FileWave Europe – FileWave for Education
FileWave for Education helps school districts, classrooms, and universities achieve world-class results by enabling a digital future for the next generation of society. With multi-platform capability and a broad spectrum of features such as the unique FileSet Technology, Self-Service Kiosk and Application Self-Healing, devices in the school’s network are kept up-to-date and productive, creating an ideal learning environment for both students and teachers.
Schools and education institutions have similar challenges to large enterprise organizations, but with fewer resources and smaller budgets. That is why FileWave provides these solutions at a fair price. We believe in education for all and empower IT with the right solutions to enable students and teachers to do the same.
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IMP Software – IMP Planner
IMP Planner, the flagship product of IMP Software, is a budgeting, forecasting and reporting solution which is already used by 53 MATs across 558 schools just 21 months after it launched to market.
It is specifically designed for MATs – it is not a school system with MAT functionality added on top – and the automated combination of finance, forecast and payroll data ensures that Trusts are always able to accurately and efficiently predict their year-end outturn. It sits between a MAT’s core business systems, extracting and combining disparate operating data, giving the Trust (and its leaders) the whole picture across their schools.
In summary, IMP Planner is a unique leadership and management solution because of its:
MAT-first functionality
IMP’s system is focused on facilitating a ‘top down’ approach to financial management, not a ‘bottom up’ aggregation of disparate systems.
MAT forecasting
Forecasting is an iterative process that drives the financial management of a Trust, and IMP facilitates this by providing a combined forecasting and budgeting approach across all schools.
MAT reporting
IMP is the central system that combines the data from a MAT’s core systems, and the richness and accessibility of this data transforms analysis and empowers informed decision-

NetSupport – NetSupport DNA
Edtech has been brought sharply into focus by the pandemic as the primary method to ensure learning continues, and with schools trialling and installing new tools to help, it is more vital than ever that they have an overarching solution to manage all their technology, whether students and devices are on or off the school premises.
NetSupport DNA helps schools manage all school IT hardware and software and ensure its safe use. Two modules achieve this: an IT management module for IT teams to maintain the network/devices and gain data insights (e.g. to help keep an eye on costs), and a Safeguarding Suite to keep Designated Safeguarding Leads informed of any high-risk online activities and allow them to define age-appropriate internet access, so different classes can develop digital citizenship skills within safe boundaries.
During lockdown, we adapted NetSupport DNA to work not just within the boundaries of the school, but securely outside the building too, extending its capabilities to support those using school devices at home. IT teams can now give technical support, apply updates, install and configure solutions and roll them out, all remotely, to minimise further learning disruption on top of an already uncertain situation.

Scomis – Managed Reporting Service
Scomis Managed Reporting Service is a web-based annual subscription service specifically designed to provide Multi Academy Trusts and school leaders with easy access to key data in order to inform decision-making and drive improved outcomes. It provides access to data from each schools’ Management Information System, automatically consolidated into central dashboards showing ‘at a glance’ performance and monitoring across a trust. It can be accessed anywhere and on any device with internet access.
The service can be used by Trust CEOs, Head Teachers, central staff including specialist leaders, HR as well as SENCOs enabling them to keep track of key data including attendance, behaviour and assessment. This can be reported at trust level and includes the ability to quickly drill down into the detail at individual school level, anywhere on any device with internet access.
A Scomis School Improvement Partner works with the trust to ensure that the service is embedded effectively, and our award-winning Service Desk provides day to day support.
Leaders have information at their fingertips about their schools without putting demands on the schools. Interventions can be swiftly delivered, and best practice shared to improve pupil outcomes whilst saving time and money on efficient data collection

SCR Tracker
SCR Tracker is designed for school staff, by school staff. Our software makes it easy for institutions to maintain their single central record, and keep on top of their statutory compliance around safer recruitment practices.
We provide a powerful tool for schools, Trusts and other organisations to control their SCR data and maintain a central overview of pre-employment checks. We ensure it is customisable enough to track staff training dates, HR processes, and any other custom check that used to be recorded on a sprawling Excel document!
Easy reporting and exports ensure that every institutional leader has a full overview within seconds, saving valuable time ahead of meetings and inspections – ultimately giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

STEER Education – AS Tracking Detect
OFSTED now requires schools to evidence their impact on pupils’ personal development. Schools typically rely on case studies to present such evidence, but this can be time consuming and subjective.
Anticipating this need back in 2011, STEER developed and launched AS Tracking to provide objective, reliable, efficient social-emotional pupil tracking data. STEER founders Dr Simon Walker and Dr Jo Walker’s goal was to transform the measurement of educational quality from narrow academic attainment to whole-student development.
Using pioneering science, STEER developed a highly accurate way of measuring a student’s social, emotional and mental health risks. This has helped schools using AS Tracking reduce self-harm by 20%. 8/10 students supported by AST reduce their mental health risks compared to 5/10 students who are not supported.
Now over 70,000 students are being safeguarded by AS Tracking, including across 95% of AET primary and secondary academies.
With over 8,000 targeted action plans, AS Tracking provides specific, precise support for every student. During lockdown AS Tracking recently provided unique guidance to teachers supporting more than 8,000 vulnerable students at home.
AS Tracking guarantees a school can fulfil OFSTED’s new requirements whilst putting students’ whole development at the centre of their educational impact.

Tes Global – Staff Pulse
Staff wellbeing in schools is a top priority. If schools have happy teachers who are delivering great lessons to the best of their ability, they’re more likely to have happy pupils with better outcomes. With Ofsted’s increased emphasis on teacher wellbeing and its impact on pupil wellbeing, Staff Pulse helps schools understand how their staff are feeling and develop action plans around any issues and pressures staff are facing. With questions developed specially for schools, the short, anonymous surveys capture staff feedback across 21 different categories. In anonymous scoring and commenting on given statements, staff can be totally honest about how they feel and how their school can support their wellbeing, without fear of judgement or repercussions. Giving schools access to the information to be able to act on the feedback they receive from Staff Pulse is an essential part of the engagement process. The results from the surveys help schools to identify actionable insights in both strength and problem areas from which they can create an action plan for improvement. Schools can share the steps they’ve taken with staff to help them to understand why they’ve taken a particular action and encourage staff participation in future surveys.

The Publishing Foundry Limited – Educater – Assessment
Educater is an educational software solution for schools and early years settings providing bespoke tools for assessment and tracking, communication, analytics, SEND process management and SEF. Our modular based platform has been exclusively designed to dramatically reduce data management burden and teacher workload. We provide a tool to meet your every need, whether this is through our standard templates or via our bespoke service.
At Educater, we understand how valuable teacher time is, that is why our system allows teachers and leaders to spend more time effectively in classrooms and help to make lesson planning more manageable.
Our system is reliable and flexible in both content and use, allowing users to make it as simple, or as complex as they need. Educater Assessment allows schools to easily setup and manage their pupil and school data effortlessly.
Educater Assessment can be used to track data effortlessly, giving clear accessible insights into pupil attainment and progress. This enables school leaders to understand the needs of their school and identify any Gaps In Learning. We understand the range of assessment requirements from tracking objectives in the curriculum to the growing emphasis on teacher judgement.