Cloudwise – COOL

COOL is the virtual teaching assistant that supports you every day, every step of the way.

While teacher brings knowledge, skills, strategy and personality to make each day in the classroom meaningful, COOL takes care of the IT part of education and gives them the tools to use their teaching time to the fullest. It frees your hands and gives you the opportunity to invest your energy in doing what you love: teaching, inspiring, and providing those crucial stepping stones for later on in life.

With our cloud technology, COOL offers a user-friendly dashboard for all relevant educational apps with just one single login; live monitoring of student devices; simple picture and QR login for younger students; powerful exam app and so on. With our free COOL Platform and premium COOL modules, we empower 1,600+ schools around the world.


Cornerstones Education – Curriculum Maestro

Cornerstones are extremely proud to be shortlisted for the Class Aid or Educator Support Award for our online platform, Curriculum Maestro.

Having worked with over 2000 primary schools since 2010, we are on a mission to ease the complexity and challenge around curriculum implementation. Maestro is the result of this mission, bringing schools a solution that seamlessly links curriculum management, planning, teaching and assessment all in one place.

Over 1500 primary schools across the UK and beyond now using Maestro to implement their curriculum, and word is spreading. We are committed to helping schools implement ambitious curricula for all their children, while meeting the high expectations of the new Ofsted framework for England and the new curriculum requirements in Wales.

Developed with primary senior leaders, curriculum experts and our software development team, Curriculum Maestro is a true innovation that responds to the needs of the primary sector while offering new levels of functionality.

Christian Hilton, a headteacher at one of Maestro’s 400 original pioneer schools said:
‘It’s a real game changer for curriculum design, leadership at all levels, planning and assessment, all improving workload and the quality of teaching and learning.’


Developing Experts – Developing Experts Science Curriculum

Developing Experts is an ed-tech company, providing a stimulating, interactive science curriculum and combined careers platform for children, schools, employers, and government organisations. The platform is designed to capture the imaginations of all children, from early years, regardless of background or ability to stimulate, inspire and broaden their aspirations and horizons in STEM, cultivating a sustaining sense of self-belief in their capabilities for reaching their full potential, devoid of bias assumptions and stereotypes.
Teachers play a pivotal and powerful role in shaping children’s understanding, exploration, and choices in STEM subjects and careers. We enhance teachers’ knowledge and confidence by providing an interactive library of more than 1000 online lessons, lesson plans, practical science experiments, worksheets, interviews with experts, handouts, quizzes – (mapped against the national curriculum) along with memorable experiences through unforgettable stories and narratives through stunning images and videos.
Innovative insights, experiences, learning, and exposure helps to ignite all children’s curiosity and perceptions about the world of STEM, exerting in built confidence to invest further. Working together, partners can effectively create talented, resilient, and confident individuals and a diverse, inclusive, future workforce for generating greater equality of opportunity for all within a prosperous, fulfilling social economic environment.


Findel Education – Electronic Phonics

Electronic Phonics is a truly revolutionary resource for teaching synthetic phonics. With a number of different modes, levels of difficulty and a comprehensive word bank containing over 800 decodable words, there are so many learning opportunities to support children at all levels and to help them to learn independently. In blend mode, children can experiment with words and sounds by placing a selection of grapheme or phoneme tiles onto the reader and pressing GO. If the word is included in the word bank, a fully blended version of the word will be played back. In segment mode, a word is played from the extensive word bank and children have to spell it out correctly to score points. Electronic Phonics helps children to blend and sound unfamiliar words quickly and accurately using their phonics knowledge, plus a 10-second record function allows children to record their own phoneme sounds to hear them back. A free activity guide is available to download, containing activities for phases 2 – 5, plus catch-up and completion certificates, making it perfect for intervention.



Lexonik Vocabulary, housed on Lexonik Cloud supports subject- specific teaching of vocabulary across the curriculum. This cloud-based whole class resource allows teachers and schools to implement a school wide approach to the teaching of literacy, lessening teacher variability and making the explicit teaching of vocabulary recognisable and accessible for all students.
Words are broken down at the syllable level, to aid reading accuracy, reading fluency and spelling. The subject-specific definition is provided but crucially it also identifies the prefix, stem and suffix and then supplies the meanings of each part. This morphemic analysis of the words allows vocabulary to be explicitly taught and promotes, or provides opportunity for, cross- curricular learning.


Mussila Music School

Mussila Music School is targeted at kids ages 6 to 11. Our app’s educational method is unique because it offers gamified courses of tested academic value where children move freely through different and fun challenges. They acquire necessary music skills for musical notation, identification of tones and instruments, rhythms, keyboard training, and improvisation, amongst others. The difficulty of challenges is in line with the student’s progress, which ensures the individualized follow-up and personalized content that is unviable in regular group classes.

With Mussila kids learn through play which is perfect for home learning as it makes it more fun for children-parent interaction.


Oxford University Press – Using Technology with Elementary Music Approaches

Using Technology with Elementary Music Approaches (Oxford University Press) builds upon key educational approaches, including Feierabend, Kodály, Orff Schulwerk, and project-based learning. This book is written for teachers in classrooms with limited access to technology to classrooms with 1:1 devices. The book has a companion website of step-by-step video instructions and manipulatives for each lesson.


Whizz Education – Maths Whizz

Whizz Education has more than 15 years’ experience partnering with schools to improve learning outcomes in maths. We adapt our approach to each implementation to deliver the best outcomes for students through a course correction model.

We provide a menu of services to improve learning outcomes, for which our award-winning virtual tutor Maths-Whizz is just one element. The implementation of our services includes: planning, teacher training, adoption of Maths-Whizz, evaluation, resources, support, course correction and benchmarking.

Maths-Whizz covers 98% of the school curriculum and is compatible with iPads and popular tablets so that children learn at home to help them thrive at school and beyond.
Teachers are supported and empowered through our Teachers’ Resource – a library of creative digital content aligned to the English national curriculum, containing over 1,200 interactive lessons and complementary digital worksheets to be deployed in whole class or small groups. Teachers can take students into exploratory learning environments and enhance their classroom practices to further support the learning experience.
Our virtual tutor and the services and support we provide, means every student can accelerate learning by upwards of 18 months in the first year of use depending on engagement.