Arbor Education
Arbor is the UK’s fastest-growing MIS (Management Information System), helping schools and MATs work more easily and collaboratively, with intuitive tools designed to make a difference.
With 1,243 schools and 108 trusts, Arbor leads the cloud-based MIS market, with more schools switching to them than any other provider for four consecutive terms.
Arbor makes a measurable difference to schools. 92% of users say Arbor has changed the way they work for the better.
Arbor is constantly expanding their product, with marketing-leading tools for Teachers, Administrators and School Leaders. During the Covid-19 crisis, they released a range of features rapidly to help schools adapt.
With sales growing by 85% year-on-year for the last three years, their turnover for the year-ending 30th August 2020 was over £5m. Since September 2019, they’ve grown their school and trust community by 35%, and signed the UK’s largest MAT, United Learning.
With a Support team known and loved across the country, and a partner network representing 11,000+ schools, Arbor is set up to support schools to work better today, and be ready for tomorrow.
“I love Arbor. I don’t know why we stuck with our old MIS for so long!” Jacky Blaikie, Acresfield Primary School

Ark Curriculum Plus
Ark Curriculum Plus (AC+) is a venture of the charitable organisation, Ark UK Programmes. We partner with 700+ schools and provide expertly designed curriculum resources with all the professional development needed to deliver an English and Mathematics Mastery curriculum.
This year AC+ demonstrated exceptional standards of service to education in meeting the rapidly changing needs of the sector, innovating in response to COVID-19 and providing constant communication and support.
We increased accessibility of our programmes by rapidly launching an online package via our new digital platform MyMastery, lowering the price for schools so more teachers could access resources remotely, anytime, anywhere.
We provided free home learning resources to support school closures, partnered with Oak National Academy to provide ongoing remote learning support aligned to the school maths curriculum, and adapted our curricula, resources and assessments to enable a smooth transition back into the class and to support learning recovery. Our accompanying professional development was delivered entirely online, enabling us to reach more teachers than ever before.
All of this was achieved whilst staying committed to our mission; To empower teachers to give every young person, regardless of their background, the subject knowledge and skills that will allow them to succeed.

Best Practice Network
Best Practice Network, winner of the 2020 BETT Award for ‘Company of the Year (less than £3m turnover)’ has continued to grow, innovate and support schools during 2020 seeing them step-change from exceptional small business to a fast growing scalable one with quality & care at its core.
“97% of our candidates would recommend us to a colleague, something we continue to be extremely proud of!”
Over the past 12 months, as well as adapting their award-winning training model to support over 5,000 school leaders to learn online, they launched innovative apprenticeship training programmes and continued to recruit record numbers of candidates onto their existing courses.
Their ‘BPN BigThankYou’ campaign provided free content and resources to schools during lockdown. This included free online CPD modules that were accessed by over 4,500 school staff at a time when they needed it most.
Central to Best Practice Network’s ongoing success is their relentless quest to develop and deliver evidence based CPD that informs strategic school improvement, regionally and nationally. They provide outstanding wrap-around care and support for their candidates and a growing network of partners and associates.

Bromcom Computers
Bromcom have spent well over 30 years serving the education market and it’s taught us a thing or two about how EdTech can make a positive impact on schools and pupils alike. We’re fortunate enough to work with some of the most innovative schools, trusts and LAs in the country, providing tools which help them navigate every step of their journey. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the ever-changing educational landscape and owe a great deal to our successful partnerships that provide key information from those who walk the job.
We’re currently celebrating ten years of our Cloud-based Management Information System for Schools, which was the first of its kind in the UK. Schools have benefitted from our all in one, low cost approach that has ensured their budget isn’t a barrier to innovation. 2020 has tested schools in inconceivable ways, so we have championed that mantra by offering many of our products for free, helping schools to thrive in the face of such adversity.
We strive to support both schools and young people in helping them to achieve their true potential.

