BBC Children’s and Education – BBC Teach

BBC Teach is a dedicated website for teachers, offering free classroom resources to primary and secondary schools. Our website features thousands of high quality, educational short films to help teachers deliver lessons – all arranged by subject and age group – as well as School Radio audio and assembly resources and year-round initiatives such as Ten Pieces, Terrific Scientific and Super Movers. For major events in the educational calendar, such as Children’s Mental Health Week, World Book Day and Black History Month, we curate topical collection pages featuring relevant content that teachers can use to enhance their lessons. We also produce live interactive programmes to mark special days (such as Roald Dahl Day and World Mental Health Day), that teachers can stream directly into their classrooms These programmes feature top BBC talent and subject-experts, and are viewed by thousands of classrooms across the UK. All our resources are accompanied by notes for teachers, offering guidance for how they could be used in the classroom, and information as to where they relates to the curriculum. The BBC Teach website and all the resources within are free to access.

Dolphin Computer Access – EasyReader

EasyReader for iOS and Android is the best free reading app for pupils with visual impairments or SpLD. It is the simplest, most accessible way to download and read textbooks and other educational content.

Dolphin has collaborated with the RNIB to enable EasyReader subscribers to access the charity’s range of reading services, free of charge. These libraries include RNIB Bookshare’s UK Education Collection of free, accessible curriculum materials. EasyReader also provides reading support for PDF titles downloaded from RNIB Bookshare.

Teachers are able to easily assign textbooks to the reading lists of disabled pupils. Children can then use EasyReader to download and read these titles in the way that best suits them.

• EasyReader enables teachers to empower their pupils to read and learn.
• Students can browse and download books direct from the world’s largest collection of accessible books.
• Perfectly synchronised text and audio lets learners read with their eyes and ears.
• If appropriate, pupils can choose from a range of dyslexia friendly colours and fonts.
• Learners can copy text from anywhere on their phone and hear it read.
• Students can load and play books and documents from their phone, email or the cloud.

Encounter Edu – Encounter Edu

Encounter Edu is a free education platform live linking global issues to the classroom. By innovating STEM and geography programmes through low-barrier-to-entry tech, Encounter Edu has brought taught subjects to life for millions of children by creating lessons linked to research expeditions in the Arctic, the oceans’ depths, and the coral seas. Accessible worldwide through the free booking platform, it has so far reached 96 countries and 9.8 million students.

The broadcasts connect students to provide them with a chance to ask questions and interact with frontline researchers in real time. This unique offer is supported by standard aligned resources for science, geography, computing and D&T subjects. Curriculum linked, these can also be used in America and internationally. Sustaining the offering is the discovery zone which boasts of expedition curated videos, galleries and 360 VR images. Easing the workload on teachers, Encounter Edu provides useful subject updates, technical blogs and CPD for enhancing subject knowledge.

Working to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, Encounter Edu uses powerful visuals and live investigations to raise awareness about global issues such as climate change, ocean acidification, marine ecosystem damage and plastic pollution among participating students to inspire learning, action and governance.

London Grid for Learning and Child Bereavement UK – Supporting a Bereaved Pupil

By the age of 16, around 1 in 20 young people will have experienced the death of one or both of their parents (Parsons, 2011). Many more are bereaved of a grandparent, sibling, school friend or other significant person. Over two thirds of primary schools have at least one recently bereaved pupil on their roll.
Using these statistics to back up observations of a skills deficit within schools on this sensitive topic within many schools as the rationale, Supporting a bereaved pupil – empowering teachers and professionals in education to support bereaved pupils resource was created through the partnership between LGfL and Child Bereavement UK.
Child Bereavement UK are experts in supporting a school faced with bereavement within the school community. By working in partnership with LGfL, this open access portal has been designed to help schools by providing them with simple, short guidance in both video and text format with experts that helps provide the information schools and teachers need to provide a caring and managed response to support pupils in their schools dealing with grief, as well as enabling them to discuss death and grief with pupils in a sensitive and age related way.

Mathigon – Mathigon

Mathigon is a digital platform for learning mathematics that combines cutting edge technology with an innovative new curriculum. All our content is free, and it’s used by tens of thousands of students and teachers from all around the world.

Our unique new content format makes learning more interactive than ever before – we call it the“Textbook of the Future”. Rather than passively listening to a lecture or watching a video, students can actively explore and discover. Every course contains hundreds of simulations, virtual manipulative, games, puzzles and step-by-step animations. This allows us to teach problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking – skills that are increasingly important in a future defined by artificial intelligence.

Over time, the progress data we measure allows us to tailor the order and depth of upcoming content, to create a personalised experience for every student. A virtual tutor provides real-time help and feedback in a chat interface, and students can even ask their own questions.

Rather than just teaching about abstract equations and procedures, we use storytelling to let the content come alive. Every chapter is filled with colourful illustrations and has a captivating narrative based on real-life applications or historical context.

National Education Group – WakeupWednesday Platform Guides and Resources

National Online Safety support schools across the UK to keep children safe online through engaging award-winning online safety training and classroom resources for the whole school community. We
prides ourselves on being at the forefront of online safeguarding for children and young people. Our mission is to empower teachers, school staff, parents and carers with the knowledge they need to keep children safe online. We aim to make learning fun, interactive, challenging and memorable with a drive to be the leading innovators in delivering CPD accredited training in online safety.

NFU Education – Farming STEMterprise

Farming STEMterprise engages reluctant learners through real-life, meaningful problems as part of engaging cross-curricular projects. The projects take children through each stage of setting up a farm shop business: considering seasonality when deciding which crop to grow, growing their own ingredients, considering nutrition when designing their recipes, using market research to test their ideas out with potential consumers, working within a budget when buying additional ingredients, learning knife skills when making their products, calculating expected profit, designing responsible packaging and much more.

Practical Science and Design & Technology lessons, closely tailored to each year group’s programme of study, are incorporated throughout the projects and opportunities for applying Maths skills to engaging, real life problems are embedded at each stage. Farming STEMterprise enables teachers to deliver the core content from the national curriculum whilst developing learners’ soft skills such as public speaking and team work, as well as vital life skills such as healthy eating, knife proficiency and financial literacy.

The projects (which include ten lesson plans, ten power points and all associated resources for each key stage 2 year group) are free to download from the NFU Education website:

Royal Geographical Society – Migrants on the Margins – Education Resources

Migrants on the Margins provides schools with the online and digital resources to bring the experiences of migrants into the geography classroom. Drawing its information and case studies from the Royal Geographical Society’s international research programme these online resources illustrate migration through the personal stories of four named migrants from the cities of Colombo, Dhaka, Harare and Hargeisa. Through a variety of online videos, presentations, maps, learning activities and graphic cartoons/zines teachers and their pupils can be connected with the lived experiences of Arunachalam, Sabina, Tawanda and Halgan in order to better understand their lives, migration as a process and to help overturn many of the myths associated with migrants. At a time when many societies are facing challenges with how they respond to migration these education resources remind us all of the human faces behind the anonymous numbers.