Alps Education
Alps provides exam and progress tracking analysis via Connect Interactive, our on-line platform, for over 1,300 schools and colleges in the UK and Internationally. This year, Alps is at its most innovative and productive to date. Challenges posed by the national lockdown and the impact on our educators and learners have been taken on with tremendous success. In offering our powerful Connect Interactive platform for free, launching new functionality specifically designed to assist with Centre Assessed Grade decisions and developing new client success initiatives, a year of continuing uncertainty has been turned into one of great opportunity.
Equipped with a packed training schedule for the Autumn term, brand new marketing initiatives and additions to our Education Team, Alps Education is ready for whatever faces our schools, colleges and learners in the months to come. To celebrate the successes over this period, we’d like to put Alps forward for the Company of the Year Award and thank the whole Alps team for the adaptations they have made, and the huge successes seen as a result of their forward thinking and innovation.

ClickView is a world leading video content resource, trusted by over 4500 school and colleges, with visually stunning, curriculum-aligned video content, contextual on-demand TV, your own video library and interactive question layers to turn passive viewing into active learning.
In response to COVID-19, ClickView took action, making their curriculum-aligned primary and secondary videos and resources freely and publicly available; no data capture, no registrations, no logins or subscriptions required.
ClickView partnered with Adobe, Makematic, Participate and iCivics to produce the Teaching Online Masterclass, a free, self-paced course for educators, featuring some of the world’s best thought leaders and instructors, with a focus on pedagogy and online teaching strategies.
ClickView is also proud to sponsor the Blended Learning Consortium with a shared aspiration of ensuring our sector has the very best guidance, means to collaborate and resources to support blended learning.
Solid commercial growth including a recent contract for Education Scotland and all schools across their 32 local authorities, has been achieved through staff development, continuous innovation, commitment to customer care, alongside impactful marketing, partnership working and doing the right thing for the sector.

Digital Theatre
Digital Theatre offers an inspiring theatre arts experience that enriches and educates Drama and English students all over the world. We work with 3.8 million students, at over 2,600 academic institutions, in 95 countries, via our online platform Digital Theatre+. We are the Company of the Year because:
Our market-leading platform contains over 300 high-quality filmed theatre productions, and 1400 resources in total, giving students access to live theatre regardless of geography or socioeconomic status.
We responded quickly to support teachers and students during lockdown with our Virtual Classroom Toolkits.
We are launching our brand new platform, that focuses on ease of navigation, security, accessibility and personalisation.
We are forecasting 20% revenue growth in 2020, supported by our over 90% retention rate.
We are passionate about supporting the theatre industry, including launching a free programme of workshops to support industry freelancers.
Our customers love Digital Theatre+, telling us how valuable our resources are for their students.
And because we have an incredible, passionate team who always go the extra mile to support teachers and students, the theatre industry, and each other. As one of the team said in the company survey: “Bloody love this company and my colleagues.”

Fiction Express – Boolino
Fiction Express is an award-winning literacy resource designed to improve all areas of literacy: reading; writing; spelling, punctuation & grammar; and speaking & listening. The resource improves poor reading habits by getting children excited about reading, through the power of a deeply engaging experience of co-creation between pupils and authors.
Fiction Express is offering teachers a unique and complete literacy solution:
– Covering all four aspects of literacy in line with the curriculum
– Easy to integrate in lesson planning
– Continuous assessment, monitoring learning outcomes and progress
– High level of pupil motivation and personalised, cross-curricular learning paths
– Great value for money, 80% (or more) cheaper than a similar amount of paper books (cost per pupil)
Our stories are published in weekly instalments. Each week, pupils read the chapter and, at the end, are rewarded with the option to vote to decide what happens next. The author then writes the following chapter in real time.
Pupils also interact with the author and other readers from around the world on the online book forum, to actively participate in the creative story-writing process. Outstanding and original pupil contributions are rewarded with certificates by our editorial team.

Mindful Education
At Mindful Education, we create media-rich professional courses and apprenticeships, delivered in partnership with colleges around the UK.
Our solutions enable UK colleges to deliver high-quality learning in a flexible way, which we call “Online and On Campus”. All of our courses in accounting, management, law and HR empower learners, minimize disruption to employers and deliver tangible results for organisations.
All our solutions are designed for busy part-time students and apprentices with life and work commitments who are looking to change or progress their careers. We aim to provide convenient access to learning, widen participation and promote greater social mobility.

SchoolCloud are trusted by over 4,000 schools worldwide to enhance their school operations with market-leading web-based software. Best known for their online booking system for parents’ evenings, SchoolCloud Parents Evening is the most widely used system in the UK.
In March 2020, SchoolCloud launched Virtual Parents’ Evenings – these are parents’ evenings that take place by video call instead of in-person. Parents simply book their appointment times as normal and access the system on the day to be connected with their child’s teachers by video call without any app to download. They’re connected with the next teacher after their allotted appointment time is up, meaning appointments run exactly to time.
Over 20 million minutes of video appointments have been held to date, and it seems Virtual Parents’ Evenings are here to stay. Schools have said their teachers and parents prefer this new format of parents’ evenings. Parents who in the past couldn’t attend due to work/travel commitments can now attend appointments from anywhere in the world, and appointments run exactly to time.

Skills Forward
Skills Forward is a dedicated e-assessment and eLearning platform used by schools, colleges, training providers and employers to support skills development in English and maths, digital skills, ESOL and apprenticeships and training.
The lockdown measures introduced by Government to prevent the spread of Covid-19 made it increasingly difficult for educators to continue delivery in a traditional way. In some cases, centres had to stop teaching and trading altogether, which has had a devastating effect on learner outcomes. Our eLearning software has supported many learning organisations to continue their delivery throughout lockdown, remain operational and claim vital funding to support learner outcomes
We are also using our expertise to launch a new youth employment initiative alongside our parent company, NCFE. The Go The Distance initiative will support young people to develop the skills they need in a competitive job market and ensure that they are not disproportionally affected be the ongoing pandemic and its impact on the UK economy.

Tassomai helps students and schools raise attainment in English, maths and science through the provision of adaptive, interactive learning quizzes. Through regular practice on the app and through the feedback that it gives, students develop a strong understanding of their subjects, from which they build the confidence to use and apply their knowledge creatively.
Tassomai supports teachers in schools by giving them a clear, up-to-date picture of their students’ attainment, highlighting precisely where more support is needed… while also saving countless hours of setting, marking and analysis time.
Parents use Tassomai to help their children study and revise effectively: through weekly reports and access to highly detailed analysis, any parent can find out where their child is struggling and see where they can get more help – or they can set up a free tuition session with Tassomai’s founder, Murray Morrison.
During Covid lockdowns, Tassomai proved its worth in supporting hundreds of new secondary schools (for free) as they helped students learn remotely, while also helping them to plan their schemes of work for the return to the classroom. To help parents with children at primary school, courses for 7-11 year olds were reduced in price by 75%.