EDClass is a remote learning application designed to help break barriers to learning. EDClass delivers online teaching through UK-qualified teachers and tutors using the personalised e-learning aspects. EDClass offers learners live tutorial support and distance learning provision through a robustly safeguarded and supervised online platform, purposefully built to be flexible in its approach to learners.

The assessment process and tools, designed by teachers for teachers, allows the platform to identify knowledge and skill gaps and target the learning journey around each learner’s needs.

Not only does EDClass comply with government legislation for both on and off-site alternative provisions for academies, but this unique platform also gives you the tools to improve attendance in your setting. EDClass allows you to monitor and track the progress of your learners safely and securely online and help positively impact their attainment. As well as securely integrating with your school MIS systems.”

ELT Songs – Planet Pop

A lack of student engagement is notably one of the biggest obstacles a teacher faces and creates classroom management difficulties and potential discipline problems. Younger generations are increasingly exposed to fast-paced mobile entertainment, which has raised their expectations and culminated in a frequently reported reduction of their attention spans in a classroom environment.

ELT Songs presents Planet Pop, a language learning platform that bridges the discrepancy between classroom learning and mobile entertainment by providing primary level language schools, teachers, parents and students with the resources necessary to compete against the fast-paced media content pupils have become accustomed to outside of the classroom.

Planet Pop has been specifically designed to increase student motivation, improve concentration and to encourage multi-level participation in the classroom, at home, or on the move.

Planet Pop delivers a unique teaching methodology, including high quality music videos, engaging media content, games, and workbooks that encourage students to sing, dance, listen, speak, and enjoy learning.

We provide schools, teachers, and parents with Teacher’s Guides alongside high-quality content which is aligned with the Cambridge English Young Learners Global curriculum to help children to learn English from the ground up (CEFR – Pre-A1 to A2).”


Mussila Music School

Mussila Music School is targeted at kids ages 6 to 11. Our app’s educational method is unique because it offers gamified courses of tested academic value where children move freely through different and fun challenges. They acquire necessary music skills for musical notation, identification of tones and instruments, rhythms, keyboard training, and improvisation, amongst others. The difficulty of challenges is in line with the student’s progress, which ensures the individualized follow-up and personalized content that is unviable in regular group classes.

With Mussila kids learn through play which is perfect for home learning as it makes it more fun for children-parent interaction.”


Satchel One

Satchel was born out of a teacher’s desire to streamline processes for school staff and to bridge the gap between home and school by providing them with complete transparency around their child’s education.

Since 2011, we’ve been helping school’s actively involve parents in the education process and today, Satchel is a partner to 1 in 3 UK secondary schools through the provision of our learning platform, Satchel One.

Our team is on a mission to support the entire school community – engaging them in the learning process through the creation of education software that solves real problems and gives parents the tools they want to support their children.”



SchoolOnline provides top quality, digital exam revision in English and Maths through our innovative EdTech platform, which harnesses the benefits of digital distribution to scale access to some of the UK’s top examiners and tutors. In a market where 25% of children receive private tuition to achieve optimal results at KS2 and GCSE, we set out to level the playing field by developing a solution for the remaining 75%.
A library of bite-sized tutorial videos for both GCSE and KS2, created by the UK’s leading, most experienced examiners and professionally produced and animated, provides the backbone of our software, which has been proven in trials to improve Maths scores on average by 76.7% and English by 100.5%.
In 2021, we relaunched our platform with a large set of new functionality: schools can set detailed, auto-marked revision assignments for students with high levels of insight into engagement and analytics on strengths and weaknesses while supporting students with our targeted video explanations to each question and topic. Home users will benefit from the same interactive marking and analytics through our enhanced courses, providing a new depth of insight to help students and parents boost confidence and improve outcomes.”


Sparx Learning – Numerise

Sparx Learning is reimagining the way maths is taught and learnt around the world. Comprising Sparx Maths, HegartyMaths and Numerise, Sparx Learning is currently supporting 1.8 million students in schools and homes across the 23 countries.
Sparx Maths not only improves students’ progress in maths through personalised learning but at the same time, significantly reduces teacher workload. Sparx Maths is transformational in schools for a number of key reasons:

  • Promotes mastery for every single student through personalised practice
  • Proven to improve student outcomes and increase life chances
  • Reduces teacher workload by up to 200 hours per year
  • Provides powerful insights which empower school leaders and teachers
  • Builds a powerful culture of practice with engaged, confident, motivated students

As Ben Antell, Regional Director of United Learning says: “Sparx is hugely important to United Learning. Sparx is not just about children logging on and completing work.  It’s about developing mastery and children’s understanding of maths becomes much more profound from using the platform”.”


The Literacy Tree 

Learning Logs from the Literacy Tree The Learning Logs were created by our consultancy team as a response to the first lockdown in March 2020 as response to the school closure to keep the love of literature going in the home and we continued to add to them throughout 2020 and up to schools returning in March 2021. We knew that we needed to react quickly and be innovative to keep our communities interested in continuing to provide book-based provision. Essentially they are sets of daily videos for Years 1 through to 6 to support home learning and in total there are now more than 150 individual video lessons.  In terms of value for money, these were free to our school members and for anyone who had already downloaded the associated planning sequence from our site.


Your Favourite Teacher

Your Favourite Teacher is an online classroom and educational content creator. We are a team made up predominantly of teachers with years of experience in education, completely dedicated to creating the most engaging, visual learning content that we possibly can. Over the past few years, we have produced well over 900 GCSE English, Maths and Science lessons and developed a learning platform to deliver success.
We use experienced subject specialists to develop interactive, engaging lesson materials that can be accessed on demand. We incorporate the entire teaching cycle and have cultivated a rich and comprehensive curriculum. We marry together our teachers’ deep understanding of different pedagogical approaches with a brilliant in-house production team. The learning materials consist of video lessons, additional written content, downloadable activities and interactive quizzing. Course progress can be tracked and monitored against the current GCSE curriculum and objectives. All lesson content is delivered through a modern, accessible, interactive platform.
This teaching approach has had great impact not only in schools but also within football academies across the UK. Working with the Premier League over the last couple of years, we have developed a formula to support these young athletes with their off-pitch success.”