As an organisation 2Simple recognised long ago the value and importance of staff and pupil wellbeing in schools. Through numerous initiatives 2Simple have worked hard to enrich the learning experience and provide support for teachers and pupils and this year we launched Striver; an online PE scheme of work to include six dedicated wellbeing units.

Currently only 18% of children are hitting the daily activity target, over a third of year six children are overweight, three children per class with a diagnosable mental health condition, these are the facts that make Striver important. The Government recognises the seriousness of the situation which is why they have doubled the PE Sports Premium funding and given schools a mandate to go out and secure the resources they need to make a difference.

We believe that Striver is one of those resources; it gives teachers access to modern technologies to combat distinctly modern problems. But perhaps most importantly, it doesn’t put a technological barrier between teacher and pupil, it empowers the teacher and frees up their time allowing for maximum contact time with the children, and that’s what we think innovation in education should be about.


C-Live is an innovative VR training tool for use by the corporate, healthcare and educational sectors, including schools, universities and individual teachers. As a training tool, one of its main features is a classroom comprised of pupils with unique abilities and personalities who respond in real time to the performance of the teacher with the class.

It is replacing and enhancing more traditional training methods at teaching institutions with integrated training sessions, where the class tutor can select or create one or several scenarios. The participants can practise these scenarios, reacting exactly how students would with a real class and receive feedback on their performance. They can redo any scenarios where they feel they should have taken a different course of action and see how the scenario unfolds as a result.

C-Live’s unique technology allows an immersive experience which engages participants in a manner that traditional roleplay does not. It has been shown that the use of realistic human-led avatars can provoke the same emotions that the participant would experience interacting with a real person in a stressful situation, which is why C-Live’s avatars are so effective in enabling participants to practise difficult situations, building experience and encouraging reflective learning.

Cornerstones Education

Cornerstones are extremely proud to be shortlisted for the Innovator of the Year award for our unique online platform, Curriculum Maestro.

Working with over 2000 primary schools, we have dedicated the past two years to find an innovative way to bring together curriculum planning, teaching and assessment all in one place, and reduce workload.

We were therefore excited to launch this year Curriculum Maestro, the country’s first complete, online platform that supports primary schools in designing, delivering and managing their curriculum.

Working with primary senior leaders, curriculum experts and our software development team, Curriculum Maestro is a true innovation that responds to the needs of the primary sector while offering new levels of functionality.

Users have been impressed by Maestro’s ease of use and advanced features such as an intended and live coverage checker, connectivity and subject progression, adaptable projects and timetable manager. Over 100% of our surveyed schools saying that it would help them meet the curriculum requirements of the new Ofsted framework.

Christian Hilton, a headteacher at one of Maestro’s 400 pioneer schools said:
‘It’s a real game-changer for curriculum design, leadership at all levels, planning and assessment, all improving workload and the quality of teaching and learning.

Fiction Express

Fiction Express (FE) is an award-winning literacy resource which offers a unique reading experience. It has been designed to improve poor reading habits by getting children excited about reading through the power of engagement.

FE stories are published in weekly instalments: each week, pupils read the chapter and at the end they are rewarded with the option to vote to decide what happens next. The author then writes the next chapter in real time. Pupils can also interact on the online book forum with the author and other readers from around the world to build the story together.

FE is re-inventing book reading by turning a traditional linear process into a deeply engaging experience of co-creation between pupils and authors. It gives teachers an easy to implement resource to show how exciting reading can be.

The 6-step FE methodology has been developed with the goal to increase children’s reading engagement by placing them in the centre of the creative writing process and reading experience:

1. READ the chapter
2. VOTE on the plot
3. TALK to the author
4. ANSWER the quiz
5. ENJOY the activities
6. MEASURE the impact

International Baccalaureate Organization

The International Baccalaureate (IB) aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment. To ensure that the breadth and depth of its curriculum was being accurately measured, the IB developed the eAssessment for its Middle Years Programme (MYP). The MYP eAssessment is a reliable, globally consistent and highly innovative assessment model that helps achieve greater student outcomes and provides greater quality assurance and recognition for IB World Schools. The MYP eAssessment is designed to assess the development of the qualities that the MYP, and the IB, aims to instil in its pupils.


