Digital Theatre+

Digital Theatre+ is a comprehensive subscription resource platform for the study of Drama and English, for 11-18 year olds through to higher education. In 2021 DT+ relaunched on a new best-in-class platform. It contains over 1500 carefully curated and organised resources, and growing, including:

– Full-length captures of professional theatre productions from around the world, including from the West End and Broadway.
– Filmed poetry recitals and analyses
– Interviews with cast and creatives offering insights into the plays and theatre processes
– E-learning videos
– Study guides and essays
– Teacher planning resources and formative assessments

Digital Theatre+ is used by Drama and English teachers and students in over 3000 institutions in 95 countries around the world. Having launched to UK schools in 2011, since 2012 we have been supporting international institutions at both secondary and higher education level. In 2021 for the first time our US institutions outnumbered UK institutions, and in total our international customers make up 64% of our customer base.
“”Theatre, an indispensable part of any artistic and literary education, shouldn’t be a luxury, and DT+ enables access to theatre for all.”” Shelby Knighten, IB English Literature, Ocean Springs High School, USA.”


Britannica Digital Learning – STEAM Library

In 2020, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry launched the STEAM Library, a collection of lessons created to nurture learners’ curiosity and desire to learn. Britannica was brought on board to provide a collection of classroom lessons and associated homework based on global best teaching and learning practice.
Britannica partnered with researchers and academic professionals across all areas of STEM to ensure that students benefit from the latest research in all areas of scientific study. This insight was crafted into bespoke explanatory videos aligned with the UN Sustainable Development goals, guidance for teachers and learners, and interview videos from leading professors and researchers.
Britannica designed the STEAM learning content so that it requires students to take ownership of their learning and practice key skills they will use at university and in the workplace. All lessons are centred around challenging questions, to stimulate their interest, ignite their curiosity and to deepen their inquiry. Students are led to consider how technology affects us globally and to understand a variety of viewpoints on these new areas of research.

The STEAM Library is designed for secondary aged students and their families, however, access is free of charge to anyone in Japan.”



“Teach, assess, monitor, manage and engage with GCSEPod; exam-filtered detailed curriculum content for 28 subjects delivered through unique ‘Pods’ and written by subject specialists. Perfect for remote or blended learning, GCSEPod facilitates education on demand with confidence. The mission to deliver IGCSE success, even in the most challenging times, is easier with GCSEPod.

Our award-winning assessment, Check & Challenge, promotes learning, rather than just testing. Independently accessed by students, it allows them to test their knowledge, receive scaffolded support and drives intrinsic motivation with a unique reward system. Clear reporting gives teachers the tools to focus their planning and see exactly where intervention is needed.

In over 1,700 schools across 40+ countries, GCSEPod have extensive evidence to support the impact it has on improving student GCSE performance. With a 10-year heritage in the education sector, our content and functionality continually strive to help teachers and students in their teaching & learning.

With GCSEPod you can review usage by user (teacher or student), group (e.g. Year 11 or Form 7B), individual and category (e.g. Pupil Premium). GCSEPod engages students in a way that encourages confidence and self-belief – it has even been dubbed ‘the gold standard’ by competitors!”


Mussila Music School

Mussila Music School is targeted at kids ages 6 to 11. Our app’s educational method is unique because it offers gamified courses of tested academic value where children move freely through different and fun challenges. They acquire necessary music skills for musical notation, identification of tones and instruments, rhythms, keyboard training, and improvisation, amongst others. The difficulty of challenges is in line with the student’s progress, which ensures the individualized follow-up and personalized content that is unviable in regular group classes.
With Mussila kids learn through play which is perfect for home learning as it makes it more fun for children-parent interaction.”


Osiris Educational – World Education Summit

The World Education Summit 2021 redefined what professional learning can look like for teachers and leaders from every corner of the world.

We assembled the greatest educational speaker line-up of all time, with over 400 thought-leaders, professors, authors, leaders and heroic teachers inspiring 45,000 delegates from 87 countries, making it (unofficially) the largest teacher training event of all time.

More important than any figure is the legacy of impact and learning that we built by offering 12 months of world-class, personalized, professional development from the Summit, delivered on a dedicated learning platform for all attendees.

Never before has this level of access and equity in professional learning been made available to so many, and never was it so needed as it was during those tough early months of this year.
In 2021, the World Education Summit truly changed the game.”


Renaissance – myON

In 2019, the Seychelles government was aiming to develop a robust programme of study to ensure that primary-aged children across the country were reading regularly. They considered reading and speaking in English key to the children’s curricular needs but were aware that they needed better English resources and a method to improve children’s attitude to reading.
myON, a digital reading platform by Renaissance, was able to offer over 7,000 digital books in English which children could access 24/7 at home or school, giving them vital resources to improve their English quickly.

In myON, there is no limit as to how many students can read the same book at the same time, allowing for whole-class activity and reading together. myON also allows children to download books at school and read them offline at home: a feature very useful in places like the Seychelles where internet connection is often poor.

After a success pilot study, myON is now being used in all 25 primary schools across the country. Since launching myON in the Seychelles in 2020, over 11,000 hours of reading, equating to 100,000 books, has been completed.


Twig Education – Twig Science

Next Gen Twig Science Next Gen is a complete Pre-K-8 STEM program designed from the ground up to make the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) come to life for students and educators. Engaging, hands-on digital investigations ask students to take on the roles of scientists and engineers to explore scientific concepts. Featuring dynamic, visual, digital, and hands-on learning, Twig Science Next Gen provides educational opportunities students will remember forever. Twig Books, theater-quality video, and other engaging multimedia brings real-world science into the classroom. Hands-on activities, digital interactives, and on-demand Video Labs help students learn to work just like real scientists and engineers as they develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills through a variety of investigation types.


Visang Education – Wings

Wings’ is an interactive English learning program for preschoolers. ‘Wings’ realizes the necessity of meeting early childhood students where they are and encourages self-motivated learning by supplementing, not replacing, traditional teaching methods with digital equipment and content. ‘Wings’ aims to bring learners not only engaging English language content, but also the joy of learning through familiar with digital multi-media.

‘Wings’ content is designed specifically for students and the teacher together to induce 100% participation with digital learning tools, level-appropriate material to foster educational development, cooperative learning through guided projects, and maximized learning effect through an interactive approach. We hope that children learning English all over the world have an enjoyable experience through ‘Wings’.”