A-dapt International

A-dapt has worked with Nacro Education to prototype a new innovative format called Adaptive-media® evaluating it with a disadvantaged group of learners to help them overcome specific soft skills barriers they consistently encounter at job interviews. A-dapt have created the Interview Training Simulator that combines Edge based Emotion AI and Immersive Interactive Video with Soft Skills expertise, to meet this specific need.

Our Edge based Emotional AI is based on a Deep Neural Network (DNN), and detects, through the web browser, positive and negative emotions. There is no filming, no recording and it is fully GDPR compliant.

Our Immersive Interactive Video provides interaction with the viewer, responding to their facial expression and emotions, thus triggering digital video content, resulting in an immersive experience. Students are encouraged to pay attention, smile and have a positive mindset.

The results are impressive. The Nacro students who successfully took part in the pilot, testing the tool, had their attention spans and positivity scores increased and they learned how to prepare for an interview, in an innovative new way.

To find out more about Adaptive-media® and the Interview Training Simulator, please view https://youtu.be/xV1qndetPpg and contact jeff@a-dapt.com”


BlueSky Learning

BlueSky Learning is an online platform offering easy-to-access, flexible continued professional development modules. Featuring over 120 hours of research-based and practitioner-led modules, BlueSky Learning provides focused interactive learning sessions that enhance current knowledge, develop new skills and improve strategies for classroom teaching and behaviour management.

BlueSky Learning is available through an affordable annual subscription with a variety of licences for individuals, schools and Trusts that include free access to the CPD elements of BlueSky Education. Individuals can use BlueSky’s award-winning portable portfolio to build a complete record of their CPD journey, while Senior Leaders use BlueSky’s market-leading tool to report, track engagement and evidence impact.

“We subscribe to BlueSky Learning because of the BlueSky system, the ability to track CPD and personal ownership potential. It supports the independence of staff’s own CPD and journey, as well as the reporting of the impact of CPD.”” – Marie Curtis, Headteacher, Ash Grange Primary School


Bramble Technologies

Bramble, the live online tutoring platform, is having a transformational impact in the world of education, especially for those from disadvantaged backgrounds whose learning has been most affected by Covid-19.

A new analysis from Pearson, one of several tuition providers using Bramble to deliver catch-up tuition as part of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP), shows that students across England have made significant progress following NTP support.

The analysis of data and feedback collected through the Bramble platform shows a 67% increase in assessment scores following catch-up tutoring. The greatest increases were in maths: students showed an 88% increase in maths assessment scores. Science assessment scores increased by 74% and English 51%.

And a summer 2021 Bramble survey highlighted the platform’s contribution to the dramatic shift in tuition habits since the start of pandemic disruption in March 2020. The survey – the largest of its kind – showed that 80 per cent of tutors wanted their tutoring to be either solely online or part of a mixed approach over the next year, a view echoed by students, with nearly 80% of them saying that online tutoring was more effective, or as effective, as the in-person alternative.”


Fiction Express Education

Fiction Express is an award-winning literacy resource designed to improve all areas of literacy: reading; writing; spelling, punctuation & grammar; and speaking & listening. The resource improves poor reading habits by getting children excited about reading through the power of a deeply engaging experience of co-creation between pupils and authors.

In cooperation with the government of El Salvador, Fiction Express has developed a programme to supports its new educational policies to significantly improve their pupils’ learning outcomes.

The programme shows clear evidence of impact and learning outcomes. After just three months, both reading and writing skills have improved across all pupils by one grade.”


Practice Pal

Practice Pal are the practice experts. We are making a premium music education experience available to all, without the price tag.

Through Practice Pal, music students simply choose their practice times, and are connected live to one of our professional musicians who will watch and listen to them practice, providing feedback and encouragement along the way through our in-app messaging service. After each session, a report is then sent to the student and guardian.

Our ground-breaking subscription gives musical students the chance to have 30 minutes with a verified professional musician honing their technique and pointing out opportunities to improve for only £7.99 a week. The more you practice, the cheaper each session becomes. Not only are we replicating the music school experience for everybody, but we are also improving it by the quality we demand of our musicians.

This is our truly innovative solution to music practice can truly transform not just the experience of one child’s music education, but an entire generation’s.”


Teach Rex

With our family of dragons and dinosaurs, we help foster an emotional attachment between the children and their learning. This inspires and motivates them to engage in a range of topics from Biology and storytelling to problem solving and History. The latest arrival to our team is a gorilla, named Thomas. Thomas enters the classroom and assists us in creating a narrative to teach children about the world around them, how the world is changing and the impacts their actions have on the planet.

Through the power of storytelling, we are able to explore deep into the heart of the rainforest. We delve into the devastation that surrounds many wild animals due to human behaviours and provide children with the platform to think about their actions, and how together they can help change the world for the better.”



Thuso is a strategic consultancy operating in the humanitarian, development, investment, health, and education sectors. Over the past year, Thuso has developed a wide range of innovative tools and systems to allow for Monitoring and Evaluation at a school-level, a regional/district level, and a national level, as well as facilitating national and international interventions to improve outcomes for learners. No other education consultancy services provider operates in such myriad contexts, nor has any other provider adopted such a systemic, top-down approach, leveraging support from UN Agencies, and the Global Partnership for Education, allowing national governments to drive up standards for learners internationally, including in some of the world’s most challenging contexts, and in the face of significant challenges arising from the global COVID-19 Pandemic.


World Afro Day®

World Afro Day is a global day of change, education and celebration of Afro hair and identity. We have reached over 10 million people and our impact goes beyond schools into businesses, communities and families. We help parents to overcome unfair treatment for their children, who successfully change hair policies in their schools. We are impacting lives on a global scale through technology. We are leading change with events at OFSTED, collaborations with teaching unions and a global event which inspires unity in an ever increasing world of polarisation.