At the heart of 2Simple’s philosophy is the service and support that we provide to all our customers to ensure that not only are our products effective in the classroom and at home but that they contribute to making a noticeable difference to teaching and learning.
We offer support in a variety of ways. Our users can reach out to our dedicated support team, via the phone, online chat and email. They can also contact us for support via our social media channels. But this is only one half of the equation, support is also provided by our CPD team who ensure that our products are effective in the classroom and are able to develop and extend ICT use within school. Our CPD team delivers online and in-person sessions, a range of webinars as well as 1-1 connect sessions where individuals can book half hour sessions with a member of the team to talk through a specific feature.

AdEPT Education
AdEPT Education are a managed service provider supporting over 4,000 schools across the UK with affordable, reliable and proven education-focused technology. In a year like no other, it’s been crucial that schools have been able to rely on dependable technology. From their offices in Kent and Doncaster, the AdEPT Education team have worked with hundreds of schools to set up remote learning platforms whilst supporting over supporting over 2 million students, teachers, parents and guardians who have been using AdEPT Education services whether at school or learning from home.

Joskos Solutions
Joskos Solutions is built on providing technological service and support to schools across the UK. Joskos work hard to ensure that we are not only rapidly developing our understanding of EdTech, but are supporting teachers and learners to develop their skills and knowledge, too. This has been especially important over the past year, where our unique Joskos Digital Educator Programme has helped to train over 1,700 teachers from 202 different schools in remote learning capabilities during the Covid-19 pandemic. We partner our high quality training with our outstanding technology solutions for schools, which supports our goal of enabling the best possible outcomes for learners and preparing them for a future in the digital world.

London Connected Learning Centre (Education Development Trust)
When lockdown hit, all schools had to make important decisions quickly. From choosing appropriate tools and platforms to upskilling teachers and ensuring that children could access learning, senior leadership teams confronted challenge after challenge.
We provided schools with a firm foundation from which to make the right decisions for their community.
We ran whole-school virtual CPD sessions and weekly online community of practice sessions. We created a bank of free resources to help all schools tackle the shift to remote in the way that works best for their context. We shared remote workshop packs with schools so no children missed out on the excitement of learning with technology.
Whatever the context, London CLC adapts to ensure that schools receive unparalleled support from our team of teachers who stay at the cutting edge of pedagogy and education technology.
We are proud to have a measurable impact on each school we support. Despite the pandemic, in the last academic year we worked with 193 schools, 7873 pupils and 1,625 teachers. 98.1% of those teachers say that the work they’ve done with us will have a positive impact on learning outcomes for pupils and 97.3% say it will improve their teaching practice.

Plum Innovations
Our vision is to assist teachers succeeding in their professional fields with an efficient and solid IT platform by providing a stress-free IT experience.
Plum Innovations is dedicated to exceptional customer service working closely with leading organisations across both public and private sectors. With deep functional and industry expertise, we are passionate about taking on immense technical challenges and are able to address problems swiftly with efficient solutions.
We work tirelessly towards helping reinforce the positive impact of EdTech on students’ learning outcomes and assisting schools to employ the ideal technology, in the most cost-effective way.

Scomis partners with schools to create tailor-made solutions to meet their needs. For more than 30 years, we have operated as a not-for-profit service providing ICT Services to educational establishments from Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) to small rural primary schools.
We put ourselves through rigorous assessment and audit processes, demonstrating that we pursue continual improvement through learning from best practice and customer feedback. .
Proud to have an exceptional track record in service and support, 99.4% of our customers were satisfied with the overall service in our 2020 Annual Satisfaction Survey.
In the 2019 Parliamentary Review, Scomis is featured as an exemplar of best practice in the Education Service Industry;
‘The most important reason for their success, is that they put the customer at the heart of everything they do and are passionate about delivering customer service excellence and continual service improvement.’

Speech Link Multimedia Ltd
Speech Link Multimedia Ltd offers standardised assessments, targeted interventions and resources for primary children in over 4000 schools in the UK and internationally. Our user friendly, adult-led online packages are used to identify and support children with mild to moderate speech and language difficulties.
We believe that it is not enough simply to sell a product to a school. School staff need ongoing, specialist support from our Help Desk and SaLT team to enable them to make the most of the content and to make a difference to children with SLCN in the classroom. Our packages are designed to provide the best online user experience and we adapt and innovate to maximise that where necessary.
We provide valuable resources to all schools (including non-subscribing schools), professionals and parents which include The Link Magazine www.speechandlanguage.info/the-link-magazine), The Speech Link Parent Portal (speechandlanguage.info/parents) , The Link Facebook group and The Ultimate Guide to SLCN publication.

TES Global
TES offers classroom management solutions including Behaviour Management, Seating Plans, Provision Mapping and much more, from our expert team based in Fishguard. The Edukey software helps to save teachers time and gives them the tools to quickly and effectively manage the day-to-day tasks in school. We provide unlimited free training and support to all customers. Our fast response times (63% of support emails answered within one hour) to queries give schools the information, support and confidence they need to make the best use of the software.
TES and our pupil management solutions acted fast in response to the COVID crisis affecting schools. We adapted from an in-class tool that provides support in the day-to-day school management of behaviour, seating plans and detentions to supporting home learning and communications with parents and pupils. We added a number of new features to our Class Charts and Provision Map products to help teachers and schools stay in touch with pupils, monitor homework when teaching remotely, track infections in the classroom and much more.