Nurseries and Primary Institutes (NPI) often find themselves stuck with complicated LMS’ designed for schools. They deal with cumbersome platforms that mostly fail to address basic requirements such as building secure communication channels that help staff connect with parents and vice versa. Bounce is designed specifically for NPIs, and frees owners and educators of young children from the burden of administrative tasks, empowering them with tools to foster the development of young minds.

With 360-management tools, Bounce is a SaaS solution that helps preschools run a centralized cloud-based data library, track enrollment, and manage payment collection, making information management easy and simple. Bounce uses familiar experiences that people already understand (media-sharing platforms, social media feeds, chat apps, and video conferencing). With Bounce, we paid special attention to safeguarding children’s safety, privacy and well-being.


Bounce enables teachers to update parents about their child’s learning experiences in real-time through a safe and secure eco-system. They can also manage classrooms and alert parents on upcoming events, activities, and payments as well as conduct live online learning, ensuring business continuity so that the learning never stops.

Built to connect pre-k admins, teachers, parents, and their extended circle, Bounce aims at collaborizing early childhood learning.”



DoBrain is an app-based cognitive learning program for children aged 3-7, set out to achieve the three aims of education, identification, and therapy. It not only helps children develop key cognitive skills, but also assists parents/guardians and other professionals monitor the progress of cognitive development in children, and identify areas of potential need.

Based on decades of expertise and research, we have developed a unique curriculum around the eight core areas of cognition encompassing attention & memory, constructional ability, visual perception, logical reasoning, mathematical reasoning, processing speed, spatial ability, and creativity. DoBrain utilizes animated storytelling to keep children engaged. The activities/problems are broken down into several levels of difficulty to which children are matched based on a pre-assessment and progressive performance. The combination of fun, novelty, and challenge support routine and long-term use.

Clinical trials have shown that our program helps improve children’s cognitive abilities with continued use, and that our performance data could help identify children with potential developmental delays. The ability to offer crucial and timely information is our key strength, through which we hope to ensure that children in these critical ages receive the full extent of cognitive stimulation that they need for positive outcomes.


Playvation – Moomin Language School

Moomin Language School is a digital language learning service for children aged 3-7 which can be easily and cost-effectively adopted by any early learning organization. The service includes a story-based language learning application for children’s individual daily practice and playful lesson plans that turn any teacher into a language teacher. With digital tools and a methodology that is based on solid research, Moomin Language School takes consistent language learning to places where it has not been possible before.


Prosper Education – RoyalABC™ – Early Learning Ecosystem 

Prosper Education is a British education company that gives early-learners, a head start in English for a head start in life.

Our flagship product, RoyalABC, delivers an entire learning ecosystem teaching English, 21st Century skills and STEAM. All teachers (regardless of their experience and language skills) are empowered and supported through our leading-edge technology that enhances the learning and teaching experience in the classroom and at home. Over 2,000 classroom lessons, with bilingual support materials, can be accessed at the touch of a button. Lessons can be taught on or offline with activity books, storybooks, flashcards and more. The adaptable platform allows teachers to deliver the highest quality lesson every time, whether they’re experienced or it’s their first day on the job. Learning in the classroom is seamlessly connected to learning at home via the 3D immersive world app where individual progress can be tracked by our new, proprietary, A.I-enabled “Learning Journey” feature. Reliable, secure and scalable,

RoyalABC is on a mission to support teachers and inspire early-learning all around the world.


South West Grid for Learning – 360 Early Years

Online safety has already become a number one priority for many organisations to uphold with consistency and professionalism. A lot of responsibility lies with schools and settings in order to protect the children that they work with to ensure that they are protected when online. 360 Early Years ensures that essential aspects of online safety are covered whilst actively encouraging staff/ volunteers to take an active role with improving their understanding and knowledge of appropriate policy and practice so their setting can provide an acceptable standard of online safety. Without tools like 360

Early Years that increase awareness, offer peace of mind and build a stable foundation, children and young people are left vulnerable to harm.


Ten Town

Ten Town is a maths resource designed by a Reception teacher to meet the specific need of early years maths. Children are introduced to King One and his friends through animated stories, songs and activities that help build the essential basic numeracy skills that are necessary to advance in maths.

The 0 to 10 content has been expanded to reflect the changes to the EYFS framework and now helps develop number formation and recognition, counting, number composition, number bonds, subitising, more/less and shape space and measures. It also offers cross curricular opportunities as the characters link to the other areas of learning.

Ten Ten offers a unique and engaging environment that stimulates children’s interest in maths. Exploring the interactive island of Ten Town, they learn about numbers to 10, before discovering numbers to 20 on a tour of Ten Town Studios, where the children take part in interactive episodes of the Tia Ten Show!

Ten Town offers flexible packages to meet the needs of different early years settings, including the option to add integrated home access. The learning platform includes new teacher functions that allow them to control access to the activities and track the progress of their children.