Covid-19 Response Award

This category, open to companies, individuals, schools, colleges and teachers, rewards those who have responded to the Covid-19 outbreak in a way that has positively impacted the education, health and wellbeing of the student population in coping with and combating the pandemic.

  • This category is for anyone/any organisation working in the education sector
  • The impact of the response must have been experienced and evidenced in the 8 months preceding the entry closing date.

Nominations for either yourself or someone else should be submitted in video format (2-minute video) and can be supported with a written statement in no more than 1,000 words. Nominations should:

  • Tell us why they deserve the award – explaining how they have ‘gone the extra mile’
  • Provide information on what the response involved and how it was implemented
  • Include evidence of the benefit it has provided to the learners and on what scale, as appropriate (i.e. an increase in access or continuous learning during school closures, evidence of positive change in student wellbeing, evidence of successful earlier re-opening through controlled measures)
  • Describe any long-term changes and/or benefits that have resulted from the response
  • Provide at least two testimonials from schools, colleges or student(s)

The winners will be voted for by the Bett community.