Aerian for BBC Bitesize – Dash And Blink: Forgotten French, Missing Mandarin & Vanished Spanish
THE MULTILINGUAL MISADVENTURES OF DASH AND BLINK is an interdimensional calamity-filled game full of jokes and touching moments to melt the heart In it our hero, a clumsy monster called DASH, must traverse the universe to save his best friend and language-bot BLINK from the scrap heap – by relearning the languages she’s forgotten in her latest in a series of accidents Under the covers, our game uses state-of-the-art intelligence and spaced-repetition algorithms to represent lessons and questions to children. By revisiting this information at specifically, personalised and scientifically-evidenced intervals, our game helps the brain’s ability to shift short-term learning to long-term memory and reduce cognitive load. What’s more, it’s personalised and tailored on-the-fly based on user ability Questions are presented via tailored interactions including: matching the sound, object identification, dress-ups and other fun mini-games – helping kids learn through gameplay! Our game sports a full voice-cast of language talent, headed up by comedian CATHERINE TATE who delivers a stunning performance. Pedagogical rigour is delivered via education experts and BBC Bitesize to ensure all lessons align with KS2 curriculum. But for kids, this is simply a thrilling, hilarious adventure to help a loveable monster save his best friend.

Arduino Education – Arduino Science Journal App
The Arduino Science Journal app transforms smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks into pocket-size science tools that encourage students to explore their world. As they conduct experiments, they’ll record observations and make new, exciting discoveries. Through documentation and reflections, students can conduct experiments just like a real scientist.
The Arduino Science Journal app can be used on its own, or explored together with external sensors that are compatible with microcontrollers that connect using Bluetooth. By using external sensors, students can extend their experimentation and learning. For a more in-depth experience of the world of science, different topic-related lessons are based on the use of the Arduino Science Journal app, which is available for students and teachers alike.
The app is classroom-friendly, since it has been designed to teach the scientific method, problem-solving, and applying mathematical skills through real-life examples, and it can be applied in different educational backgrounds. Students can sign in and access their experiments on any device to continue their learning and exploring the world, wherever they are.

BBC Children’s and Education – BBC Bitesize Daily
BBC Bitesize Daily is the BBC’s biggest ever education intervention. Launched in April 2020, with just five weeks of planning and delivery, it sought to make sure that children across the UK had the support they needed to keep learning during lockdown.
Across 14 weeks, Bitesize Daily delivered content across multiple platforms to aid accessibility of educational programmes and lessons: 297 lessons on TV and Red Button; 2000 online lessons; and extra support to help children, parents and teachers. We ensured that every child in the UK had access to content that was relevant to their nation’s curriculum.
BBC Education’s vision has always been to transform lives through education. By responding quickly to a nationwide crisis, we have shown that we can adapt our content and resources to support children, and their parents and teachers, whatever and wherever, they are learning.

BBC Children’s and Education – BBC Teach
Launched in August 2018, BBC Teach is a dedicated website for teachers, offering free classroom resources to primary and secondary schools throughout the UK.
BBC Teach supports teachers with world-class, curriculum-linked programming for classroom use. The website features thousands of high quality, educational short films to help teachers deliver lessons – all arranged by subject and age group; Schools Radio; Live Lessons; assembly resources; and education campaigns including Bring the Noise and Super Movers.

Discovery Education – Active Kids Do Better
Active Kids Do Better is the result of a partnership between Discovery Education and Nike. Today’s children are part of the least active generation in history. The Sports England Active Children Survey published in December 2019 found that 53.2% of children are not getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical exercise each day. Active Kids Do Better is about making little changes to help children work towards reaching this goal and demonstrating that all children are able to lead active lives. The resources available within Active Kids Do Better are freely available to all primary schools. They are simple to implement and require no special equipment so are perfect whatever space is available, whether in a classroom environment or at home. By incorporating more active movement throughout the day, teachers and parents will also start to see wider benefits including higher engagement in learning and children staying on task for longer.

Earth Cubs
Earth Cubs is a platform for kids, parents and teachers to Learn the World.
Inspiring children to develop genuine understanding and excitement about sustainability and the environment.
A vibrant and creative Game to explore & Learn the World.
Underpinned with phonics, literacy, numeracy and creativity puzzles.
Create your own Earth Cub, explore real world environments and meet fascinating characters.
Simple to use home learning packs covering a wide-range of environments.
Full of fun activities and hints on making life more sustainable.
Free lesson plans & resources for teachers.
Creative & extensive materials all focused on the environment & sustainability.
Fully aligned to EYFS outcomes & National Curriculum (ages 3-7).
Our complete lesson plans include: guided teaching steps, activities & outdoor learning ideas.
Let Antonio the Anteater show you through the Rainforest, Nigel the Nervous Narwhal help you discover the Arctic and Frankie the Fox teach children all about the City.
More environments coming soon!
All Earth Cubs materials are FREE and all curriculum-aligned. Supporting the promotion, understanding and achievement of the UN’s Global Goals.

Learning by Questions
If lockdown has brought anything into sharp relief in education, it has been the undeniable importance of the core subjects. The need for high-quality, online maths and English resources, perfectly targeted and pitched for particular year groups has never been so evident. LbQ’s comprehensive and totally free library of Question Sets aligns to National Curriculum objectives with additional Topic Reviews, Practise and Mastery and learning scheme favourites.
With 80,000 questions, over 2,500 curriculum-aligned Question Sets that can be converted to worksheets in moments and front-of-class teaching available, LbQ offers teachers an easy, flexible, and reassuringly comprehensive free resource that is impossible to match.

Prowise – Prowise Presenter
Prowise Presenter is a unique free software package for teachers and pupils to create interactive lessons and presentations. With the media library you have everything in store to teach your pupils anything they want to know. The Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) software Prowise Presenter is packed with educational content, including 3D models and videos. Easily make your file interactive by adding a quiz, building blocks or let pupils take each other on in a virtual maths race.

VEX Robotics – VEXcode
VR VEXcode VR is a free coding environment that supports both block-based and text-based coding to control a virtual robot in different virtual environments. VEXcode VR is widely accessible as a web-based application that does not require any software or plug-in installations. It can be accessed from almost any desktop, laptop or tablet device to maximise compatibility both in school and at home.
Students aged 7 to 16 can learn independently or as part of classroom Computer Science lessons using integrated short activities or a complete modular curriculum which are mapped to the English National Curriculum, Scottish Benchmarks and US standards.
Free educator certification gives teachers the skills they need to be able to deliver a high-quality Computer Science education, even with minimal prior experience in the subject.