In regular times, CPOMS strives to support schools by underpinning their safeguarding measures by providing a powerful and efficient system for recording and reporting on pastoral concerns. We have spread to over 13000 schools based on our reputation for having a brilliant product and top quality customer service.
With this dominated by the impact of COVID-19, we have taken extra-ordinary measures to help schools through an undoubtedly difficult time. For those school already using CPOMS, having records crucial to the protection of their children available online has meant that vital safeguarding work could continue throughout the lockdown when staff wouldn’t have been able to access paper files in a filing cabinet.
During the challenges created by the impact of COVID-19, CPOMS has been praised by schools across the country. We’ve heard that for one customer, “school was used as the ‘central pin’ to gain information for all of the outside agencies to enhance their accountability and CPOMS helped to make this very huge, important task easier to cope with” and that another school “couldn’t have survived lockdown without CPOMS”.

D2L strives to transform the way the world learns through the best possible learning opportunities. Through its learning platform, Brightspace, D2L enables teachers and tutors to deliver engaging learning experiences online and on mobile. The platform supports educators through intuitive course design and helps maximise learner engagement, productivity and knowledge retention by enabling the use of a range of formats including video. D2L’s partnership approach helps ensure implementations support the achievement of learning goals while the Brightspace community provides an engaging forum where educators can interact and exchange ideas. In this challenging year, D2L supported organisations facing new challenges as they rapidly transitioned learning online to maintain continuity of learning.

LGfL – The National Grid for Learning
LGfL is supporting UK Education & schools lead the world in harnessing and benefitting from digital innovation. Over the last year, LGfL has worked with global technology companies , SME’s and charities (e.g. Child Bereavement UK) to deliver a significant and long term impact on schools and the UK Education Systems that has saved money, tackled inequality, energised teachers and safeguarded children.
Over the last 12 months LGfL has boosted education , directly and indirectly, by an estimated £43 M and delivered a number of the largest Educational Technology projects in the world today.
Video link is:
LGfL, along with its partners, is putting UK Education at the forefront of global innovation worldwide and delivering services that are supporting schools, parents and children through this terrible pandemic.

National Education Group
National Education Group (NEG) are one of the fastest growing training providers in the UK. We deliver remote CPD to school leaders, teachers, parents and members of the school community in the UK and overseas, through two core brands; The National College and National Online Safety
The National College provide an information service through the power of video CPD, keeping school leaders and teachers updated on the latest policy, practice, research and statutory training requirements.
National Online Safety support schools to meet their statutory safeguarding requirements in online safety as well as their statutory curriculum requirements. We’re here to help schools keep up, educate and protect.

Market leaders in the manufacture of interactive flat panel displays for K12 markets, Promethean is committed to designing solutions which transform the classroom environment. At a time when schools faced more challenges and pressure than ever before, Promethean remained dedicated to the sector, pioneering initiatives to support learning continuity and forging forward with valuable product development that responded to changing market needs.
From rapidly mobilising investment to allow teachers to use existing technology to support students both in class and remotely, to facilitating a level of normality with its continued marketing investments, Promethean remained fully operational and responsive to its end-users’ evolving requirements. Beyond this, Promethean increased flexibility and choice for schools when making tech upgrades by expanding its demonstration programme, offering three formats – virtual, remote, and onsite – giving schools the confidence to safely conduct evaluations of the ActivPanel Elements Series.
Retaining its global market leader position, Promethean has successfully managed to secure growth against the backdrop of a declining market.

The Skills Network
The Skills Network (TSN) are a leading technology provider of online learning platforms and distance learning solutions, providing services to over 300 education providers.
Throughout the 2019/2020 academic year and the COVID-19 crisis, TSN and their learning technology proved instrumental in supporting colleges deliver online learning to their students and digitally transforming their classroom teaching.
Over 70,000 students benefited from online learning via TSN’s EQUAL learning platform.
Across the same academic year, TSN helped colleges access a range of new online learning technology in areas such as Augmented Reality.
The Skills Network are passionate about helping organisations use online learning technology to achieve their learners’ development goals.
They support colleges to create, deliver, and track online learning using videos, virtual tutorials, and online assessments – among a range of other interactive online activities.