Acorn Education and Care
Covid-19 Response Award Submission Acorn Education and Care on Vimeo (Password Award$)
The team at Acorn Education and Care (AEC) had the vision to invest in creating Acorn Digital Learning (ADL) – an online school two years ago recognising the growing need to support complex students in alternative ways, to continue their education and remain in contact with school. At the beginning of March 2020 when contingency planning for school closures began ADL was a small team of 5, a headteacher, a school coordinator and 3 subject specialist teachers with 70 students enrolled.
ADL rolled out online live teaching platform to all our 45 specialist schools. Over 750 teaching and support staff were trained in the use of the online classroom and the blended Learning Management System. All 1800 students and 750 teaching and support were enrolled onto the ADL platform (100+ training sessions run in 3 weeks by the ADL Headteacher in the Easter break including weekends). This demonstrated the scalability of the platform and involved herculean efforts by the teaching team and IT manager. The enrolment was achieved in 3 days. Some schools were operational and teaching online within the first week of School closures. All schools were operational immediately from the start of the Summer term.

BBC Children’s & Education
Bitesize Daily: A brand new learning program for every stage of your education – BBC – YouTube
BBC Bitesize Daily is the BBC’s biggest ever education intervention. Launched in April 2020, with just five weeks of planning and delivery, it sought to make sure that children across the UK had the support they needed to keep learning during lockdown.
Across 14 weeks, Bitesize Daily delivered content across multiple platforms to aid accessibility of educational programmes and lessons: 297 lessons on TV and Red Button; 2000 online lessons; and extra support to help children, parents and teachers. We ensured that every child in the UK had access to content that was relevant to their nation’s curriculum.
BBC Education’s vision has always been to transform lives through education. By responding quickly to a nationwide crisis, we have shown that we can adapt our content and resources to support children, and their parents and teachers, whatever and wherever, they are learning.

BETT Awards COVID 19 Response – YouTube
Pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL) have been at a greater disadvantage during the pandemic. School closures have resulted in fewer opportunities to engage with the English language both academically and socially, given that almost all remote learning being sent to pupils is in English. For learners with very low English proficiency, that is a huge challenge. As not all pupils have access to laptops and computers at home, the flexibility to work on different devices has also been critical. FlashAcademy® is the only digital English language platform teaching English from 45 different home language, across all devices. In response to COVID-19, FlashAcademy® uplifted their schools, giving free access to 30,000 additional pupils across the UK, China, and Italy. As a result of the platform’s independent learning style, pupils have continued to advance their English language skills during an incredibly challenging time for education. Alongside the platform, FlashAcademy® created a wealth of EAL home learning resources to support pupils, teachers, and families, ranging from Maths & Literacy, to staying safe online. FlashAcademy® also hosted a series of free webinars to supplement two major paid-for events, giving thousands of educators the CPD they needed during this time.

LGfL – The National Grid for Learning
LGfL Covid response summary (2 mins version) – LGfL TV – Powered by Planet eStream
When the challenges of the Covid crisis arose, LGfL was uniquely positioned to meet them. As a national provider of not only broadband and the services necessary to keep a school and its learners secure online, but also of award-winning curriculum resources, high quality training, and with a track record of procurement at competitive prices, it was ready to take a lead on ensuring teaching and learning could continue.
Already engaged in upgrading bandwidth in its community of schools it accelerated the programme. CPD moved online, and it took on organisation of the DfE’s national EdTech Demonstrator initiative. It lead on working to ensure that every learner could have a device at home, whether through the vulnerable pupils scheme, or by its Bridging the Divide procurement programme. And it opened up its curriculum resources so that wherever learners are they can access quality materials.
As the National Grid for Learning, LGfL has a track record of supporting and nurturing schools as they embrace the opportunities that technology for teaching and learning provides. Their experience, resources and expertise has been integral to the Covid response not only of the LGfL community of schools, but to myriad others across the nation, too.

