Avantis Education

ClassVR is a cost effective Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality system designed exclusively for the classroom It comprises all the necessary hardware, software, content, tools, training, support and implementation services that a school needs to successfully deploy this exciting and engaging technology.

Since its launch at Bett 2017, the product has received unprecedented global interest as the first Virtual Reality solution designed exclusively for education. With distribution secured in over 60 countries and a full ministry of education deployment in Sri Lanka, ClassVR has already established itself as the world leader in VR, AR and MR across the entire education spectrum.

ClassVR has also implemented the UK’s first authority-wide deployment of VR technology and hold exclusive partnerships with regional districts, local authorities and grids for learning across the globe.


EducationCity Ltd (owned by Edmentum Inc.) has distributed a range of online educational solutions to all territories outside the UK and US under the brand, Edmentum International, since 2018. Edmentum International currently has subscribing schools in over 80 countries, and in the last 12 months has experienced 60% uplift in its international sales.

Edmentum International has several routes to market, including a direct sales team and distributor network, and has developed strong relationships with school groups and Ministries of Education too.

Supporting learning wherever it happens, the company prides itself on the flexibility of its educational solutions and its customer service. Its solutions span the entire educational journey from the age of three up. Several are objective linked, so have easily transitioned to work within the frameworks of different curricula, but Edmentum International has always been open to making adaptations for different regions’ norms as well.

In terms of customer service, Edmentum International’s aim is to be schools’ trusted partner. To this end, it works collaboratively with the schools to support their overarching objectives, drawing up an individualised implementation plan specific to their needs and goals.

GL Education

Our work around the world is dependent on the way we work effectively with schools and strategic partners globally. Working in close partnership with respected publishers and government agencies, sharing the experiences of schools, and adapting our digital assessments to local language and cultures, all play a vital part. In 2019, these partnerships have led to the growth of our assessments in areas such as China, the Arab world and Europe.

Impero Software

Impero is delighted to be shortlisted for the “Exporter of the Year” Bett Award. With a large market share in the UK, Impero has been focusing on its US growth strategy with phenomenal customer acquisition among US schools and districts in 2019. Impero has been working hard to develop a consolidated cross-platform, classroom management, network management and student online safety solution, designed specifically for the US market.

Learning Ladders

Learning Ladders is at the forefront of school improvement software, and remains the only system to link in-school formative assessment with at-home Parent Tutorials, meaning all adults are empowered to support every child, in every objective, every time.

Learning Ladders saves teachers time and schools money, while improving results (by 11% on average) and involving parents.

It is now used by leading schools in over 16 countries.

Mangahigh – Blue Duck Education

Mangahigh is one of the most engaging learning platforms for KS1-KS4 maths, helping students to learn more effectively using an active game-based pedagogical approach.
Mangahigh is in use by over 5000 schools in more than 60 countries. The company has teams based in Australia, India, UAE, UK, US, and Brazil. With more than 90% of revenues at Mangahigh coming from exports, Mangahigh has been investigating areas where their unique game-based approach would make a strong impact, especially in regions where educational gaps were emerging. From this, Mangahigh has recently entered an exclusive partnership in Vietnam, and is also looking to launch a German and Spanish version in 2020.

Renaissance Learning

Renaissance Learning offers tried and trusted solutions to over 18 million students in 55,000 schools across 96 countries worldwide. Providing cloud-based assessment, teaching and learning programmes to schools across the globe, Renaissance’s expertise in education supports teachers to ensure they have valuable insight into classroom progress, without additional admin pressures; helping children to meet and exceed their academic potential. With the mission to accelerate learning for all, Renaissance works to empower teachers to transform experiences, achieve growth, and make an outstanding impact for every student.

Scanning Pens

Scanning Pens has spent the last 15 years expanding to become a worldwide EdTech provider, guided by their Co-Founders, Jack Churchill and Toby Sutton. Since its founding, Scanning Pens and its subsidiaries have been working towards providing reading support to struggling readers. Their assistive technology has been integrated in schools across all ages, aiding dyslexics and English language learners. In recent years, Scanning Pens has been taking steps to ensure their technology can be used with a whole school approach.

Scanning Pens adjusts the support they provide to best suit the needs of those using it. Regardless of where they are in the world, or what their reading needs are, Scanning Pens tries their best to adjust their support accordingly. Their effectiveness has been recognised time and time again by prestigious institutions including Bett, BDA, TeachCo, Google for Education, and many more. Their plans for the future aim to boost support for those with reading difficulties and implement new school resources design to support teachers and students. One movement in particular that highlights the passion Scanning Pens have for their community is the Go Red campaign. A push to boost the awareness around dyslexia.