3P Learning – Mathseeds
Mathseeds is an interactive web-based program , designed specifically to engage young learners and to help them develop a love of maths. Designed for pupils from the age of 3, Mathseeds incorporates an impressive range of highly structured, effective, research-based activities. The program has been built on best practices in pedagogical research into early learning, alongside core curriculum initiatives, creating a program that is both educationally sound and highly motivating.
The instructional elements and interactive activities are set in contexts that are meaningful and relevant.
With more than 2,500 short, interactive Maths activities, lessons led by child friendly characters, and with their learning revisited and built upon in a systematic and structured way, pupils progress at their own pace through the core lessons area, while also exploring maths independently through the Mathseeds arcade and in the Maths themed playroom. The Mental Minute area supports pupils in mental maths skills with short one-minute challenges, building fluency with a structured, step by step effective learning approach.
Designed with the focus placed on how young children learn best – though play and exploration, Mathseeds maximises pupil learning and equips pupils with the strongest foundation possible to achieve lifelong mathematical success.

Auris Tech Limited – Fonetti
Auris Tech has created the world’s first speech recognition engine built specifically for children’s read speech. It empowers Fonetti ®, our Listening bookshop ™ app that provides a highly interactive and encouraging reading environment for kids through our voice-enabled Listening Books. It’s like reverse karaoke. As a child correctly reads our stories aloud, the words turn green. Kids are so engaged, they actually want to read during tablet time. They feel brave and comfortable reading, love earning rewards, delight in visual and voice engagement, and parents and carers benefit from the support of progress tracking.Fonetti is the technology behind interactive reading. Approved by the Department for Education’s Hungry Little Minds campaign as a platform for children to practise their reading. Auris aims to advance literacy globally, starting in the UK.

In the current climate, following home schooling and the future likelihood of more remote learning, schools face considerable challenges on the best way to get pupils back up to and keep them up to speed. Assessing where every pupil is with progress after time out needs to happen quickly so that they don’t fall further behind.
“Kaligo is a powerful tool in the classroom, helping our teachers deliver individualised learning and feedback for every pupil and building a firm literacy foundation for their onward education.” Matthew Tragheim, Wayfield Primary
Using Kaligo to help with handwriting, pupils can work at the pace which is right for them and move up to the next level when they achieve their goals. Their teachers can easily see what level they are working at, whether they need any extra support and all at a glance, without adding to the workload.
Kaligo has put the power of providing instant feedback and monitoring back into the hands of the teacher. The teacher can see the joy of the pupils engaging with writing and enjoying learning to perfect their work.

Prosper Education – RoyalABC
Prosper Education is a British education company that gives early-learners, a head start in English for a head start in life. Our flagship product, RoyalABC, delivers an entire learning ecosystem teaching English, 21st Century skills and STEAM. All teachers (regardless of their experience and language skills) are empowered and supported through our leading-edge technology that enhances the learning and teaching experience in the classroom and at home. Over 2,000 classroom lessons, with bilingual support materials, can be accessed at the touch of a button. Lessons can be taught on or offline with activity books, storybooks, flashcards and more. The adaptable platform allows teachers to deliver the highest quality lesson every time, whether they’re experienced or it’s their first day on the job. Learning in the classroom is seamlessly connected to learning at home via the 3D immersive world app where individual progress can be tracked by our new, proprietary, A.I-enabled “Learning Journey” feature. Reliable, secure and scalable, RoyalABC is on a mission to support teachers and inspire early-learning all around the world.

The Literacy Company – Pathways Literacy
Pathways Literacy offers schools a solution to the development of a coherently planned and well sequenced English curriculum. Pathways to Write is a unique, award-winning programme built around units of work that follow a mastery approach to the teaching of writing. It uses clear detailed lesson plans and resources linked to high-quality texts to ensure engaging and purposeful English lessons. This programme has been incredibly successful for The Literacy Company; they have been thrilled with the writing outcomes children produce as a result of quality teaching resources leading to the effective teaching of key skills. Feedback from schools confirms the impact Pathways to Write has on children’s attitudes towards writing and raising standards in English: a positive impact on standards has been reported across a good number of Pathways’ schools. Following the success of Pathways to Write, Pathways to Read has been developed to complement the Pathways Literacy programme. Pathways to Read’s innovative design equips pupils with key skills to move them through the reading process towards becoming competent and fluent readers.
The Literacy Company have kept their company values at the heart of product development: inspire, support and develop.

Yellow Door – Early Number and Pre-coding App Collection
Our Early Number and Pre-coding apps form a comprehensive collection enabling young children to explore and embed a range of maths skills including: counting, matching, ordering, number patterns and bonds, sorting, comparing, measuring, logical thinking and problem solving. The attractive graphics, instant feedback, appealing sound effects and entertaining rewards keep children playfully engaged as they progress through a variety of maths activities.
The Early Number and Pre-coding App Collection includes five apps, available for tablets/PCs and digital tables:
• Bugs and Bees Early Number: Count, Match and Order
• Bugs and Bees Early Number: Number Patterns and Bonds
• Dinosaur Bones: Match and Measure
• Sorting Stones
• Pre-coding Penguins
Yellow Door’s innovative approach to technology successfully blends physical and digital learning experiences, where classroom and outdoor activities are further enhanced by our apps.
The games have been structured to develop skills alongside the EYFS curriculum. They use a variety of visual representations, animations and simple interactions which put the child at the centre of their own learning. This collection celebrates and extends the best features of Yellow Door’s physical resources, as it encourages children to explore, investigate and deepen their understanding of maths in a very hands-on way.