There are more than 20 billion connected devices, that take up much of our waking hours. Less than 1% of us can understand and influence them. Kano believes in a future where anyone can.

In June 2019, Kano announced a partnership with Microsoft to launch a build-your-own Windows computer for creative learning: the Kano PC. Designed for 21st-century education, the 11.6” touch-enabled, Intel Atom powered tablet/laptop takes you on a journey into computing, and comes with a suite of creative and coding tools, which the computer guides you through.

In October, Kano announced the Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit and Star Wars The Force™ Coding Kit in collaboration with Lucasfilm and Disney. The products are a build-it-yourself Bluetooth® motion sensor, and creative coding experience, where you code, create, play, and share Star Wars and Frozen adventures.

Kano also provides a complete package to equip educators and students to understand technology and create with code, including hours of engaging coding content and access to classroom apps available on the Raspberry Pi.

Over 4,000 education programs around the world use Kano, empowering young innovators in 86 countries to engage with technology.

LEGO Education

In 2019 LEGO® Education unveiled LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime, the newest product in the LEGO Education hands-on STEAM learning portfolio. SPIKE Prime brings together LEGO bricks, a programmable, multi-port HUB, sensors and motors all powered by the engaging SPIKE app based on the Scratch coding language. It bridges physical engineering, digital programming skills, and unlimited creativity to prepare kids for the future through engaging, hands-on learning. SPIKE Prime joins the nearly 40 year legacy of LEGO Education’s product development by an international team of designers, dedicated educators and leading technology experts. From early learning with products like Coding Express through high school with MINDSTORMS Education EV3, LEGO Education aims to instill fundamental STEAM skills from a young age and foster that love and joy for learning throughout students’ education journey. While LEGO Education has been developing and innovating in the education technology space for decades, it continues to evolve to meet the needs of students and teachers alike who are preparing for the future of work with 21st century skillsets.

MEL Science

MEL Science sees the future of STEM education as a blend of VR, AR, and hands-on learning, spanning both school and home use. It’s new VR Chemistry app is the virtual reality component of this, and takes invisible atomic and molecular level chemistry concepts and makes them visible, and in turn, understandable experiences at a human scale. Students can ‘fly’ inside various molecules, build their own in an atomic level makerspace and take quick quizzes to test understanding.

Making abstract concepts intuitive is one of the highest value use cases for VR; MEL has developed an effective learning resource, proven to engage students and improve test scores.

Building fundamental laws of nature into a gaming engine to deliver a ‘first’ in VR learning, MEL Science has integrated the knowledge and experience of several well-regarded scientists and teachers to build a highly effective learning resource. The VR learning content is the result of a highly qualified team who recognise the challenges that chemistry teachers face in the classroom.

Each lesson is three to seven minutes long and has been designed to integrate seamlessly into a teacher’s lesson flow; making the subject more visual and comprehensive.


Snapplify is at the forefront of edtech innovations in Africa, and specialises in enabling digital learning by establishing a marketplace for digital education content, related educational services, and devices. Snapplify for Education is a suite of products for digital reading and e-learning that are transforming classrooms by empowering teachers and students to teach and learn, digitally.

While technology has the potential to transform classrooms around the world, the adoption of digital and blended learning in emerging markets comes with unique challenges. As such, we’ve taken care to ensure that our offering is world-class, but appropriate and relevant for African classrooms. Snapplify supplies realistic solutions to curb challenges faced by K-12 and tertiary institutions, and have built a tried-and-tested sales and rollout model that can be replicated in any region.

The response to the launch of Snapplify’s free platform (Engage Basic) has precipitated new registrations from institutions across the globe, including Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and more – a positive endorsement showing Snapplify is tapping into existing needs. In 2019, Snapplify secured $2 million expansion capital from Knife Capital and Hlayisani Capital’s Hlayisani Growth Fund – a sum that speaks to investor confidence in the efficacy of Snapplify’s innovative solutions.