Across Cultures – The Islands
The Islands is an English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme for new arrivals in English-medium secondary schools. It teaches functional ‘survival’ English, phonics and curriculum language for learners aged 11-18 years. The Islands adopts a blended learning approach, in which the online programme builds upon small-group, teacher-led intervention activities, with offline resources and tools to support differentiation across the curriculum.
The Islands achieves the difficult balancing act of providing learning opportunities for students who may be new-to-English, but have an advanced level of maturity. Through its busy, engaging, online programme, and its wealth of differentiated offline resources, it sets an individual, bespoke learning pathway for each student. Underpinned by continual tracking and assessment, it allows teachers to keep their learners on track and easily plot their next steps.
The Islands lays firm foundations of learning and introduces learners to independent language learning strategies. It promotes inclusivity, in its approach, methodology and through its success. It supports learners, at a critical stage of their education, in grasping both the survival language needed to access conversation and learning, and the technical and academic language required to approach more cognitively challenging curriculum topics.

Bedrock Learning – Bedrock Vocabulary
Used by hundreds of schools all over the UK and abroad, Bedrock Vocabulary is an online curriculum that teaches students the academic language they need to succeed in school and beyond.
A wide vocabulary has been shown to be essential both to strong academic performance right across the curriculum and to success beyond formal education. Bedrock Vocabulary’s 9 year curriculum immerses students in aspirational, academic ‘Tier 2’ vocabulary in a way that’s accessible and ensures reliable, statistically-significant progress. The sophisticated reporting suite allows schools to track the language development of their students and monitor progress in this critical area of teaching and learning.

ClickView is the video resource for schools and further education settings, with visually stunning, curriculum-aligned video content and teacher resources, plus contextual on-demand TV and interactive question layers for formative assessment.
Trusted by over 4,500 schools and colleges, ClickView empowers educators and engages students with educational video content, in an innovative, inclusive and platform.
Educators can rely on ClickView to provide quality video to enhance their teaching and learning. By working with educational consultants, we ensure content is highly relevant and engaging for students. Accompanying educational resources including lesson plans; further extend learning, while deepening engagement and understanding.
Broadcast TV brings real-world context to lessons. We select and curate the most educationally relevant resources from 24 Freeview channels and 8 European satellite channels via the ‘ClickView Exchange’, a growing repository of over 20,000 videos.
The dynamic combination of world-class content plus powerful formative assessment sees ClickView used well beyond the classroom. Interactive video quizzes give teachers real-time analytics about student achievement and engagement. These insights inform targeted planning and teaching to cater to individual learning needs and knowledge gaps. The platform also supports home learning and different learning modalities, such as flipped learning.

Teach, assess, monitor, manage and engage with GCSEPod: exam-filtered detailed curriculum content for 28 subjects delivered through unique ‘Pods’ and written by subject specialists. Perfect for remote or blended learning, GCSEPod allows education on demand with confidence. The mission to deliver GCSE/IGCSE success even in the most challenging times is easier with GCSEPod.
Our award-winning Check & Challenge is an assessment system that promotes learning, not just testing. Independently accessed by students, it allows them to test their knowledge, receive scaffolded support and drives intrinsic motivation with a unique reward system. Pinpoint reporting gives teachers the tools to see exactly where intervention is needed.
In over 1,600 schools, across 40+ countries, GCSEPod have extensive evidence to support the impact it has on improving student GCSE performance. With a 10-year heritage in the education sector, our content and functionality continually strive to help teachers and students in their teaching and learning.
With GCSEPod you can review usage by user (teacher or student), group (e.g. Year 11 or Form 7B), individual, and category (e.g. Pupil Premium). GCSEPod engages students in a way that encourages confidence and self-belief – it has even been dubbed ‘the gold standard’ by a competitor!

