Britannica Digital Learning – Britannica LaunchPacks
Britannica LaunchPacks harnesses the skill, heart, and passion of the UK education community. Born out of a partnership between Encyclopædia Britannica and Shireland Collegiate Academy, it is the UK’s first curriculum-focused content collaboration between a trusted global publisher and a Multi-Academy Trust. Curated by teachers, for teachers, the resource minimises teacher workload by collating authoritative, unbiased, and vetted resources around thematic units covered in the KS3-4 History and Geography curriculum. Britannica LaunchPacks provides a seamless experience for GCSE students to build subject-area knowledge, think critically, and make cross-curricular connections that help them engage in meaningful learning. This combination of Britannica’s expert knowledge and information crafted by Shireland Collegiate Academy school leaders and teachers breaks the mould for UK EdTech resources.

ClickView is the video resource for schools and further education settings, with visually stunning, curriculum-aligned video content and teacher resources, plus contextual on-demand TV and interactive question layers for formative assessment.
Trusted by over 4,500 schools and colleges, ClickView empowers educators and engages students with educational video content, in an innovative, inclusive and platform.
Educators can rely on ClickView to provide quality video to enhance their teaching and learning. By working with educational consultants, we ensure content is highly relevant and engaging for students. Accompanying educational resources including lesson plans; further extend learning, while deepening engagement and understanding.
Broadcast TV brings real-world context to lessons. We select and curate the most educationally relevant resources from 24 Freeview channels and 8 European satellite channels via the ‘ClickView Exchange’, a growing repository of over 20,000 videos.
The dynamic combination of world-class content plus powerful formative assessment sees ClickView used well beyond the classroom. Interactive video quizzes give teachers real-time analytics about student achievement and engagement. These insights inform targeted planning and teaching to cater to individual learning needs and knowledge gaps. The platform also supports home learning and different learning modalities, such as flipped learning.

EZ Education – Lift-Off
Lift-Off is Doodle’s exciting and innovative extension to DoodleMaths which empowers non-teaching specialists to deliver intervention designed to combat maths anxiety and empower every child to become a confident, resilient learner.
Unlike conventional intervention programmes where teachers address areas of weaker understanding, Lift-Off empowers pupils to become robust, independent learners in order to reach their full potential.
Lift-Off combines DoodleMaths, a programme which creates every child a unique educational experience, with weekly 30-minute sessions. By combining DoodleMaths’ personalised learning with the support of a trained teaching specialist, Lift-Off fills gaps in knowledge and transforms every child into an independent learner with a strong self-belief in their abilities.
Lift-Off provides schools with training and support to empower non-teaching specialists to lead sessions and support children. Training is CPD-accredited and enables anyone with a passion for education to become a Lift-Off Leader and oversee an impactful intervention programme.
Lift-Off provides measurable progress by combining goal setting with accurate baseline assessment data using our online analytics and planning platform.
By combining DoodleMaths with an intuitive and engaging programme of in-class support, Lift-Off is an affordable, empowering and innovative intervention solution which delivers measurable improvements in achievement and boosts each child’s resilience and confidence.

Fiction Express – Boolino
Fiction Express is an award-winning literacy resource designed to improve all areas of literacy: reading; writing; spelling, punctuation & grammar; and speaking & listening. The resource improves poor reading habits by getting children excited about reading, through the power of a deeply engaging experience of co-creation between pupils and authors.
Fiction Express is offering teachers a unique and complete literacy solution:
– Covering all four aspects of literacy in line with the curriculum
– Easy to integrate in lesson planning
– Continuous assessment, monitoring learning outcomes and progress
– High level of pupil motivation and personalised, cross-curricular learning paths
– Great value for money, 80% (or more) cheaper than a similar amount of paper books (cost per pupil)
Our stories are published in weekly instalments. Each week, pupils read the chapter and, at the end, are rewarded with the option to vote to decide what happens next. The author then writes the following chapter in real time.
Pupils also interact with the author and other readers from around the world on the online book forum, to actively participate in the creative story-writing process. Outstanding and original pupil contributions are rewarded with certificates by our editorial team.

