Serving the borough of Lambeth, London, the £28 million expansion transformed Woodmansterne School from a modest 350-pupil primary school into a cutting-edge primary and secondary school site, accommodating almost 2000 pupils. This huge project involved an ambitious AV roll-out, featuring interactive digital displays in every classroom, a professional light and sound setup in the hall.
Global display manufacturer BenQ and IT services provider Partnership Education partnered to deliver this bespoke solution to future-proof the school with advanced education technology which supports new teaching techniques for both on-site and remote learning. Furthermore, Woodmansterne teachers received extensive training to gain advanced knowledge of the technology and software, achieving a ‘super user’ status which reflects the school’s outstanding reputation in the competitive London borough.

In September 2019, The Heritage Private School and Robotics Education Company Engino agreed to collaborate. The relationship between the two was established several years before this agreement, with The Heritage Private School already offering after school clubs using the Engino Robotics Platform (ERP). This collaboration would differ from anything they had done in the past as it would now look to integrate STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) principles through Engino designed lessons more deeply into the daily school curriculum. It would also serve as an opportunity for the educational institution and robotics company to collect and review the findings of implementing this unique problem-based learning approach. The Heritage Private School would provide Engino with an educational environment through its teachers and students. The lessons were designed to provide teachers with adequate guidelines in order to teach concepts of robotics that blend contemporary scientific inquiry, engineering design, and mathematical problem-solving. The lessons not only aimed to engage students through building robotics but to develop their 21st-century skills.

Joskos Solution
Joskos Solutions are engaged in a successful partnership with Frederick Bremer, a secondary school in Walthamstow. The partnership has seen the Headteacher receive the first ever Joskos Innovation in EdTech award, which rewards schools for their approach to embedding technology and making positive change. With the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been more important than ever to maintain successful EdTech partnerships, and Joskos have helped Frederick Bremer to train 40 of their teachers in the latest skills and knowledge required to embrace teaching from home. This training has not only seen an increase in teacher confidence but has helped to greatly increase student engagement. Frederick Bremer and the Joskos Education Team are now discussing the lessons learnt from our collaboration during COVID-19 so that students and the community can reap even further benefits in future. In the words of the Headteacher:
‘It has been amazing to see that some students have thrived in this interactive online environment because there haven’t been any limits on them and they don’t have the restrictions on their learning of having to go at the pace the teacher is setting. So actually, some students are moving way beyond what their teachers were anticipating.’

This collaboration with Cheam Common Junior Academy, and the LEO Academy Trust, provided exciting opportunities for all involved It developed from LGfL’s involvement in transforming the school from failing an Ofsted inspection, to being a ‘good’ school with ‘outstanding’ leadership & management over a period of four years. Whilst re-creating their ReadingZone Live (RZL) resource, LGfL recognised the importance of drawing on the expertise of classroom practitioners, whilst providing opportunities for them to further develop their skills in teaching with educational technology.
RZL consists of video discussions between authors and school children, now enhanced by about many of the most popular books on classroom bookshelves .
Teachers at Cheam Junior Academy have created resources not only covering all aspects of the literacy curriculum, but inclusive for pupils from diverse backgrounds, with many learning needs.
They include established practice in activities such as speaking and listening, as well as utilising other aspects of the LGfL curriculum offer including J2E, Busythings and Adobe Creative Cloud.
These resources are now available for all schools to use. LGfL will continue to use to this collaborative approach to enhance and improve not only its own resources, but also its community of schools.

Pearson Education
Working in partnership with The Dean Trust enabled us to identify what additional support we could provide centres around mock exams.The Mock Service provided the Dean Trust with the assurance that the assessments were consistent, there was no unconscious or conscious bias and it was marked and validated by senior examiners. This project not only helped schools work towards driving better outcomes for students, but the service had a notable impact on teacher workload and wellbeing. It helped to drive collaborative teaching between schools and empowered teaching staff to further develop their partnership work with colleagues, sharing best practice and pedagogical research. Following the success of The Dean Trust Mocks Service pilot, Pearson has now launched a Mocks Service to support all schools to the same standard that we were able to help The Dean Trust. The Pearson Edexcel Mocks service launched in September 2020 and it is thanks to the work of the pilot and the fantastic outcomes generated. ‘The Mock Service provided us with the assurance that the assessments were consistent, there was no unconscious or conscious bias and it was marked and validated by a recognised and highly regarded awarding body.

Plum Innovations
Our vision is to assist teachers succeeding in their professional fields with an efficient and solid IT platform by providing a stress-free IT experience.
Plum Innovations is dedicated to exceptional customer service working closely with leading organisations across both public and private sectors. With deep functional and industry expertise, we are passionate about taking on immense technical challenges and are able to address problems swiftly with efficient solutions.
We work tirelessly towards helping reinforce the positive impact of EdTech on students’ learning outcomes and assisting schools to employ the ideal technology, in the most cost-effective way.

Tassomai helps students and schools raise attainment in English, maths and science through the provision of adaptive, interactive learning quizzes. Through regular practice on the app and through the feedback that it gives, students develop a strong understanding of their subjects, from which they build the confidence to use and apply their knowledge creatively.
Tassomai supports teachers in schools by giving them a clear, up-to-date picture of their students’ attainment, highlighting precisely where more support is needed… while also saving countless hours of setting, marking and analysis time.
Tassomai collaborated with Torquay Academy to design and develop a bespoke curriculum for knowledge retention practice across their entire subject range, and to develop the data metrics that allow staff to monitor and manage an entirely ed-tech based homework system school-wide.
The outcome is not only a higher rate of knowledge retrieval across the curriculum, but the complete liberation of staff time on homework setting and marking – time that is now being put into supportive, data-driven intervention and enrichment activities for students.