BeED – BeED LMS & Journeys

There is no right path to educate a learner – but in today’s education industry, that has become clearer than ever due to the fragmentation of institutions practicing variable curricula and assessment formats, with some having multiple curricula under the same institution itself.

This may prove a dilemma for many, with schools having to decide which educational platform best suits their needs, or even juggle different platforms simultaneously.

The BeED Ecosystem integrates the entire learning process into 3 systems that can work separately or in tandem:

Learning Management System
Admins can easily manage multiple curricula and network schools within one account. The platform can also be used for staff professional development. The pedagogically-focused Lesson Plan Builder allows open visibility and the standardisation of lesson content and delivery.

Journeys – Mobile Experiential Learning Platform
Journeys supports learners’ educational progress anytime, anywhere using their preferred mobile device, even without Internet connectivity. Educators provide personalised feedback to their learners through their own mobile device at their convenience.

Nexus – Marketplace for Educational Content
A global hub where contributors (individuals or educational institutions) produce and share their work. Each contributor’s work will undergo a strict vetting process for plagiarism as well as improper content.

Bloomsbury Publishing – Bloomsbury CPD for Teachers

Bloomsbury CPD for Teachers is a subscription-based online CPD portal for primary and secondary teachers to be involved in professional development. Our aim is to save schools time and money by enabling teachers of all levels, from NQT to Senior Leaders to take learning into their own hands – anytime, anywhere.

A simple annual subscription fee provides a school with:

– Courses for staff in all key areas of teaching practice.
– Hundreds of inspiring and practical quick ideas for staff to use in the classroom straight away.
– Over 200 hours of ready-made training plans for staff to deliver CPD to colleagues from briefings to full-day INSETs.
– All the resources needed for these training sessions, including presentation slides and handouts.
– Personal training records for every member of staff to keep track of the training they have completed, whether online or offline.
– A whole-school overview to allow leaders to track levels of training among staff and meet individual development needs.

Educater – Educater Assessment

Educater Assessment is excited to be shortlisted in the Whole School Aids For Learning, Teaching and Assessment category. Educater Assessment has been designed with the ethos of saving teachers both time and workload so that they can do what teachers do best – educate pupils in the classroom.

Educater Assessment offers a state-of-the-art online assessment solution that supports schools in reporting on attainment and progress, while helping staff gauge where pupils are and fuel their growth. It can be used to demonstrate pupil progress and compare cohorts, thus pointing the way towards relevant and appropriate pupil interventions.

Staff can use its insights to ensure the right children are being challenged at the right time and address underachievement, all from one place. What makes Educater Assessment a 5-star offering is that it is set up to cater for each school’s personalised needs. Far from being a ‘one size fits all’ solution it can be customised according to a school’s specific curriculum, with unique
objectives and bespoke marking systems.

imovesdance uk – imoves

imoves is on a mission to help every child become brighter, healthier and happier by getting them active every day. We do this through a teacher-led digital platform designed to promote, encourage and assist teachers and head teachers to integrate active learning into everyday curriculum-based lessons from literacy and maths, to humanities and PE.

The newly updated platform enables teachers to easily and quickly find the lesson they’d like to teach whilst every lesson has everything a teacher needs to confidently deliver an active lesson with supporting videos, music lesson plans and other materials the children will love.

imoves is the only evidence-based activity programme for primary schools looking to incorporate activity seamlessly into the school day without adding to teacher workload. Your school will see benefits in academic performance and behaviour as well as mental well-being across the schools from the additional activity.

So, whether you want to get the children active for 10 minutes in the classroom; as part of a maths lesson; develop their hip hop skills in PE; or calming techniques in mindfulness; imoves is the place for you.

Learning Ladders – Learning Ladders

Learning Ladders is at the forefront of school improvement software, and remains the only system to link in-school formative assessment with at-home Parent Tutorials, meaning all adults are empowered to support every child, in every objective, every time.

Learning Ladders saves teachers time and schools money, while improving results (by 11% on average) and involving parents.

It is now used by leading schools in over 16 countries.

Neverware – CloudReady

Neverware’s CloudReady OS gives schools the Chromebook experience they want on the computers they already have. Built on the same open-source technology as Google’s Chrome OS, CloudReady makes the speed, simplicity, and security of Chromebooks available on nearly any PC or Mac, up to 13 years old. Since its launch in 2015, CloudReady has helped thousands of schools around the world modernise ageing hardware, expand student device access, and unify device management through the Google Admin console.

Qridi – Qridi

How to measure students’ skills in interdisciplinary and competence-based curriculum? How to improve self-reflection skills? How to build personalised study plans and set up goals for individual students? How to visualise the student learning process and recognise personal strengths? How to encourage students to take ownership of their own learning?

These are the key challenges Qridi is designed to address. Qridi is an award-winning formative assessment and learning analytics tool from Finland, that can make a major impact in learning and transform the classroom culture. Qridi is designed together with Finland top teachers, students and researchers. In 2016 it was awarded a prestigious Eemeli-awards for the Finland’s best learning solution and it is currently used by more than 10% of the Finnish primary and secondary school students.

Qridi enables personalised goals, task lists for flipped learning environments, portfolio-learning, a variety of self-, peer- and parent-assessment methods and visual learning analytics for all: teachers, students, parents and administrators.

Qridi is fully GDPR compatible and accredited for data-safety.

Renaissance – Star Assessments

With an ambition to transform the way literacy and numeracy assessments are conducted in classrooms, Renaissance’s Star Assessments are computer-adaptive tests that can seamlessly monitor classroom progression, measure gaps in attainment, and immediately report on results to inform future teaching methods. Providing teachers with invaluable insight into student progression, without the additional admin pressures on teachers and intense test situations for students, Star Assessments act as a revolutionary framework for tracking and monitoring student performance.