Alef Education with Al Asayel School

Alef Education’s collaboration with Al Asayel School to pilot test the Alef Platform yielded exceptional results in terms of student engagement and better learning outcomes, improved teacher performance and overall value for money in investing in a digital transformation initiative that provides immediate benefits, and has the potential to deliver long-term impact.

Implementing the Alef Platform had a positive impact on both Al Asayel students and teachers. Students developed stronger educational technology skills and had more opportunities to practice hands-on skills through experiential learning lessons and other offline activities. Students’ learning outcomes (measured by diagnostic test scores) also increased. With the Alef Platform, the role of the teacher shifted towards personalized instruction with real-time data analytics. Teachers have more time to focus on improving instruction and help students in need.


BenQ with Burnley College Sixth Form

Burnley College Sixth Form tops the Government’s achievement tables as England’s number one College for students aged 16-18. The College recently embarked on an ambitious project to refurbish their A-level teaching spaces and active learning spaces and were looking for the perfect front-of-classroom technology to take centre stage.

This huge project involved an ambitious AV rollout of 74 interactive flat panel displays in every learning space, including an Account Management System (AMS), personal device screen sharing for greater interactivity, and Cloud whiteboarding for group collaboration.

As an agnostic device manufacturer, BenQ offers integration with the Google ecosystem, the primary operating platform at Burnley College, proving vital during the pandemic to deliver engaging and interactive lessons for students.

Students can participate fully with learning whether they’re in-class or at home, meaning Burnley College’s digital ecosystem is future-proofed for hybrid working and blended learning practices.”


Joskos Solutions with Pheasey Park Farm Primary School and Early Years Centre

Joskos is a successful provider of services to schools that enrich the classroom experience and help to improve learning outcomes.

Over the last year Joskos have gone above and beyond to ensure their team and the Joskos family of schools are connected, can use technology confidently and learning can continue despite the extenuating circumstances. Despite Covid, Joskos maintained excellent relationships at strategic, teacher and technical levels and achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88/100.

Joskos is focused on holistic digital transformation to complement school improvement and self-evaluation. We achieve this through the combination of strategic consultancy, continuous professional development, managed services and environment transformation.

The Joskos team is made up of passionate diverse individuals who are devoted to improving the lives of young people across the world.”


Plum Innovations with Delce Academy

Our vision is to assist teachers succeeding in their professional fields with an efficient and solid IT platform by providing a stress-free IT experience.

Plum Innovations is dedicated to exceptional customer service working with leading organisations across both public and private sectors. With deep functional and industry expertise, we are passionate about taking on immense technical challenges and are able to address problems swiftly with efficient solutions.

We deliver top class services and support through user friendly and cutting edge technology with cost-effective solutions.

Plum Innovations goes the extra mile to ensure excellent services are always delivered in terms of quality work, timely delivery, professional behaviour, and value for money. We continually strive to better our services by employing innovative solutions and partnering with top organisations to meet the growing and changing needs from our schools and teachers.

We work tirelessly towards helping reinforce the positive impact of EdTech on students’ learning outcomes and assisting schools to employ the ideal technology, in the most cost-effective way.”


Reading Solutions with Sunnyside Spencer Academy

Reading Plus is an online reading development programme for KS2 and above for use in school and at home. It works by building upon the foundational skills of phonics to develop a child’s silent reading fluency, vocabulary, and reading for meaning.

Often, students exhaust their working memory through the physical act of reading. This leaves little remaining brain space for higher-order thinking skills. Inefficient readers tend to read slowly and laboriously, struggle with comprehension, with a reading level below age-related expectation. They are not successful at reading and subsequently they lack the motivation to read. Reading Plus enables students to improve their fluency and stamina, improving understanding of what they are reading and making reading more pleasurable.

With a readability range from Y2 to beyond GCSE, Reading Plus offers students choice and control that plays to their interests and academic strengths. The diversity in the texts builds cross-curricular content knowledge.

Whilst students read independently on Reading Plus, teachers monitor their progress and target support; baseline and benchmark assessments inform teachers of pupils’ growth. Aligned with the National Curriculum,

Reading Plus is attributed to the long-term attainment and success at KS2 SATs, as well as nurturing a love for reading.


Renaissance with Herts for Learning and Haileybury Turnford School

“The 2020/2021 school year was certainly a challenging one. As national assessments were cancelled for a second year, the education sector was hugely impacted. Particularly affected were disadvantaged students in their transition from primary to secondary school. Renaissance and Herts for Learning – the UK’s largest school company – collaborated in an innovative way to provide a smooth transition for the Year 6 children of Hertfordshire. The collaboration, built on strong relationship and supported by evidence, had a transformative impact on the operational running of the secondary schools in this region.
Using Renaissance Star Assessments, Herts for Learning were able to assess more than 85% of their students in less than 30 days, using the same assessment across the board. With ease in collecting and comparing the data, teachers were able to use and analyse the data to understand the uneven learning that has taken place over the past year and address gaps much more effectively. Intervention could be targeted precisely, and support could be focused on the students that the data showed needed the most help.”


Sparx with United Learning, Greenshaw Learning Trust, Delta Academies Trust and Outwood Grange

Sparx collaborated with four of the UK’s largest Multi Academy Trusts (“MATs”) i.e. United Learning, Greenshaw Learning Trust, Delta Academies Trust and Outwood Grange across 95 of their schools during the course of the 2020/2021 academic year. This project involved working closely with their schools, senior leaders, teachers, students and parents on the implementation of a research-based technology called, Sparx Maths Homework, to transform the quality and quantity of home learning with 15,000 Year 7 students. We achieved a dramatic increase in learning, a more inclusive offering for children, and the formation of School Leaders Roundtable to ensure implementation fidelity and best practice was shared between MATs. United Learning’s regional director, Ben Antell said:

“We’re seeing up to 93% increase in success rate with Sparx…our students are learning more and they’re remembering more and they know more.”

“What’s been different this year about Sparx is we’ve worked with Sparx to create a nudge culture. We’re seeing terrific results from that…we’re seeing classes with 100% success rates from Sparx. It’s not just we’re seeing Sparx being used in schools, it’s having an impact in schools and that’s often very difficult when you’re using an online platform””


ViewSonic with City of Glasgow College

The Visual Learning Lab at the City of Glasgow College

During the Covid19 pandemic, with education campuses closed at short notice, remote learning reached levels of uptake that were not originally envisaged for perhaps another ten years.
Developed during lockdown at the end of 2020, the dual screened Visual Learning Lab was installed into the library at the City of Glasgow College in March 2021 and already staff engagements have highlighted the benefits that having two adjacent ViewSonic interactive displays provides. Whilst a complete single image can be utilised across both screens, the college have found that putting different content on each screen can help to reinforce learning. Information that might otherwise be viewed in a linear fashion, can now be viewed side-by-side, with this contextual view increasing the opportunity to engage and deepen understanding.

The VLL is already laying the way for the new cultures of learning and working with the college ensures that teachers and students have an effective addition to the learning landscape at their disposal.

The collaboration also provides an affordable alternative to elite solutions for hybrid learning could be developed with existing technologies, moreover, without losing any of the immersive and engagement qualities.”