DDMIX for Schools – DDMIX for Schools KS1 and KS2 Dance Fitness Schemes of Work and Training for Primary
DDMIX for Schools is a dance fitness program for PE created by Dame Darcey Bussell DBE.
DDMIX for Schools are passionate about making dance fitness an integral part of PE in all schools, giving all children the opportunity to get moving whilst most importantly enjoying exercise.
Training is provided either online or via an inset at the school, and has been written with the ‘non dancer’ in mind to enable every teacher to be able to deliver the program.
Schemes of Work for KS1, KS2 or KS3 are also included and contain lesson plans, music, video links and more, ensuring the DDMIX for Schools program is simple and fun for both teacher and pupil.
Requiring no equipment, lessons can be delivered anywhere; in the school hall, in the playground or even just behind a school desk. This enables the children to adhere to social distancing guidelines, but mostly keeps them active and creatively confident.
DDMIX for Schools has the tools to create a life habit of activity promoting happiness and wellbeing in every child.

Fiction Express – Boolino
Fiction Express is an award-winning literacy resource designed to improve all areas of literacy: reading; writing; spelling, punctuation & grammar; and speaking & listening. The resource improves poor reading habits by getting children excited about reading, through the power of a deeply engaging experience of co-creation between pupils and authors.
Fiction Express is offering teachers a unique and complete literacy solution:
– Covering all four aspects of literacy in line with the curriculum
– Easy to integrate in lesson planning
– Continuous assessment, monitoring learning outcomes and progress
– High level of pupil motivation and personalised, cross-curricular learning paths
– Great value for money, 80% (or more) cheaper than a similar amount of paper books (cost per pupil)
Our stories are published in weekly instalments. Each week, pupils read the chapter and, at the end, are rewarded with the option to vote to decide what happens next. The author then writes the following chapter in real time.
Pupils also interact with the author and other readers from around the world on the online book forum, to actively participate in the creative story-writing process. Outstanding and original pupil contributions are rewarded with certificates by our editorial team.

imoves is on a mission to help every child in every classroom become brighter, healthier and happier by getting them active every day. If you want to enjoy getting your kids moving no matter what they’re learning, then imoves is here for you!
We do this through a teacher-led digital platform designed to promote, encourage and assist teachers to integrate active learning into everyday curriculum-based lessons from literacy and maths, to science and humanities, and of course PE!
The brand-new platform saves time with simple, easy to use and stress-free videos, music, worksheets and lesson plans to support teachers whether that’s getting kids active throughout the school day or during PE.
imoves is the only evidence-based activity programme for schools looking to incorporate activity seamlessly into the school day without adding to teacher workload. Your school will see benefits in improved academic performance and behaviour, as well as mental wellbeing.
So, whether you want to get the children active for a 2-minute brain break; teach fractions actively as part of a maths lesson; develop their gymnastics skills in PE; or to help pupils tackle wellbeing issues; imoves is the place for you.

Mighty Writer
Mighty Writer is a unique, innovative and multisensory resource that transforms primary children’s literacy almost overnight, guaranteed.
Since its launch in 2016, it is transforming literacy in 850 schools across 40 countries and has the genuine potential to transform the literacy of every child on the planet (including non-developed areas as its non-IT)
It is a neoprene mat with a velcro-type surface and shaped mats to denote sentences and tiles to denote images, words, adjectives, verbs and adverbs amoung others. It should be used in a consistent manner in every reception, year 1 and year 2 classroom, with intervention up to year 6.
The short video at www.mightywriter.co.uk is the best way to quickly understand how it works and understand why it transforming literacy almost overnight.
With our newly launched “Fully Maintained Service” you can now get everything you need to tranform all your childrens literacy from £19.95/set/month. Thats 66p /child/month.

PG Online
Experience + revision science + beautiful design = better results
ClearRevise by PG Online is a unique, creative and revolutionary style of revision guide. True simplicity conceals a wealth of creativity, revision science, careful subject planning and thoughtful accessibility solutions in this approach to learning. PG Online have released six titles for the initial range, along with a new website www.clearrevise.com. Teachers, parents and students have been immediately impressed by the style, format and features of such approachable books. In a year where parental involvement in education has increased significantly through home learning, their fresh format has been instantly appreciated and is key to their immediate and widespread adoption by schools across the UK.

Teach Active
Teach Active is a multi-award winning website which provides teachers and teaching assistants with lesson plans and resources on how to deliver the maths and English curriculum through physical activity.
Mapped to the primary curriculum and covering every objective from foundation stage to year 6, Teach Active is easy to use, saves teachers hours of planning time and supports the workload agenda.
The benefits of Teach Active are vast and proven in many schools across the UK, resulting in Teach Active having received national recognition, most notably having been selected to be part of the Parliamentary Review for services to education.
In a time when schools are being told to make the school day more active, Teach Active provides the perfect solution – incorporating movement into traditional maths and English lessons. Activities are engaging, fun and enjoyable, whilst children grow in confidence and self-esteem. The carefully written plans allow children to retain, master and recall key learning – meaning children not only have a new found love for maths and English – but they are also attaining and achieving much better too.

The Literacy Company – Pathways Literacy
Pathways Literacy offers schools a solution to the development of a coherently planned and well sequenced English curriculum. Pathways to Write is a unique, award-winning programme built around units of work that follow a mastery approach to the teaching of writing. It uses clear detailed lesson plans and resources linked to high-quality texts to ensure engaging and purposeful English lessons. This programme has been incredibly successful for The Literacy Company; they have been thrilled with the writing outcomes children produce as a result of quality teaching resources leading to the effective teaching of key skills. Feedback from schools confirms the impact Pathways to Write has on children’s attitudes towards writing and raising standards in English: a positive impact on standards has been reported across a good number of Pathways’ schools. Following the success of Pathways to Write, Pathways to Read has been developed to complement the Pathways Literacy programme. Pathways to Read’s innovative design equips pupils with key skills to move them through the reading process towards becoming competent and fluent readers.
The Literacy Company have kept their company values at the heart of product development: inspire, support and develop.

TTS – Calming Cat
Calming Cat is a mental health and wellbeing resource designed for any child or young person, who needs to learn about their body’s reaction to feelings and how to manage them.
It is a duel-faceted resource, providing engaging activities for the student and high quality bite sized CPD for the teacher.
The product has been lovingly developed as a collaboration between TTS and Educational Psychologist Paula Williams.
The versatile and inclusive resource can be used in a number of different ways, including; 1:1 interventions, small nurture groups, whole class settings and even at home! The easy to use Coach cards develop the necessary skills in any adult, parent or teacher, to facilitate the students in developing an understanding of their own body and mind, reactions to different situations, understanding their own feelings and behaviours, developing coping strategies and resilience.