3P Learning – Mathletics

Created by 3P Learning, Mathletics is our digital maths resource specifically designed for personalised teaching and learning, supporting over 4 million learners, in over 14,000 schools. It is proven to significantly increase levels of student engagement, confidence and motivation and to improve attainment and progress in maths for pupils throughout their primary school education and beyond.

Our team of educators have created courses that are aligned to the National Curriculum for England, N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales. With 1200+ individual adaptive activities and a recently released additional 700+ activities for problem solving and reasoning.

Mathletics is designed with the ultimate goal of helping students to develop a love of learning, growing in confidence as they discover they ‘CAN’ do mathematics .For teachers, Mathletics strives to support them, from planning, through to delivering lessons, enabling them to set activities at the correct level for every learner and receive live data to show them the progress and attainment levels, which then informs their next steps and forward planning. Mathletics supports the entire teaching cycle, making workflow simpler, more effective and quicker.

Charanga – Musical School

Charanga Musical School offers everything primary teachers, specialists and non-specialists, need to lead engaging music lessons, drawing together the practical skills of singing and playing, listening, improvising and composing.

Used by 50% of English primary schools, the online platform is multifaceted. It includes a complete Scheme to teach the national curriculum; a growing library of songs, instrument courses and creative apps; and support for assessment and SEND.

Infinitely customisable, Charanga Musical School is designed to help children (aged 5–11) develop a love, knowledge and respect for music in all its forms.

It is further enhanced by Yumu, a groundbreaking new area of the platform dedicated to supporting students’ music-making between lessons, and the award-winning Charanga CREATE – a resource offering high-quality, creative learning to young people with special educational needs and disabilities using iPads.

In a 2019 survey of close to 1,000 educators, 96% reported improvements in the quality of their teaching having used the programme. To ensure teachers get the most out of it, Charanga’s expert team offers a range of events, including twilight sessions held at local schools and music centres. Charanga has successfully trained over 25,000 teachers in modern, inclusive music teaching practice to date.

Discovery Education – Discovery Education Coding

Discovery Education Coding provides complete support for teaching coding in primary schools, combining ready-made, interactive lessons in three different programming languages with extensive guidance and planning documentation for teachers. Fully refreshed and revised in 2019, this simple but powerful tool teaches pupils to code by making their own apps and games.

Pupils are introduced to coding through a graphical approach, in which they drag and drop visual blocks representing events, objects and actions to create simple programs. The sequence of lessons takes pupils from giving the computer simple instructions through to more complex programs using variables, loops and selection. Once they’ve mastered these concepts through visual blocks, pupils can graduate to Python lessons to learn how to write commands in a real-world programming language or HTML to learn how the web is built.

Discovery Education Coding is a flexible resource that can be used for independent or whole-class learning depending on the equipment available in school. Step-by-step lessons, debugging exercises and refresher units, provide a thoughtfully graduated learning sequence which breaks down concepts from the Computing curriculum into simple steps accessible to all pupils.

Fiction Express – Boolino

Fiction Express (FE) is an award-winning literacy resource which offers a unique reading experience. It has been designed to improve poor reading habits by getting children excited about reading through the power of engagement.

FE stories are published in weekly instalments: each week, pupils read the chapter and at the end they are rewarded with the option to vote to decide what happens next. The author then writes the next chapter in real time. Pupils can also interact on the online book forum with the author and other readers from around the world to build the story together.

FE is re-inventing book reading by turning a traditional linear process into a deeply engaging experience of co-creation between pupils and authors. It gives teachers an easy to implement resource to show how exciting reading can be.

The 6-step FE methodology has been developed with the goal to increase children’s reading engagement by placing them in the centre of the creative writing process and reading experience:

1. READ the chapter
2. VOTE on the plot
3. TALK to the author
4. ANSWER the quiz
5. ENJOY the activities
6. MEASURE the impact

Maths Circle – Times Tables Rock Stars

Times Tables Rock Stars is an award winning carefully sequenced paper, web and app-based programme of daily times tables practice. We have successfully boosted times tables recall speed for hundreds of thousands of pupils over the last 8 years in over 14,000 schools – both primary and secondary – worldwide.

Students can play in one of our five “rock themed” game modes, which are all cleverly sequenced to subtly ask the child the questions they find more difficult, more often, to ensure they master all the tables and improve their accuracy, as well as their speed. Many children thrive on the competitive element, so choose to play in a multiplayer game against their classmates or students around the world, whilst others focus on improving their rock speed with the goal of achieving “”Rock Hero”” status. Children enjoy the sense of achievement that comes from answering questions and earning coins, which they use to upgrade their rock avatar.

Teachers love it because they can set up competitions between classes, set specific homework assignments and follow their students’ progress with access to useful stats. Our intelligent algorithm automatically adjusts the tables for each pupil, which is a major time saver for teachers.

Oddizzi – Oddizzi

Oddizzi is the only online product dedicated to providing high quality primary geography resources. It aims to inspire in children a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people which will remain with them for the rest of their lives and help specialist and non-specialist teachers deliver high-quality lessons.

Oddizzi is an affordable subscription-based resource that provides an extensive range of informative, up-to-date and interactive resources designed to boost learning in geography and help children make links between different areas of the curriculum.

The website grew out of the founder’s frustration at a lack of resources for non-specialist primary teachers to inspire awe and wonder about the world and to stimulate children’s natural curiosity. Oddizzi’s original learning content is produced by teachers, travel-writers, geographers and children, and is regularly updated.

Oddizzi’s founding aim was to ‘put geography back on the map in primary schools’ and we have therefore welcomed Ofsted’s renewed focus on the wider curriculum. We are currently working with a rapidly growing number of schools to support their intent, implementation and impact in geography.

Pearson – Power Maths

Power Maths, developed by Pearson in conjunction with White Rose Maths, is a whole-class maths teaching programme for Reception to Year 6 which uses a blend of online and printed resources to combine the best of East Asian maths mastery teaching with UK best practice. The programme provides children with a firm foundation to succeed throughout the Primary phase and beyond. The programme has been recommended by the DfE as a high-quality resource supporting excellence in teaching for mastery.

VotesforSchools – VotesforSchools

VotesforSchools brings democracy to the classroom by providing an easy way for both Primary and Secondary schools to teach and evidence British Values, PREVENT and SMSC. We create weekly ‘VoteTopics’ – fully planned and resourced lesson presentations that tackle many of the most pertinent issues facing young people today. Each lesson is framed as a question (such as ‘Has Brexit broken Parliament?’) meaning after the lesson students can access our online voting platform to vote on each question. Schools can evidence student voice this way, and we use the data collected to influence the work of policy makers, charities and the Government.