Bolster Academy – Bolster Academy

Bolster Academy is a STEM e-learning tool engaging students while saving teachers time. The personalized learning platform provides teaching, learning and testing solutions for secondary and higher-ed students around the world. In the last year alone, more than 200.000 students and teachers used the tool.


Cypher Learning – NEO LMS

NEO is a powerful LMS that schools and universities all over the world use successfully. This learning platform stores all learning materials in a safe space where they can be easily accessed by teachers and students. Besides being able to create engaging content and deliver it easily, teachers can assess and keep track of their students’ understanding by checking the analytics section. Based on those, teachers can tweak the content of their lessons to make it easy to understand by students who are struggling. More so, they can create lessons where the difficulty of the content increases gradually.

Even when teaching online, the need for social interaction stays there, but the integrated chat functions help preserve student-teacher relationships and make communication so much easier. Whether they are sending emails, chatting directly or providing a video response, NEO helps maintain a sense of community among students.

NEO is a product of CYPHER LEARNING, a company that provides a similar LMS for businesses called MATRIX and an LMS for use by entrepreneurs, called INDIE. CYPHER LEARNING products are used by over 20,000 organizations, have millions of users, and won several awards.


Lean Library Futures

Lean Library is an award-winning library technology company that delivers a new class of library services. Our founder Johan Tilstra was a librarian with a mission to help students and researchers get to the resources they need in the quickest and easiest way possible, while still maintaining their privacy and security. His first-hand experience and understanding of the library played a huge role in how the product developed and we never lost sight of his aim. Over 150 libraries subscribe to Lean Library, including Cambridge, Harvard and Melbourne, and over 200,000 patrons use the extension every month.

Lean Library Futures is our innovative new product for libraries that helps them bring their services, content and librarian support into user workflows. We do this by integrating with the library’s holdings, authentication systems, patron services and publisher content. From our early beginnings streamlining remote access, to our latest developments embedding library search, support and content into sites like Google Scholar and

Wikipedia, we have always kept the library at the heart of what we do, with an overriding mission to help amplify the power of the academic library to advance student learning and researcher impact.


Lenovo – LanSchool

As a pioneer and innovator of classroom management technology, LanSchool helps teachers connect with students within the digital environment to foster more meaningful learning experiences. Teachers use LanSchool to guide learning, promote collaboration, make the most of class time, and keep students safe, whether they’re learning in the classroom or at home.

Owned by Lenovo, LanSchool is one of the only classroom management software solutions that is available in both self-hosted and cloud-based versions, making it ideal for any school, even those who are undergoing digital transformation or are using blended learning. It’s also distinguished by its compatibility with virtually any device, enabling schools with mixed devices and BYOD programs to use a single classroom management solution. Moreover, it’s easy to learn, driving quick onboarding experiences and inspiring greater teacher adoption.



Funded in part by a National Science Foundation grant, Slooh brings the wonders of space exploration to post-secondary students around the world. With Slooh, students can view and analyze phenomena such as lunar changes, solar flares, asteroids, living and dying stars, and a variety of nebulae in real-time using Slooh’s patented Mission Interface and user-controlled network of robotic telescopes in the Canary Islands and Chile. And, educators are supported by Slooh’s astronomy team and receive robust professional development and product training to ensure that all students have access to celestial phenomena.


Times Higher Education / Common Purpose – Skills Now: Maximise Your Employability

Top employers need people who finish university to be ready for the world of work. “Skills Now: Maximise your Employability” is an online course designed to help students develop key skills top employers demand from students moving into the world of work. Learning and developing these skills while they study will help students to become the candidate top employers aspire to hire.

The course, developed by Common Purpose and Times Higher Education, is focused on helping students learn to become the highly skilled person top employers are looking for. This course uses real businesses, scenarios and challenges developed with the world’s top employers.

The MOOC is split into five core modules built around the five core skills employers look for from the top graduates they employ. Studying online at their own pace with no deadlines or lectures, this is every student’s chance to take control of their career prospects while they study.

Participant feedback from the course has been very positive – 98% said the course was “excellent” (61%) or “good” (37%).
Students can show they are a stand-out candidate to top employers with a digital certificate they can share on social media and use to build a standout CV.