PASCO Scientific – //code.Node Solution Set
PASCO Scientific’s //code.Node Solution Set provides everything educators need to teach key coding concepts and bring students’ code beyond the screen to the real world. It is ready to use out of the box with a low-cost durable design complete with hands-on activities and real-world sensors to support science phenomena-based STEM coding learning. With PASCO’s //code.Node Solution Set students can learn to code while coding to learn.

Pro camera Designed specifically for use in education, the HUE HD Pro is a versatile, plug and play multipurpose classroom camera or visualiser which is both durable and portable. This affordable teaching resource can be used across the curriculum offering exceptional value for money. The flexible and strong USB camera captures both high quality images and video which can be shared via a projector, interactive whiteboard or TV screen and comes with its own easy-to-use software requiring no training. It has become a must-have product for teachers who use it in many innovative ways every day to support the learning and development of their students in class or teaching remotely.

IPEVO – DO-CAM USB Document Camera
The DO-CAM is IPEVO’s latest addition to its renowned visualiser lineup. Sporting a sleek and simple design, DO-CAM’s prowess lies in its versatility and portability. With 4 interconnected sections that are all adjustable, DO-CAM is capable of a wide array of different angles. With a rotatable camera head, teachers can constantly and seamlessly switch between a webcam mode for online “face to face” meetings and a document sharing mode for showing documents, worksheets, project prototypes, etc. And with just a click of the Flip button placed next to the camera rotation handle, teachers can instantly flip the image right-side-up when switching between the two modes.
Despite its compact design, DO-CAM’s 8MP Sony CMOS image sensor delivers exceptional image quality, fast focus, and excellent colour reproduction, minimising disruptions in teaching. And at just 335g and having the footprint of a small handheld pencil case with a USB cable that can be stored up beneath the body, DO-CAM is convenient to use, store and carry around, perfect for teachers who are constantly moving from classroom to classroom.

Gratnells – Learnometer
The Gratnells Learnometer is a digital device developed to measure and monitor classroom environments, allowing the optimal conditions to be maintained for improved learning and achievement.
Developed in partnership with Professor Stephen Heppell, a leading expert in the science of improving educational outcomes, the Learnometer records environmental data, stores this data in the cloud, and produces dashboard reports. These allow the user to get instant readings, as well as monitor trends and compare locations with differing environmental factors. The Learnometer constantly samples temperature, humidity, CO2, chemicals (TVOCs), fine dust (PM2.5), light and noise levels. Professor Heppell has undertaken many studies that highlight how taking steps to optimise these factors, by making marginal gains, can have a dramatic effect on academic performance.
As a constant monitor, visible within the classroom, the Learnometer engages students in discussion about environmental factors, and can even be used to launch a variety of classroom based STEAM projects. Using the digital data to plot, map, interpret and compare helps students build their digital skills and science capital. As students begin to understand how the environment can impact their own learning, they become more invested and take more responsibility for making learner-led improvements to their classroom.

Newline Interactive – MIRA
Newline sets a new standard for interactive displays for the education environment. MIRA is designed for education workspaces. With Certified Optical Bonding technology, Newline sets the new standard for interactive displays. Being Newline’s most versatile interactive display, Mira has it all!
The combination of optical bonding and advanced IR touch results in exceptional touch accuracy and a smooth writing experience with recognition of pen, finger and palm. Other optical bonding benefits are clear images, vibrant colours and a true 178° viewing angle.
The built-in camera and microphone facilitate easy collaboration and remote and blended learning. Unique fast keys make navigation between your favorite apps, interactive whiteboard, computer and any other source super easy. The integrated interactive ecosystem tools enable secure wireless presentation and collaboration. The flexibility of MIRA makes this interactive display the ultimate solution for your classroom!

Prowise – Prowise Touchscreen Ten
With the Prowise Touchscreen Ten you can enjoy guaranteed visual quality, Dolby Audio rewarded sound and our best writing experience yet. It is the only touchscreen in the world that makes learning through movement (with Intel® RealSense™ technology) easily accessible in the classroom and also enables remote learning.
In addition, with the Prowise Touchscreen Ten you capitalise on the unique education benefits of our operating system Prowise Central. Packed with useful functionalities that are suitable and free for all screens (no PC module needed) and are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of teachers and pupils every day.
The hardware, software and firmware of the touchscreen are developed entirely under Prowise management. This way we are able to promise and meet the highest privacy and security standards. To show that we are on top of things, we regularly allow external independents audits. This is unique in the branch. Recently, Prowise once again obtained the Privacy Verified certification and was rewarded with the ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications.