2Simple – Evidence Me
Evidence Me is our award-winning assessment and observation app. It shows the impact of children’s learning by capturing learners’ experiences, monitoring their development, and creating reports to share their progress. Evidence Me has been thoughtfully created by teachers, for teachers, to ensure all the essential features have been included. Gone are the days of post-it notes, ring binders and scrap books for evidencing learning. Evidence Me has been designed to significantly reduce workload for teachers. You can easily take a photo, a video or write a note and it will instantly upload your observation to the app whilst on the go, with or without wi-fi.
With Evidence Me teachers can consistently form quality formative assessment and save hours of record keeping time. There are a multitude of report types within Evidence Me and our reporting has been designed to be as effortless as possible, because we know reporting can be a time-consuming task. Based on the in-app assessment data, teachers can track and evidence their classes learning with an Individual Coverage Report, a Flightpath Report or a Teach Next Report.

Axle Education – Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR)
Dynamic Progress Reporting (DPR) is a web-based platform, which allows schools to design their own curriculum with differentiated learners in mind. Here is a short 2 min video link that explains DPR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAzieq9i3xA
Covid-19 has shown the importance of schools having a remote learning solution. DPR has played an essential role in helping schools continue learning during the lockdown period. DPR has been designed by teachers and senior leaders helping to ensure all features remain intuitive and meaningful. Parents’ evenings are no longer a surprise for parents as their child’s progress and feedback are available to view in real-time.
Visit https://axle.education to get in touch!

imoves is on a mission to help every child become brighter, healthier and happier by getting them active every day. If you want to enjoy getting your kids moving no matter what they’re learning, then imoves is here for you!
We do this through a teacher-led digital platform designed to promote, encourage and assist teachers to integrate active learning into everyday curriculum-based lessons from literacy and maths, to science and humanities, and of course PE!
The brand-new platform saves time with simple, easy to use and stress-free videos, music, worksheets and lesson plans to support teachers whether that’s getting kids active throughout the school day or during PE.
imoves is the only evidence-based activity programme for schools looking to incorporate activity seamlessly into the school day without adding to teacher workload. Your school will see benefits in improved academic performance and behaviour, as well as mental wellbeing.
So, whether you want to get the children active for a 2-minute brain break; teach fractions actively as part of a maths lesson; develop their gymnastics skills in PE; or to help pupils tackle wellbeing issues; imoves is the place for you

NetSupport – classroom.cloud
At the introduction of lockdown, we talked to schools to find out how we could help them continue to deliver learning. Some already had systems in place that could be readily employed for remote teaching, but others were truly stuck and using an assortment of hastily downloaded apps and solutions which were inconsistent (and potentially unsafe) for teachers and students alike. Their message to us was that they needed a simple way to teach that provided continuity (and confidence) for everyone, whether they and/or their students were in school or at home.
Developed in record time, the result is a brand-new, cloud-based product called classroom.cloud. With no swapping between solutions for the teacher or students, it facilitates learning continuity, browser to browser, in school or remotely. In line with NetSupport’s other education solutions, it has been designed to be intuitive to use, thereby minimising the tech burden for teachers.
There are tools to monitor and manage online behaviour, broadcast the teacher’s webcam and audio, capture feedback, chat and message, and ensure students remain engaged; in short, everything teachers need to remain visible, run ‘live’ lessons and be able to interact with their class while physically distanced.

Open Digital Education – ONE
Open Digital Education (ODE), the editor of ONE & NEO, is the first and only educational social networking platform currently empowering more than 3 million students and 9500 schools in 21 countries.
ONE is a social network, a modern tool inspired by modern technology usage and is perfectly designed to foster collaboration between primary schools, teachers, parents, and students to facilitate innovation in education.
It is a modern Virtual Learning Environment which puts primary school students in a central and active position within their school community. It is a secure and protected network where school staff, teachers, parents, and students can sign in and interact with each other.
At the heart of this social network platform, is the mission of a collaborative learning environment. As such ONE also provides a host of apps to aid in content creation, study tools and digital communication such as the Multimedia Notebook, the Mind Map, Blog, or Time App, to name a few.
ONE helps children learn how to communicate and collaborate on a digital network and as a result they become more respectful and responsible users of social networks when they are later are on mainstream unsecured social platforms.

