immersive 360° multi-modal learning. Let students learn the way they want—by typing, touching, writing, capturing, drawing, and reading on one flexible device. Add the optional HP Pro Pen4 for precise onscreen interactions.
• IT-friendly manageability and security. Get a device with built-in HP exclusive software that makes it easy to manage and protect on campus and off, and keep students and teachers safe from remote prying eyes with the HP Privacy Camera.

PASCO Scientific – Wireless Smart Cart

The patent-pending Smart Cart is the next generation in dynamics carts for the science classroom. Developed by PASCO, the Smart Cart begins with PASCO’s low-friction dynamics cart and adds wireless sensors that measure position, velocity, acceleration, force, and rotation. The Smart Cart connects to your devices using Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless technology.

With everything the Smart Cart can do, it will quickly become one of the most useful instruments in your physics lab.

Prowise – MOVE camera

The Prowise MOVE camera is the innovative and revolutionary solution for the education sector to combine learning and physical activity as well as remote learning.

Learning through motion becomes an everyday activity with Prowise MOVE. Pupils are learning through interactive games on the Prowise Touchscreen, without physically touching the screen. They are being stimulated to get in motion with games. This is not only a lot of fun, but also has a positive influence on the learning outcomes.

You can of course also use the camera as a complete conference solution to video call via Skype. Since the microphones and speakers are integrated in the screen, there is no need for expensive external equipment. The MOVE camera is completely free of cost with the purchase of a Prowise Touchscreen.

Scanning Pens – ReaderPen

Scanning Pens has spent the last 15 years expanding to become a worldwide EdTech provider, guided by their Co-Founders, Jack Churchill and Toby Sutton. Since its founding, Scanning Pens and its subsidiaries have been working towards providing reading support to struggling readers. Their ReaderPen has been integrated in schools across all ages, aiding dyslexics and English language learners. In recent years, Scanning Pens has been taking steps to ensure their technology can be used with a whole school approach.

Scanning Pens works with external researchers, speaks directly with their customers, reviews the needs of teachers, and adjusts the support their provide in order to make the most of their technology. Their effectiveness has been recognised time and time again by prestigious institutions including Bett, BDA, TeachCo, Google for Education, and many more. Their plans for the future aim to boost support for those with reading difficulties and implement new school resource designs to support teachers and students. There is a particular push to develop intricate support resources for primary students using the ReaderPen.

TTS – Rugged Robot

Rugged Robot is the newest addition to the TTS Floor Robot Range which includes Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot.

Designed specifically with the outdoors in mind, Rugged Robot takes traditional floor robotics into new and exciting environments to support the delivery of KS1 and KS2 Learning aims in Computer Science.

Featuring three terrain settings, Rugged Robot can be used efficiently and accurately on a variety of floor surfaces and inclines.
Rugged Robot is supported by a wealth of wrap around resource to facilitate his use in the classroom and reduce teacher workload, for example the topic mats which link to a variety of age appropriate texts and topics.