Chile Ministry of Education
The Ministry has partnered with  Discovery Education and the use of their Interactive Digital Texts called Techbooks. The Pilot Plan initiated by the Curriculum and Evaluation Unit in 2018 and developed in 2019 is the first initiative to install the use of digital text as a learning resource in Chile. It’s also the first initiative carried out to measure the impact on students’ learning through a randomized controlled study led by Roberto Araya (CIAE). This study is currently in the process of data analysis and consisted of taking a diagnostic test against 30 courses of similar conditions, then established a control group that during 2019 worked with Discovery Education Techbooks. At the end of 2019, a test was taken again to contrast progress. In 2020 the MoE made available Discovery Education Maths and Science Techbooks to 8th Grade students, with 1367 Colleges, more than 55,000 students, 2700 teachers signing up. There are 100,000 licenses for the same group year 2021. On the success of this programme the ministry is now in the process 2021- 2024 of extending the Maths and Science Techbooks to Grades 6 and 7 as well as  offering professional development.

EduGrowth is Australia’s education technology and innovation industry hub connecting a community of education providers, industry participants and edtech entrepreneurs committed to reimagining learning in the digital age. Their programs have contributed to the growth of the Australian EdTech sector which has doubled in the past 3 years to 600 companies. EduGrowth plays a key role in providing opportunities for companies to accelerate their development locally and internationally. Key programs connect entrepreneurs with educators, investors, advisors and consultants across the globe to impact learners with Australian education.
EduGrowth has partnered with Global Victoria, the State Government of Victoria’s trade facilitation agency, over recent years to ensure Victorian EdTech companies are connected with global audiences. The partnership has delivered many programs including The Victorian Global EdTech and Innovation Expo, Melbourne EdTech Summit, and EdTech Trade Missions to facilitate international collaboration and position Australian EdTech on the global stage whilst reinforcing the state of Victoria as the home of Australian EdTech.

Egypt Ministry of Education
The MoE is committed to developing a pre-university education system in Egypt to provide a model for leadership in the region by providing quality education for every basic human-right, preparing all children and young people to inform citizenship in the knowledge-society in the light of a new social contract based on freedom Democracy and social justice The establishment of an educational system that supports decentralized community participation, good governance and ensure efficient reform is its core To achieve this MOE launched the National Initiatives in the K-12 sector with the clear aim of disrupting the traditional delivery methods of education leading to a positive and planned shift towards mega-EdTech adoptions Egypt’s MOE is dedicated to making education reform an outstanding success with strategic goals aligned to economic development, competitiveness of markets and human capital across the nation The vision is to provide access to education for all, to create a relevant and quality system aligned with international standards, and to develop passionate and enthusiastic learners who learn, think, and innovate through partnering with the best in the sector to offer • Research capabilities • K-12 curriculum & content • Reference • Certified Courses • Unified place for national

Fiction Express – Boolino
Fiction Express is an award-winning literacy resource designed to improve all areas of literacy: reading; writing; spelling, punctuation & grammar; and speaking & listening. The resource improves poor reading habits by getting children excited about reading, through the power of a deeply engaging experience of co-creation between pupils and authors.
Fiction Express is offering teachers a unique and complete literacy solution:
– Covering all four aspects of literacy in line with the curriculum
– Easy to integrate in lesson planning
– Continuous assessment, monitoring learning outcomes and progress
– High level of pupil motivation and personalised, cross-curricular learning paths
– Great value for money, 80% (or more) cheaper than a similar amount of paper books (cost per pupil)
Our stories are published in weekly instalments. Each week, pupils read the chapter and, at the end, are rewarded with the option to vote to decide what happens next. The author then writes the following chapter in real time.
Pupils also interact with the author and other readers from around the world on the online book forum, to actively participate in the creative story-writing process. Outstanding and original pupil contributions are rewarded with certificates by our editorial team.

Education and Youth Board of Estonia
The Education and Youth Board (Harno) is a governmental organization responsible for the implementation of education and youth policy under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia. Our main goal is to support the learner and his/her individual development through our services. Secondly, we contribute to Estonia’s economic growth through building synergies by continuously upskilling our nation. We are responsible for the availability of trustworthy, contemporary and sustainable services to educational and youth organisations as well as to other stakeholders.
Estonia embraces the possibilities of technology throughout the education system:
+ Educational institutions have modern IT infrastructures. Digital competences and IT-skills are a paramount part of the educational work in schools as well as in the training programs for teachers. We use digital textbooks, e-diaries, e-learning materials, and other digital solutions.
+ Estonian government has initiated several holistic supportive programmes to empower:

  • entrepreneurial mindset of pupils/students;
  • development of students` digital competences;
  • establishing the framework and favourable ecosystem for new innovative digital services for education in co-creation with schools and researchers.
  • Initiative Education Estonia was launched. Education Estonia is a brand for export of Estonian education, that is coordinated by the Education and Youth Board (Harno).
  • Harno is collaborating a lot with Startup Estonia, that is an Estonian governmental initiative aimed to supercharge the local startup ecosystem.

+ Estonia features strong educational technology companies that make learning more personal and EdTech companies actively contribute to the success of Estonian education.
+ Our education system has been very successful in managing the COVID-19 crisis. We took it as an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation of our education system in even more ambitious way.