Mangahigh – Our Covid-19 Response – BETT 2021 – YouTube
Mangahigh is one of the most engaging learning platforms for KS1-KS4 maths, helping students to learn more effectively using an active game-based pedagogical approach. Through 2020 Mangahigh made the decision to give free access to all schools impacted by Covid-19, not knowing the duration or scale of it’s impact. Their story shows not only how they had to technically evolve to meet the unprecedented demand, but also how the business had to transition to solely focusing on supporting teachers and students.
Feedback has shown that teachers globally have truly benefited from using Mangahigh during these challenging times, and continue to appreciate that support. Played maths activities increased by over 5000% in some regions of the UK, and others saw an increase of over 400% in maths topics mastered compared to the previous period. These statistics are also higher for disadvantaged regions within the UK.
Mangahigh continues to support it’s teachers with a range of distance learning resources to accommodate varying teacher needs around the world, ensuring the impact of the pandemic is minimised as much as possible on both student education and welfare.

Oxford University Press
OUP – Our COVID response – YouTube
“As a group, OUP is showing wonderful caring human skills Thank you ”.
At Oxford University Press we quickly realized the need to provide, high-quality, accessible education and services to support our customers across the world. This included free access to our education platforms, supporting professional development for teachers and sharing guidance on home learning.
Over 16 million visitors accessed our centralized learning hubs Oxford Owl, Supporting Learning Anywhere and Learn at Home offering articles, videos, tips and guidance for distance learning and home schooling. Both teachers and students benefitted from free access to our digital learning platforms Kerboodle and MyMaths, as well as our digital textbooks, e-readers and premium dictionary sites.
Conferences were moved online and a programme of digital events, including a wellbeing month gave teachers access to free professional development, and opportunities to connect with each other. To help young people make sense of the situation we published free e-picture books Winne and Wilbur Stay at Home, and Everybody Worries.
At OUP, we are fortunate to have a clear mission and regardless of circumstances our focus on this remains so we can help to transform people’s lives for the better.

Tute Education | Our COVID-19 Response – YouTube
During Covid-19 there was obvious concern that the learning development gap between students would increase. Tute recognised that it had the infrastructure and experience to ensure education equity was achieved.
All Tute provision continued without interruption throughout. Lessons continued as normal; extremely important for students, and particularly for those more vulnerable young people. We also continued to provide additional support within our usual services.
We set to work before school closure to make available new products that would continue learning, help with home-schooling and support wellbeing. We created the Virtual Home School and the Virtual Summer School to provide affordable high-quality, live online-lessons covering the National Curriculum for students in KS1-KS4.
Additionally, we set up Tute Extra lessons to help provide engaging and well-rounded programmes to KS1-KS4 pupils whose parents couldn’t afford to pay. This offered vulnerable students interesting, fun learning from experienced teachers in subjects such as Mental Health and Wellbeing, Greek Mythology and E-Safety.
Tute went further than offering lessons from our teachers. We recognised it was important for children to continue being taught by their own teachers so we made available our teaching and learning platform to schools together with teacher and admin training as well as learning resources to get teachers started. We did this all for free.
Tute is passionate about helping all children to thrive and its commitment to this has never been more apparent than during Covid-19.

White Rose Maths
WRM – COVID Response – Cut 3 on Vimeo (Password: wrm)
White Rose Maths works hard to transform the teaching of maths in our schools, from Early Years to GCSE. By providing excellent CPD, mastery-based schemes of learning and high quality teaching resources, we aim to develop a whole new culture of deep understanding, confidence and progress in maths.
Responding immediately to the March announcement of imminent school closures, we produced daily Home Learning videos (640 over the closure period) and worksheets to motivate and sustain learning, and to ease the workload and stress for teachers, parents and carers. The lessons align directly with both the National Curriculum and our free, small step Schemes of Learning and interactive tools, which were already widely used in schools across England and by many international schools.
To help prepare pupils for the new school year, we produced a 12-week summer term curriculum aimed at consolidating key knowledge and filling crucial learning gaps. We further maximised the fun in learning with free Parent Workbooks, special events and challenges.
Take-up has been astonishing, with massive increases in our website visits (3.85m/week) and 26 million downloads since 20 March. Most of all, we’re delighted that our user community keeps reporting the wide-ranging benefits they have enjoyed.