Accelerate Learning – STEMscopes Science Powered by CNN

Incubated in the teacher development lab at Rice University, developed and tested in classrooms by Accelerate Learning-STEMscopes, and powered by CNN, STEMscopes Science Powered by CNN is a next-generation K-12 digital educational resource that is creating the next generation of innovators, dreamers, tinkerers, explorers, designers, and problem solvers.

STEMscopes Science Powered by CNN integrates the STEMscopes digital STEM curriculum with content curated from CNN’s news and current events archive. From eye-opening virtual reality experiences to breaking science news, immersive content connects students to real-world events and issues, and challenges them to innovate, create, and problem solve. Using hands-on materials, videos, augmented reality, simulations, and observations of the natural world, students can explore real-world phenomena and events the way STEM professionals do: through their five senses. With these resources, students not only become informed citizens but understand how theories and concepts learned in the classroom apply to the world around them.

STEMscopes Science Powered by CNN also has extensive support for teachers, including embedded professional development, instructional resources to support differentiated learning, and a variety of assessments.

STEMscopes Science Powered by CNN is available in all countries outside the United States through ministries of education, schools, and in-country distributors worldwide.

Across Cultures – Learning Village

The Learning Village is a comprehensive, highly successful English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme especially designed for 7-14-year-old learners in schools around the world. It provides targeted EAL learning for children at primary level and beyond, beginning with everyday survival language and phonics and leading to specific curriculum content tailored to the needs of EAL students.

The Learning Village is innovative, constantly developing and unique. Through its ever-growing online and offline content, it offers teachers a wealth of resources to cater and differentiate for EAL learners across a range of curricula. Engaging, fun and immersive, it accelerates the learning of English and allows learners to become integrated into the mainstream classroom.

The Learning Village offers schools:
• proven, documented success
• an image-based approach: working for learners of any language
• automatic analysis and assessment
• a wealth of resources, firmly grounded in experience and research.

The Learning Village transforms the learning and teaching of EAL – for both teachers and learners.

Discovery Education – TechBook deployment by MoE Chile

The Chilean Ministry of Education(MINEDUC) launched a new partnership with Discovery Education, supporting Me Conecto para Aprender (I Connect to Learn), an initiative of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera Me Conecto para Aprender aims to close the gap in access to information technologies and promote their use across Chile by providing all of the country’s 7th grade students a laptop computer, a year of internet access, and high-quality digital resources that encourage the use of the computer Following a thorough evaluation, MINEDUC selected Discovery Education to provide dynamic digital content to 1500 7th grade students from 25 schools in the cities of Santiago and Melipilla during the 2018 and 2019 school years In addition, a 7th grade science teacher and a 7th grade math teacher from each of the 25 participating schools were chosen to take part in sustained professional learning opportunities delivered by Discovery Education experts The professional development component of this initiative began during a special, three day event in Santiago that occured from the 1st of October through the 3rd of October This event was jointly hosted by MINEDUC and Discovery and provided participants new strategies for using technology to create the engaging, modern digital learning environments.

Edmentum International – Exact Path

Exact Path is an assessment-driven teaching and learning resource for reading, English language arts and mathematics, designed for students aged 5-18. It delivers truly personalised learning bespoke to each student, and is ideal for schools using the station rotation blended learning model, for use in the ICT suite and, because it offers 24-hour access, for home study too.

The resource consists of two components: the valid, reliable, adaptive diagnostic assessment and the content-rich, adaptive, learning pathway, both of which are supported by powerful reporting. This reporting provides teachers with Lexile and Quantile measures for the diagnostic assessment, then real-time progress measures for the learning pathway, enabling teachers to intervene as appropriate on an individual and group basis.

Exact Path’s partnership with Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) means schools taking the NWEA MAP assessments can upload their students’ scores directly to Exact Path, for the solution to base its individualised learning pathway on.

A year-long research project was carried out in the US to understand the impact of Exact Path. Results revealed that students who used it for just 30 minutes per week per subject experienced statistically-significant growth in maths, reading and English language arts.

iPortfolio – Reading &

READING & is an innovative ELT e-Reading service platform designed for both self-directed reading at home and instructor-led classroom use with an LMS.

READING & transforms print books into advanced digital editions by combining cutting edge technologies with neuropsychological pedagogy to disrupt the conventional way of teaching/learning English for young learners in EFL countries. Technologies such as analytics, cloud-based learning record store, automated game creation engine, and AI speech recognition pays off only when it produces meaningful educational outcomes, which READING & has proven to achieve.

The core of READING & is built on iPortfolio’s Spindle Books™ technology, the same engine that also powers the Oxford Learner’s Bookshelf (OLB), the strategic e-Book platform of Oxford University Press, ELT division.

READING & houses more than 1,500 premium English reading titles supporting 4 to 12-year-old EFL learners. Through the ‘5 Stage Multi-Dimension Reading (MDR)’ designed by iPortfolio, students naturally experience the joy of reading. They ultimately form a habit of reading not only in digital but also in print.

MEL Science – MEL Chemistry VR

MEL Science sees the future of STEM education as a blend of VR, AR, and hands-on learning, spanning both school and home use.

It’s new VR Chemistry app is the virtual reality component of this, it takes invisible atomic and molecular level chemistry concepts and makes them visible, and in turn, understandable experiences at a human scale. Students can ‘fly’ inside various molecules, build their own in an atomic level ‘makerspace’ and take quick quizzes to test understanding.

Making abstract concepts intuitive is one of the highest value use cases for VR; MEL Science has developed an effective learning resource, proven to engage students and improve test scores.

The MEL Science team includes several science Olympian winners and well-regarded educators, who together recognise the challenges that chemistry teachers face in the classroom.This virtual reality resource has integrated their knowledge and experience to build fundamental laws of nature into a gaming engine and deliver a ‘first’ in science education, usable today on classroom virtual reality kits.

Each lesson is three to seven minutes long and has been designed to integrate seamlessly into a teacher’s lesson flow; making the subject more visual and comprehensive.

Tes Institute – iPGCE

Tes Institute’s iPGCE is a fully online programme that helps further the careers of education professionals working outside the UK.
It supports teaching and learning in schools and educational establishments internationally by improving teaching practice and pedagogy, giving the teachers the confidence to be a reflective practitioner, manager in education and an agent of change.
Developed in partnership with the University of East London (UEL), this unique iPGCE is a digitally-led programme worth 60 Masters’ credits to be run over one academic year. It provides the perfect blend between classroom-based practice and online learning, where experience Pathway Tutors support the teacher.
Tes Institute’s iPGCE represents great value to both teachers and schools and is available to anyone already working in a school teaching an English-language curriculum, including International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International curriculum.

Texthelp – Read&Write

Read&Write is a software toolbar with the literacy support features teachers need to deliver an accessible, inclusive, personalised learning experience to all students – and help every member of the class meet their full potential.

In a perfect world, you’d develop a lesson plan based on each students’ needs. However, we understand that creating a personalised learning experience for each child sounds great in theory but in reality it’s incredibly challenging – whatever type of class or subject you teach.

Now imagine giving your EAL students support to understand the content of every lesson as well as their peers.

Read&Write makes files, documents and the web more accessible on a wide range of devices and platforms. It’s there whenever it’s needed, helping EAL students with a wide range of literacy tasks – from reading and understanding classroom materials to coursework and independent study.

There are already more than 20 million Read&Write users worldwide – in 57 countries – and that number is growing fast.