Arduino – Arduino Engineering Kit

The Arduino Engineering kit developed in partnership with Mathworks is aimed at higher education engineering students. It features hands-on projects that will cover system modelling, controls, robotics, mechatronics and other important engineering concepts.

The kit is built on its own Education Learning Management System (LMS) with step-by-step instructions and lessons. It comes in a stackable toolbox for storage and years of reuse. Inside the box is an easy-to-use Arduino MKR100 board, several customized parts, and a complete set of electrical and mechanical components needed to assemble all three projects:: a self-balancing motorcycle, a mobile rover and a whiteboard drawing robot.

After registering online, the student will have access to a dedicated e-learning platform and other learning materials, including a one-year individual license for MATLAB and Simulink. This provides them with hands-on experience in system modelling and embedded algorithm development. The online platform will help students learn fundamental engineering concepts, key aspects of mechatronics, and MATLAB and Simulink programming.

Developed to be used by educators as well as by professional engineers, the MATLAB and Simulink software and Arduino hardware is used by millions of engineers and academia in various industries for a range of applications.

Arm – Arm Education

As a company that sits at the heart of one of the world’s largest technology ecosystems (the computing ecosystem), Arm is uniquely positioned to help address the education and skills gap in computing and STEM. That is why we set up a dedicated Education team, with a holistic lifelong approach to learning.


We are a team that are passionate about our innovation and ensuring Enlitened helps universities to continuously improve student engagement and wellbeing.
From evidence-led approaches, to world class cyber-security and data protection, we are focussed on every detail.
Enlitened is a unique approach, with a two-sided platform, an app for students and a dashboard and communications platform for universities.
The app asks students questions about their wellbeing, connectedness and learning experience. This gives students a quick and easy way of providing the feedback their university needs, to improve the experience the university provides.
In response to the feedback each student provides in the app, our intelligent algorithms ensure the student receives targeted content, and signposting to appropriate university and 3rd party services.

Crucially, the way we present that feedback to the university shows them which groups of students are experiencing any issues, enabling the university to respond and make improvements exactly where they’re needed.
The app enables students to submit ideas to improve students’ lives at their university, as well as sharing ideas and supporting other students’ ideas. This rich flow of qualitative information helps to build the picture for universities about what their student community sees as priority areas.

Mindful Education – Online and On Campus: Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship

At Mindful Education, we create high-quality, media-rich professional courses and apprenticeships that allow learners to choose how, when and where they want to learn.

In partnership with FE Colleges around the UK, we deliver high-quality learning in a flexible way to learners, which we call “Online and On Campus”.

All of our professional courses and apprenticeship in Accounting, Management, Law and HR empower learners, minimize disruption to employers and deliver tangible results for organisations. They also help our partner colleges improve effectiveness in delivery, generate growth, gain efficiencies and achieve better outcomes.

All our solutions are designed for busy students and apprentices with life and work commitments who are looking to change or progress their careers. We want to provide convenient access to learning, widen participation and promote greater social mobility.

Skills Forward – Skills Forward e-assessment Solutions

Skills Forward is one of the UK’s leading eLearning assessment solutions for Functional Skills and GCSEs. Part of NCFE, we are a not-for-profit company and passionately believe that everyone should have access to learning and the opportunity to develop new skills to progress into employment, further education and develop the skills needed for everyday life. Our unique assessments, resources and summative assessments can transform how organisations approach Functional Skills, GCSEs and employability skills development. Last year, we provided over 2.9 million assessments to the post-16 employability and skills sector.

Our digital learning and development software is used by colleges, training providers and employers who want accurate visibility of learner progression across a variety of work-based learning programmes. The platform allows them to digitally capture evidence of a learner’s skills, knowledge and occupational competency. Skills Forward works collaboratively with the sector to ensure the needs of our customers and learners come first, and our modern curriculum is designed to facilitate learner progress and achievement in a contextualised, relevant and structured way.

SuperMemo World – learning system

The learning ecosystem sets a new trend in learning by combining the effectiveness of the SuperMemo method of spaced repetition with the latest developments of the digital era. Those include: speech-to-text and text-to-speech mechanisms, use of cross media, synchronization across platforms (mobile apps for Android and iOS, online service, PC app), responsive design, user-generated content and game-based learning.

With the learning ecosystem, both individual learners and school or university students can study languages from SuperMemo-authored content and a range of topics from peer users’ courses, always supported by spaced repetition that brings improved learning outcomes as proved by scientific research. Apart from its features related to learning, the system is also equipped with tools for schools and teachers that allow them to always keep track of their students’ progress and supplement their learning with individualised content. provides a friendly and safe environment for learning that is appreciated by both individual users and institutions, and is a true example of a solution supporting higher education, further education and lifelong learning.

The Skills Network – The EQUAL App

The Skills Network have designed their first smartphone application, centred around Augmented Reality (AR). The EQUAL App enables those learners who prefer to study via paper-based methods to access additional Augmented Reality (AR) content, such as 3D models, video case studies and a Virtual Tutor, by simply scanning areas of their paper-based workbook via the App’s AR Lens.

The EQUAL App supplements learners’ paper-based learning materials by giving them access to a plethora of different high quality content that they would not have previously had. The content aids learning by showing the learner their written content through a different method. The pedagogical benefits of using video in learning are clear − giving learners a different method through which to absorb content, increasing motivation to make their way through potentially harder or longer areas of learning, and allowing for the potential to retain knowledge through more ways than just reading words alone, to name but a few.


From strengthening student writing to streamlining STEM grading, Turnitin applies innovative technologies like AI to improve outcomes across disciplines. Earlier this year, Turnitin launched Authorship, the first product to help institutions address the alarming rise of contract cheating. One in seven students have admitted to using essay writing services. Using AI and Natural Language Processing, Authorship helps educators verify contract cheating.

Gradescope also reflects Turnitin’s constant innovation. It uses machine learning to improve the marking process in STEM, cutting grading time by up to 80%. Gradescope earned the prestigious Software & Information Industry Association CODiE Award for Best STEM Instructional Solution in 2019.

Core to Turnitin’s innovative products is partnering with customers. Whether teacher interviews or user summits, Turnitin is always listening and learning — and turning that into meaningful products. The impetus for Authorship actually stemmed from an Australian university customer, who asked us to help fight contract cheating in the wake of the MyMaster scandal.

Turnitin also partners with other edtech tools, including offering our plagiarism checking service within any Microsoft Teams assignment. Turnitin is an early adopter of Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.3 and LTI Advantage, the latest standards for secure connections between learning platforms and tools.