Renaissance – Star Assessments
Renaissance Star Assessments and Focus Skills™, developed in partnership with National Foundation for Educational Research, are collaborative education technology tools. The goal is to help teachers to help their pupils, not add to their workload – and the tools are designed to help them stay on top of how their pupils are performing, and encourage their love of learning, wherever they’re doing it.
Renaissance Star Assessments are computer-adaptive so they intuitively and automatically modify to the pupil’s level in real time and help them move forward in their learning. It captures millions of unique data points that can help measure attainment and achievement, and inform planning and instruction.
Simply put, Star Assessments identify what pupils know, and Focus Skills™ tracks this knowledge against the national curriculum. Teachers use this data to plan lessons which support pupils in learning the skills necessary for them to meet the curriculum requirements for their academic year group. These educational tools save teachers time and support them in creating tailored lesson plans. Meaning pupils spend more time learning and are given more specific support for their developmental needs.

SAM Learning
SAM Learning is a highly engaging GCSE study support and revision platform independently proven to drive up attainment by an average of two GCSE grades (+12 3 capped points score) higher than expected with as little as 10 hours use throughout the course of a year.
Featuring thousands of activities covering 27 GCSE subjects now specifically mapped to the syllabi of ‘all’ UK examining boards, its new Three Wave (individual, classroom, whole school learner intervention) Programme – perfect for Yr 7 transition, Yr 10 rising, Yr 11 pupils and disadvantaged students – coupled with real-time reporting allows Teachers to diagnose, monitor and target attainment gaps within subjects, classes and specific student cohorts (such as disadvantaged or ethnic minority groups) and more.
Developed to sit alongside each school’s improvement plan and to support Education Endowment Foundation and Ofsted strategies for closing the attainment gap, SAM Learning uses teacher and student data drawn from the school’s Management Information System, to help School Leaders and Managers create and implement highly effective whole school, group or individual intervention plans
Designed to engage students, SAM Learning’s challenge and reward activities retain users by encouraging them to keep playing and gain more points and rewards.

Satchel – Satchel One
Satchel began in the classroom, built by then Assistant Headteacher and now CEO, Naimish Gohil. Driven by the desire to reduce teacher workload and bring together teachers, students and parents we started building tools that unlock teachers’ superpowers and unite all parties in the teaching and learning process.
Today, Satchel is a partner to 1 in 3 UK secondary schools through the provision of our learning platform, Satchel One. Our team is on a mission to support the entire school community – engaging them in the learning process through the creation of edtech tools that solve real problems and prepare them for whatever challenges the future may hold.

Soundtrap (Spotify) – Soundtrap for Education
Soundtrap for Education offers endless possibilities for teachers and students to explore creative sound-making through podcasting, audio stories, music creation and more. The cloud-based studio offers a safe learning environment that can be accessed via any device, at any time, and offers a variety of features to make music making and storytelling simple and collaborative for everyone.
For music creation, the studio combines the use of traditional and digital instruments into a single platform. Students can use the built-in amplifier to connect their microphone, guitar or any other instrument and record directly into the studio, or access an extensive collection of quality loops, effects and software instruments directly within the studio to begin composing new tracks.
Teachers are also using the online studio to elevate student voice and engage with content in new ways through podcasting and audio stories. Students can record their own ideas, as well as conduct remote or in-person interviews to capture a variety of perspectives. Last year, Soundtrap released its interactive transcript feature, a game-changing tool for podcasting and audio story creation. The feature transforms spoken words into text so that students and teachers can directly edit audio recordings as they would a text document.