imoves is on a mission to help every child in every classroom become brighter, healthier and happier by getting them active every day. If you want to enjoy getting your kids moving no matter what they’re learning, then imoves is here for you!
We do this through a teacher-led digital platform designed to promote, encourage and assist teachers to integrate active learning into everyday curriculum-based lessons from literacy and maths, to science and humanities, and of course PE!
The brand-new platform saves time with simple, easy to use and stress-free videos, music, worksheets and lesson plans to support teachers whether that’s getting kids active throughout the school day or during PE.
imoves is the only evidence-based activity programme for schools looking to incorporate activity seamlessly into the school day without adding to teacher workload. Your school will see benefits in improved academic performance and behaviour, as well as mental wellbeing.
So, whether you want to get the children active for a 2-minute brain break; teach fractions actively as part of a maths lesson; develop their gymnastics skills in PE; or to help pupils tackle wellbeing issues; imoves is the place for you

Mobile Guardian Classroom Manager – Mobile Guardian
Mobile Guardian enables learning from anywhere. Purpose-built for education, the cloud-based solution empowers teachers in the remote classroom, safeguards students online and allows large school groups to maximise their investment in mobile devices.
With easy-to-use, classroom management tools, web-filtering, linked parental controls and mobile device management. The platform offers user-based roles for IT administrators, teachers and parents and is unique in supporting Android, ChromeOS, iOS and macOS, and Windows devices.
Integrating with both Apple Classroom and the Google for Education suite, Mobile Guardian supports remote classrooms on Android, ChromeOS, iOS and macOS and Windows devices. With user-based roles for IT Administrators, teachers and parents, the platform unites all stakeholders in education, enabling them to collaborate effectively in a remote learning environment.
Schools can sign up for a free, 14-day trial on, or schedule a tailored product demo with the sales team. Installation is cloud-based, completely remote and facilitated by a member of the pre-sales team. Mobile Guardian offers free, online customer support, as well as an online knowledge base and training academy.
Mobile Guardian is used by schools in the United Kingdom, North America, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Spain and South Africa.

Speech Link Multimedia Ltd – Infant Language Link
Infant Language Link offers standardised assessments, targeted interventions and resources for primary children in over 4000 schools in the UK and internationally.
Our user friendly, 1-2-1 adult led online package is used to identify and support children with mild to moderate language difficulties.
Over 104,000 children, in the UK and internationally, are screened each year using Infant Language Link.
The assessments, resources and support are designed by speech and language therapists and specialist teachers. We know that the best indicator of how a child will cope with school is their understanding and use of spoken language. The 1to1 interventions make the best use of TA’s time and expertise.
The standardised assessment identifies pupils with difficulties understanding core language skills. Identified pupils receive a tailored programme of interventions. Retesting provides evidence of levels of improvement, essential for Ofsted and the Pupil Premium and our packages deliver evidence of narrowing the gap for disadvantaged pupils.

Tassomai helps students and schools raise attainment in English, maths and science through the provision of adaptive, interactive learning quizzes. Through regular practice on the app and through the feedback that it gives, students develop a strong understanding of their subjects, from which they build the confidence to use and apply their knowledge creatively.
Tassomai supports teachers in schools by giving them a clear, up-to-date picture of their students’ attainment, highlighting precisely where more support is needed… while also saving countless hours of setting, marking and analysis time.
Parents use Tassomai to help their children study and revise effectively: through weekly reports and access to highly detailed analysis, any parent can find out where their child is struggling and see where they can get more help, or they can set up a free tuition session with Tassomai’s founder, Murray Morrison.
During Covid lockdown, Tassomai proved its worth in supporting hundreds of new secondary schools (for free) as they helped students learn remotely, while also helping them to plan their schemes of work for the return to the classroom. To help parents with children at primary school, courses for 7-11 year olds were reduced in price by 75%.