Atomwide / AdEPT Education – WebScreen

WebScreen is a highly flexible web filtering system designed and built for the UK education sector, fulfilling the requirement of the Department for Education’s statutory safeguarding guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ to offer ‘appropriate filtering’.

WebScreen is the result of over a decade of development by AdEPT Education, providing a school centric, user friendly interface to the functionality it offers.

With WebScreen, control is placed in the hands of schools & the system is highly flexible to help schools exercise as much filtering control as they wish. Schools have the option to create their own policies, or simply adopt the default filtering policies specially created by the service provider.

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for your consideration of AdEPT Education and WebScreen for this award.

Bloomsbury Publishing – Bloomsbury CPD for Teachers

Bloomsbury CPD for Teachers is a subscription-based online CPD portal for primary and secondary teachers to be involved in professional development. Our aim is to save schools time and money by enabling teachers of all levels, from NQT to Senior Leaders to take learning into their own hands – anytime, anywhere.

A simple annual subscription fee provides a school with:

– Courses for staff in all key areas of teaching practice.
– Hundreds of inspiring and practical quick ideas for staff to use in the classroom straight away.
– Over 200 hours of ready-made training plans for staff to deliver CPD to colleagues from briefings to full-day INSETs.
– All the resources needed for these training sessions, including presentation slides and handouts.
– Personal training records for every member of staff to keep track of the training they have completed, whether online or offline.
– A whole-school overview to allow leaders to track levels of training among staff and meet individual development needs.

Educater – Educater Assessment

Educater Assessment is excited to be shortlisted in the Leadership and Management Solutions category for this year’s BETT Awards. Since its formation, Educater Assessment has worked in collaboration with school leaders to ensure that it continuously meets the requirements needed to help leaders make efficient and impactful decisions within their school.

Helping schools to reduce workload and free up teacher time is fundamental in Educater’s approach when designing school software solutions. Educater’s online assessment solution supports schools in reporting on attainment and progress, while helping staff measure where pupils are and develop their growth further.

School leaders can use Educater’s range of reports to ensure the right children are being challenged at the right time and address underachievement. What makes Educater Assessment so distinctive and innovative is that it is set up to cater for each school’s personalised needs. Far from being a ‘one size fits all’ solution it can be customised according to a school’s specific curriculum, with unique objectives and bespoke marking systems.

Groupcall – Assembly Analytics

Assembly Analytics from Groupcall (Part of Community Brands UK) is a broad and powerful leadership analytics solution for multi-academy Trusts (MATs). Since we launched Assembly Analytics in January 2017 we’ve grown to serve 23 MATs around the country – with 19 of those going live in the last twelve months.

The core premise of Assembly Analytics is that its dashboards combine data from multiple schools and multiple source systems, allowing academy and MAT leaders to make more informed decisions.

The product is designed to be incredibly simple to use. From the moment you log in you are presented with highly intuitive dashboards in a consistent house style. Unfussy navigation elements allow you to switch speedily between dashboards, school/MAT views, and different time points. Consequently, even non-expert school and MAT leaders can quickly understand trends and glean insights.

Naace – The Educational Technology Association – The Naace Self Review Framework

The revised Self-review Framework (SRF) is a unique online tool that supports, enables and enhances schools understanding and development of technology; it was recreated in 2018 by a team of expert volunteers, introducing the new Digital Safeguarding element to complete the six focus elements; the SRF now matches not only the latest UK standards, but also international standards. It provides an exceptional structure for schools to reflect on their journey towards excellence. In 2019 guidance materials were devised for each element of the online system providing increased support for schools.

In the words of a headteacher, ‘the self-review framework isn’t just about technology and, interestingly, that is a key factor of its success. It focuses the mind on the whole spectrum of school development’.

The framework helps leaders to evaluate the school against a series of statements describing a nationally agreed set of standards. The new revision of the framework provides beneficial support for school leaders to prepare for the new Ofsted framework inspections into a broad and balanced curriculum. It will help identify Intent, Implementation and Impact of professional development as part of their teacher retention strategies.

National Education Group – The National College CPD Platform

The National College are an award-winning provider of video CPD who empower busy school leaders with the essential knowledge they need, fast. We are CPD certified and work with an array of experts and leading minds in education to bring schools unrivalled expertise in critical topic areas such as Oftsed, safeguarding, leadership, mental health, RSHE, teaching and research. We pride ourselves in providing a 100% customer-centric service through adapting and reacting quickly and efficiently to customer feedback, placing them at the heart of every new webinar we offer. Our belief that all schools should have access to the highest quality CPD means that we are passionate about innovation which has seen us achieve exponential growth over the last 2 years.

Pupil Asset – PA MIS

Pupil Asset MIS software supports your whole school community. Enabling effective leadership through informed decision making, evaluating the impact of change, and helping you identify the potential for improvement. Our tools for attendance, attainment, behaviour and communication offer your school the best chance of success.

SCR Tracker – SCR Tracker

SCR Tracker is the new standard in single central record management.

Built for school staff, by school staff. SCR Tracker gives full transparency of their pre-employment checks ensuring full compliancy with Department for Education guidance.

With a simple to read traffic light system we instantly let you know if statutory checks have not been carried out and alert necessary staff through our dashboard and automated alerts.

SCR Tracker also allows schools to track additional custom checks to manage training, onboarding of new staff and more.

We also offer trust level access to ensure compliancy across all their academies. We provide control and oversight to some of the best Academy Trusts globally.