EdPlace – EdPlace Android and iOS App

EdPlace is a growing online education business offering online educational resources in English, Maths, Science and 11+ from Year 1 to GCSE. We’ve recently relaunched as the smartest revision app in the UK for GCSE, SATs and 11+! We’ve used technology to enhance the way a child revises, automatically progressing them at the right level with targeted resources, specifically designed to help revision pinch points around GCSEs, SATs and 11+ exams. Our resources are designed to help a child learn skills, practise what they’ve learnt and test for exam readiness – all done automatically through our app or website. We support parents in their child’s learning by providing visibility on their child’s progress and recommendations to correct knowledge and skill gaps. Parents lack the time and confidence and turn to private tuition and off-the-shelf revision books. These methods lack personalisation and measurability. That’s where we come in! Imagine a revision book that matches each child’s schoolwork, automatically set them at the right level to build confidence and, as a result, improved their exam readiness by 150%. We’re revolutionising the way students can revise for exam success and beyond! We’re on a mission to help 1M UK students revise and shine!

Kaligo – Kaligo

Lirica – Lirica

Lirica is a mobile application which uses music to make language learning fun, memorable and engaging.

It is the only platform where you can learn all the building blocks of learning a language but through the best music a language has to offer.

Mozaik Education – Mozaik3D App

The mozaik3D app is an incredibly versatile learning tool that contains over 1,200 interactive 3D models. It grants the user access to a wide range of educational 3Ds with a STEAM focus and for all traditional school subjects (e. g. History, Science, Math, etc.) and all grades K-12.

The application affords students the opportunity to gain insight into the topic of their choice; whether assigned by their teacher, or simply out of curiosity, they can explore practically anything: from structures to dinosaurs, from engines to spears, from the human body down to individual cells or even molecules. Students can also control the 3D scenes: they are all zoomable and rotatable, with different camera views for the best possible user experience. All 3D models are compatible with VR headsets, so children can even take a virtual walk on the Moon, stroll down the steps of the Acropolis in Ancient Greece, fly across the sky on the ISS, or take a look around Stonehenge.

Making use of smart devices in the classroom is becoming increasingly more important in every school. If students are permitted to bring their phones to class, why not unlock the full potential of this often controversial situation.

Mussila – Mussila Music School

Mussila Music School is a mobile application that teaches the basics of music by means of game based challenges, adventure and creativity. With more than 1000 challenges set in a variety of music courses based on music theory and keyboard playing the player learns to read music and play famous music works and folk songs from all over the world. Arrange the Mussila band with a variety of insturments, create your own music -and scratch like a real DJ!

Overnet Data – EduLink One

EduLink One provides an integrated school information platform which draws together a range of existing schools systems, allowing teachers, parents and students to communicate and access information in one place.

Key Benefits:

Read and writes back information to the schools MIS.

Accessible on any device via the web browser or app.
Suitable for staff, students and parents.

Improved student and parental engagement.

Can replace multiple existing systems leading to a large cost savings.

Highly customisable to meet the School’s needs.

Key Features:
Members of staff can quickly and easily take class registers and have the register written directly back to SIMS.

The register interface allows for the adding of behaviour and achievement, as well as easy identification of students who have detentions or are “”On-Report””

Assessment marksheets can be completed by members of staff outside school as well as within school.

Behaviour and achievement records can be written directly to SIMS, either on an individual student basis, or for a group of students using bulk behaviour and bulk write back functions.

Behaviour and achievement types are taken from SIMS, as are the number of points associated with each.

Sir Linkalot

Sir Linkalot is a newly launched, innovative, unique spelling app that is revolutionising how students of all ages learn to spell hundreds of tricky, patternless non-phonetic words, all the way from Was, They and One up to Fulfil, Manoeuvre and Onomatopoeia.

To find out what it’s all about please type the following in to a search engine…

vimeo.com/376397859 (The Future of Spelling)

Even though Sir Linkalot works to learn any fact, the biggest impact is in spelling, Many dyslexia associations think the approach is groundbreaking.

The app contains 250 spelling animations (with 100s more to come), plus ones for Rules & Patterns, Homophones and Punctuation & Grammar There’ll also be animations for the etymology of many words with Susie Dent’s avatar, the archer Susie Lexicographer, plus her voiceover. So, most of the National Curriculum will be covered.

Its creator, Andy Salmon, has presented at 500 schools. So, the material has been thoroughly researched

It’s revolutionising how spellings are taught as rote learning simply doesn’t work for many children.

The headteacher in the clip sums it up…

‘Sir Linkalot will become the basis for how our children learn to spell’.

A game-changer.

Slate Science – Matific

Matific is a comprehensive system for supporting the teaching and learning of Primary school mathematics. It has been designed to provide a fun problem solving approach to maths mastery. It supports the desire for children to learn to love maths; an answer is never wrong, they are simply given suggestions of how to consider the question from another perspective – giving them clues to try again. If a child is struggling Matific automatically offers them questions at a slightly easier level, ensuring it is inclusive of all students in the class. If they get them right the app slowly increases the level of complexity. In this way a teacher can leave the child to learn independently while they have time to focus on helping individuals.

Matific provides a collection of thousands of interactive games, exercises, and word problems, each focusing on one mathematical concept, skill, or technique. These curriculum-aligned resources are theoretically informed, developmentally appropriate, empirically validated, and aligned by standards. Its management system enables teachers to organise student groups, assign activities, and report on performance. The reports are available at the student, class, school and MAT levels Matific is multi-platform and multi-purpose Many teachers use Matific in the classroom.