AOTech Security Solution SLU

ClassInTheBox is a unique device that integrates in a small and portable box a wireless microphone with a range of 20 meters and a high performance webcam that changes in a simple way the way we understand video conferencing. With a single cable, the device is connected to the computer and it is possible to get up from the chair, change the volume without approaching the computer, change the camera with a single click and prevent ambient noise from distracting all those who are online. With its different modes of use you can adapt it to your needs, from using only the microphone, the dynamism of the camera switch, include the voice of the online participants in the class, make the voice of everyone, including the teacher, go out through the audio system of the classroom or keep all chats in private. Multiple features for a great little device, made in Spain and patented. Perfectly simple.


Arduino – Education Starter Kit

Students can learn electronics and get started with programming in the classroom step-by-step with the Arduino Education Starter Kit – no experience necessary!
Educators can teach lower secondary school students the basics of programming, coding, and electronics. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary as the kits guide educators through step-by-step, they are well-supported with teacher guides, and lessons can be paced according to students’ abilities. The kit can be integrated throughout the curriculum, giving students the opportunity to become confident in programming and electronics with guided sessions and open experimentation. They’ll also learn vital 21st-century skills such as collaboration and problem- solving.
Arduino technology, programming, and curriculum content are creative tools, just like brushes and paint, that students can use as they become part of our next generation of scientists and artists.”


Ohbot in partnership with LGfL – Picoh Robot head

Picoh is a programmable, robotic, head that children can use to develop an understanding of physical computing through creating programs that solve problems and express ideas. It is 10cm tall, with motors to turn and tilt its head, and a 144 LED matrix display giving it expressive eyes with independently controlled pupils and eyelids. It has a motorised mouth that can open, smile and frown. Children relate to Picoh as it looks and acts a little like them. Learning becomes a purposeful challenge creating human-like behaviour.

Programming is either through by graphical blocks, using its own bespoke Windows App, or Scratch, or by using text coding in Python.
Programming is real time and iterative: an approach of coding, running and de-bugging, building increasing complexity, and enabling progressive challenges. Programs can be emulated on screen before connecting to Picoh. Our Windows app features additional tools to program for speech recognition and deduction of meaning from speech. The initial simplicity of its operation enables inclusion and encourages creativity, but it also allows for complex, high level tasks.

Using Picoh, learners explore and model social behaviour, develop high level computing skills, explore human-computer, verbal, interaction, and have a lot of fun.”


Owl Labs – Meeting Owl Pro

Owl Labs’ award-winning Meeting Owl Pro, is a smart 360° camera, mic, speaker device all-in-one. Powered by our proprietary algorithm and AI, the Meeting Owl automatically shifts the camera focus onto whoever’s speaking — making all students feel like they’re sitting in the same classroom. Teachers say the Meeting Owl Pro offers a close second to being face-to-face, by giving video call participants the ability to see, hear, and understand those in the room in an equalized learning experience. While historically this type of experience was limited to hardware costing thousands of pounds and challenging to deploy, the Owl achieves it with the simplicity of a smart device and plug-and-play ease of use that teachers can deploy themselves, at a cost-disruptive price-point.


Promethean – ActivPanel

Launched in October 2019, the ActivPanel Elements Series was quickly established as the preferred interactive flat panel display in K-12 education, consistently holding the UK market leading position over a 12-month period from Q2 2020. In a significantly reduced market, Promethean sold more ActivPanels in 2020 than in 2019, and increased market leadership to 27.4% in the UK&I combined.

As the connected hub of the modern classroom, Promethean has continued to invest in the development of this front of class solution so that it has the flexibility to support learning wherever it takes place – a development strategy which came into its own as schools continue to navigate hybrid teaching models.

While the ActivPanel Elements Series is designed to address the needs of students and teachers today, its contribution to education extends far beyond digital device capabilities. Underpinned by value-add services and a responsive local team, the ActivPanel is a stand-out solution. Promethean ensures that schools realise long term value from their initial hardware investment through access to free training, technical support and product enhancements.


Robotical – Marty the Robot

Marty the Robot is a walking, dancing, football-playing robot that’s full of character and helps introduce children to the world of coding and robotics in a fun and imaginative way. From screen-free coding right through to advanced programming on Python, Marty is a flexible learning tool that grows with students. As the most affordable humanoid robot used in education, Marty’s design and functionality appeals to kids as young as five; the physical product is supported with extensive teaching resources that align to national and regional curricula and complemented by learning activities that enable Marty to be integrated with other areas of the curriculum. All of this makes Marty an exceptional ‘out-of-the-box’ STEM learning solution. International from the start, over 7,000 Martys have now been sold worldwide. In the UK, Marty can be found in over 200 schools moving and grooving to Scratch-based MartyBlocks and Python.


Clevertouch – Impact Plus Gen 2 

Designed by teachers for teachers, the Clevertouch Technologies Impact Plus Gen 2 delivers a genuinely intuitive and collaborative experience for a truly blended learning experience. Impact Plus Gen 2 is a feature-rich product with solutions that free teachers from the constraints of the restrictive traditional classroom. Paired with Clevertouch’s Lynx software and Clevertouchlive digital signage solution, which come free with Impact Plus, these screens offer education establishments a complete solution for in-class and remote learning. Our clients enjoy the benefits of free training, free updates and a dedicated support team with no ongoing costs.


TTS – Kitt the Learning Companion

TTS are incredibly proud to be shortlisted for the 2022 BETT Awards with Kitt the Learning Companion.
Kitt is a cross curricular companion robot designed for 21st century classrooms. An inclusive, price sensitive, desk top robot designed to allow students to independently access personalised resources and record evidence of learning.

The beauty of Kitt is his simplicity. Kitt combines well used classroom tech at an affordable price point whilst adding charm and personality, as we prepare learners for a future of social robotic devices.

Designed as an EdTech device for school and home, Kitt is easily transportable to extend learning opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom. Kitt is able to bring rich learning experiences to the homes of children without the need for any additional devices or internet connection.”