Arduino Education
Useful Tips and Inspiration for Remote Learning – YouTube
With the outbreak of coronavirus across the world and 90% of children learning from home, there was a clear and urgent need to support teachers, parents, and students however we could.
Arduino Education is focused on a collaborative approach to STEAM learning, with students typically working together in teams as they progress through the hands-on projects provided with the Arduino Education products and programs.
Therefore, we very quickly realised that a completely new approach would be required to continue to provide teachers and students with an engaging STEAM learning experience. After consulting with teachers, parents, students, and our educational partners around the world, we defined and delivered a four-pillared rapid response to the Covid-19 outbreak, based upon:
1) Remote learning resources
2) Video tutorials focused on “Ease of use”
3) EDUvision (a series of weekly live online shows)
4) New products designed for individual use

Carolina Biological Supply Co
BETT 2021 Covid-19 Response Award Nomination for Carolina Kits 3D® Flex – YouTube
Carolina Kits 3D® FLEX Program
Carolina developed a flexible learning experience for science students who may be socially distant in the classroom, at home, or in a hybrid environment. Carolina Kits 3D® FLEX is a comprehensive laboratory hands-on kit that contains all the supplies and digital resources for a full year of science investigations for secondary Chemistry or Biology students. Both programs contain 16 investigations that are offered as either hands-on investigations, teacher digital demonstrations, or digital student investigations.
FLEX investigations contain brief, content-rich segments that engage students and support synchronous, asynchronous, and differentiated learning. High-resolution, close-up videos of actual investigations help students’ complete hands-on labs or make direct observations and collect authentic data in the digital labs. Students are encouraged, after collecting data, to collaborate and communicate with their teachers and classmates.
Teacher guides provide guidance to increase engagement, collaboration, and social emotional learning while teaching remotely. Auto-graded assessments save teachers valuable time and give students instantaneous feedback on their progress and sensemaking.
Teachers are elated at the all-inclusive, equitable, and flexible solution for secondary science. With many schools unsure of their back-to-school plans, FLEX provides a fail-safe solution to an ever-changing environment.

ICEP Europe
BETT 2021 Covid-19 Response Award Nomination
During the summer of 2020, as discussions and debates continued about safety and the prospect of returning to school in Ireland, ICEP Europe recognised that teachers were getting nervous and many children were consumed by a sense of anxiety and grief that they did not understand.
We wanted to do something to help educators navigate this challenging time. We are a small team with limited resources, but very quickly we decided to develop a course ‘COVID 19: Caring for yourself and your students as you Transition Back to School’ to meet this need.
This was developed by our lead tutors, who are also clinical psychologists. This new online resource identified some of the challenges for teachers and students and provided strategies to support with the psychological aspects of the return to school.
We made this course free of charge to all students on our Summer CPD terms as a supplementary resource.
All students on our CPD courses had free access to this course in the months coming up to the return to school. The feedback was extremely positive, including this comment from a department review “A contextualised module relating to Covid-19 and its impact on teachers and learners is commended.”

Learnetic SA
E-learning vs Pandemic 2020 (Success story of implementing Learnetic’s e-learning solutions) – YouTube
When the pandemic closed our schools, keeping education accessible & manageable became our number one goal. To fight the disorientation, lack of technological preparation and insufficient funds, we decided our solutions have to be complex, easy to apply and free of charge. As a result of our initiatives:
1. hundreds of teachers received free e-teaching training;
2. educational publishers encouraged by Learnetic shared over170 textbooks free of charge;
3. the teachers created over 1500 interactive lessons in mInstructor, our free authoring tool;
4. 220 000+students took part in International Mathematical Kangaroo hosted online
on our LMS platform;
5. the number of Polish schools registered for free on mCourser tripled. We’ve also organized 4 conferences and 34 webinars for 40 000 attendees — teachers, therapists, school authorities
and those determined to provide the best education regardless of circumstances.
We’re happy to have proved that EdTech companies can unite and help in such difficult times — and ready for the newchallenges!

Light Art Club
DW Africa – Kenya graffiti artists embark on Covid-19 sensitization
Being born and raised in the slum, I really care about people and the environment in which they grow up As for me, a slum is a place where rich minded people live with limited resources and opportunities. I am convinced that the environment in which one is brought up contributes greatly to who they turn out to be, how they see themselves, and how they engage in the world I know that informal settlement residents have the ability to rise above and beyond the current pandemic, but I ask; Why not educate our people on measures against Covid-19?
Social distancing in the informal settlement is not only a dream but the biggest challenge due to the overcrowding population The most important aspect to them is communication, knowledge and awareness of the prevention of Covid-19

[Visang Education] Covid-19 Response: Online Preschool – YouTube
VISANG EDUCATION has been making educational content for the last 20 years for preschoolers to elementary, middle, and high school students, teachers, parents, and foreigners, for a better education. VISANG EDUCATION has been organizing activities on different themes in line with the Nuri Program proposed by the Korean Government and has been providing playful materials and media contents to childhood education institutions. Now we are operating the ‘Online Preschool’, which is the first domestic, systematic, remote classroom for preschoolers who have been forbidden from going to school due to the COVID-19 pandemic.