Learning by Questions
Coming out of lockdown secondary teachers will be keen to see what pupils have learned and retained, especially in Year 7 with no SATs results as guidance and in Year 10, with exams on the horizon. LbQ optimises any secondary school’s catch-up plan, navigates those tricky transitions, supports, and enhances GCSE preparation, identifies gaps in learning and is perfectly adaptable for blended learning.
The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) ‘COVID-19 Support Guide For Schools’ provides evidence-based recommendations on how to approach catch-up and LbQ meets all of those.
With 2,500 curriculum-aligned Question Sets in maths, English and science, Topic Review Question Sets across KS2, KS3 and KS4, and the ability to cherry pick from our 80,000 questions to create the perfect set for their class, even teachers who are not subject specialists will feel they have the resources and the insights to effectively support their secondary learners

MathSpire is an education software which serves to enhance the learning, teaching and assessment of GCSE, A Level and IB Mathematics. Its core function is to offer an all-in-one interactive textbook integrated with step-by-step explanations, examples and practice questions, which users can easily access on their desktop and mobile devices. We also provide a flexible homework solution for teachers, who can assign work from our bank of questions. This is powered by an intelligent assessment engine that can reliably mark answers to advanced maths questions.
We promote active learning, combining explanations with interactive graphsto and questions to provide a wholistic learning approach, encouraging conceptual understanding and engagement, not just rote learning.
Teachers can easily keep track of students’ overall and individual performance, accessinga summary of students’ performance and viewing individuals’ lines of working to identify common mistakes needing discussion in class.
We offer smart resources for in person and online teaching: use the interactive textbook for in-class explanations and refer students to it for reinforcement. Our screen-share-friendly resources are especially useful for remote teaching.

SAM Learning
SAM Learning is a highly engaging GCSE study support and revision platform independently proven to drive up attainment by an average of two GCSE grades (+12 3 capped points score) higher than expected with as little as 10 hours use throughout the course of a year.
Featuring thousands of activities covering 27 GCSE subjects now specifically mapped to the syllabi of ‘all’ UK examining boards, its new Three Wave (individual, classroom, whole school learner intervention) Programme – perfect for Yr 7 transition, Yr 10 rising, Yr 11 pupils and disadvantaged students – coupled with real-time reporting allows Teachers to diagnose, monitor and target attainment gaps within subjects, classes and specific student cohorts (such as disadvantaged or ethnic minority groups) and more.
Developed to sit alongside each school’s improvement plan and to support Education Endowment Foundation and Ofsted strategies for closing the attainment gap, SAM Learning uses teacher and student data drawn from the school’s Management Information System, to help School Leaders and Managers create and implement highly effective whole school, group or individual intervention plans
Designed to engage students, SAM Learning’s challenge and reward activities retain users by encouraging them to keep playing and gain more points and rewards.

Tassomai helps students and schools raise attainment in English, maths and science through the provision of adaptive, interactive learning quizzes. Through regular practice on the app and through the feedback that it gives, students develop a strong understanding of their subjects, from which they build the confidence to use and apply their knowledge creatively.
Tassomai supports teachers in schools by giving them a clear, up-to-date picture of their students’ attainment, highlighting precisely where more support is needed… while also saving countless hours of setting, marking and analysis.
Parents use Tassomai to help their children study and revise effectively: through weekly reports and access to highly detailed analysis, any parent can find out where their child is struggling and see where they can get more help – or they can set up a free tuition session with Tassomai’s founder, Murray Morrison.
In the context of Covid lockdowns, Tassomai proved its worth in supporting hundreds of new secondary schools (for free) as they helped students learn remotely, while also helping them to plan their schemes of work for the return to the classroom. To help parents with children at primary school, courses for 7-11 year olds were reduced in price by 75%. is an interactive, video-based resource for the teaching and learning of French, Spanish, German and Italian at secondary-school level. Enjoyed by over 140,000 students on six continents, is unique in its commitment to only ever feature authentic, unscripted language in its videos, the better to prepare students for using their linguistic skills in the real world. The site is built for language teachers by language teachers, and so offers over 10,000 curriculum-aligned videos and 50,000 accompanying scaffolded exercises, in-depth progress tracking and automatic marking – for fewer nights spent with a stack of exercise books!