Arc Education – Arc Maths App
Arc Maths is an app that helps pupils remember all of the crucial skills they need to succeed at secondary maths. Created by maths teachers and designed using evidence-based research into how memory works, Arc Maths uses retrieval practice to enable pupils to retain what they have previously been taught. This means less recapping in lessons and more time for problem solving and new teaching.
A 10-minute activity consisting of 12 questions, Arc Maths is a perfect lesson starter or intervention task. The questions are chosen by the algorithm according to what each pupil needs. Pupils can practise any topics they get wrong and regular checks take place at increasing intervals to make sure this knowledge remains secure. Covering the whole of the KS3 and KS4 curriculums, the questions get progressively harder as pupils demonstrate their competence of the easier skills.
We’ve used brilliant handwriting recognition technology which means pupils write their answers on the screen – it understands fractions, indices, algebra and even dodgy handwriting. Annotate the diagrams as if they were worksheets and use the pull-down screen for working out. A simple dashboard displays attainment and effort so you and your pupils can track their progress.

Edoki Academy – Montessori Preschool
Montessori Preschool is a subscription based app offering tons of educational content covering colours, shapes, phonics, reading, counting, addition, subtraction, music and much more! Designed by certified Montessori teachers with years of classroom experience, it offers a fun child-centered experience. In this app, children can enjoy the same daily activities as in a regular preschool, they can play the mini-games, they can interact with cute characters and they can customize their school using points earned while playing. The subscription price includes full access to the content in 7 languages, 6 updates per year and access to 2 reading apps; one in English and one in French and a dashboard to track progress. Once downloaded, it functions perfectly offline so it’s also ideal for traveling.

ExploreLearning – ExploreLearning Reflex
Math fact fluency is the quick and effortless (automatic) recall of basic math facts. When students achieve automaticity with these facts, they have attained a level of mastery that enables them to retrieve them from long-term memory without conscious effort or attention.
Extensive research has demonstrated the critical role of fact fluency in elementary school level mathematics and beyond. The significance of fact retrieval speed is not limited simply to computation — it can enhance performance on math concept problems, word problems, data interpretation problems, and mathematical reasoning items as well.
Reflex helps students of all ability levels develop fluency with their basic math. It combines research-proven methods and innovative technology to provide the most effective math fact fluency solution available.
Reflex offers:
• Adaptivity and individualization. Continuous monitoring of each child’s performance creates the optimal experience for every child.
• Intuitive and powerful reporting. Educators can easily monitor and support student progress in Reflex.
• Anytime, anywhere access. Students build fluency with Reflex anywhere there is an Internet connection.
• Fun! Reflex is game-based and highly motivational so students enjoy the learning process.
• Outstanding results. Students of all ages and ability levels make great gains with Reflex.

SumW0rdZ is a word/number game where players will definitely get better at arithmetic but also improve their spelling and general knowledge at the same time. How many games can say that!
Ages are from 9 or 10 years old and upwards. Words are chosen from Themes across a broad spectrum of subjects selected by the player from the school curriculum to current affairs, famous football teams to famous people and even celebrities of the moment. Each letter of the theme word presented has a number attached to it. Players use the randomly selected Dice Combinations to calculate these numbers. A Score and Reward are given at the end of each word and game along with the general knowledge challenge.
There are Stats for players to analyse their Scores and rewards in the form of Lollipops, Medals, Shields and Trophies. It is also challenging as there are many Levels and ways to be a Winner in SumW0rdZ. It is a useful educational and recreational tool for pupils, family, friends and teachers whose versatility and scalability make it adaptable to appeal to a wide audience and cultures.

In the current climate, following home schooling and the future likelihood of more remote learning, schools face considerable challenges on the best way to get pupils back up to and keep them up to speed. Assessing where every pupil is with progress after time out needs to happen quickly so that they don’t fall further behind.
“Kaligo is a powerful tool in the classroom, helping our teachers deliver individualised learning and feedback for every pupil and building a firm literacy foundation for their onward education.” Matthew Tragheim, Wayfield Primary
Using Kaligo to help with handwriting, pupils can work at the pace which is right for them and move up to the next level when they achieve their goals. Their teachers can easily see what level they are working at, whether they need any extra support and all at a glance, without adding to the workload.
Kaligo has put the power of providing instant feedback and monitoring back into the hands of the teacher. The teacher can see the joy of the pupils engaging with writing and enjoying learning to perfect their work.

Pearson Education – School Jam
Jam-packed with fun to support parental engagement!
School Jam is Pearson’s brand-new app featuring fun maths activities that teachers can send to parents to do with their Reception and Key Stage 1 children at home. The aim is to help and support teachers in boosting parental engagement with children’s learning.
School Jam reinforces what children have been learning, and what teachers are teaching, in the classroom, and encourages parental engagement, by providing easy-to-use activities for parent and child to complete together at home. Teachers send the activities directly to parents, who receive the fun activities and ‘maths help’ videos (that explain and help parents understand what their child is learning) on the free School Jam app that they have downloaded on their smartphone or tablet.
Activities and videos are automatically sent out once a week to parents’ phones, and perfectly match Pearson’s popular Power Maths lessons, and also the White Rose Maths schemes of learning. However, when activities and videos are sent out can also be manually set according to the teacher’s teaching and lesson plans.
We’ve tested School Jam with hundreds of parents, teachers and pupils and are confident it’s super easy to administer and most importantly – fun!

Squirrel Learning – GoRead
GoRead provides a digital reading record for all students. Using GoRead removes the need for paper copies of reading records that can be lost or damaged. Students will build up a full digital reading record throughout their entire journey in school. The reading platform supports parental engagement with reading as parents are able to see real-time updates, book reviews created by their child and their overall reading progress. Access is via a simple login and provides children with a range of digital rewards and challenges for reading a range of books.
Schools have access to individual student data. Additional support to track group, class and whole school data, progress and trends is coming soon.

Texthelp – WriQ
Assessing student writing can be a very time consuming and tedious process. Reading through and evaluating dozens of multi-page documents and providing meaningful feedback during your “free” time is no one’s idea of fun.
At Texthelp, we’ve come up with a solution that can help – WriQ.
WriQ is a Chrome extension for Google Docs or Add-In for Microsoft Word that automatically marks papers digitally. WriQ delivers on speed – with a particular focus on reducing time taken to collect, mark and review work plus deliver full and detailed feedback directly to students. It’s an essential workflow for digital or online learning.
It’s faster, more accurate and consistent than traditional manual and subjective marking – giving students effective feedback and providing motivation while giving teachers clear visibility of writing progress over time against peers and standardised norms.