Apptavi Toolkit

Apptavi’s mission is to provide low-cost access to useful tools for education. Our company vision is focused on empowering teachers to do the job they do best. We believe that educators deserve to benefit from the latest online technologies to ease their workload, whilst retaining a fundamental simplicity of use.

Our ‘toolkit’ allows schools and teachers to select the tools which help them address a particular school improvement focus whilst then being able to return to the ‘toolkit’ in the future to address another area of focus whilst limiting any further administrative burden.

By using modern technology and a user led approach we have been able to build in exciting core features such as inviting parents to immediate video meetings at the click of a button as well as VOIP telephone calling if an issue was to occur during an online parents evening. By combining modern software stacks with the information held in legacy MIS systems we can make teachers workload easier as well as allowing leaders to enact change where required.


CPOMS Systems

CPOMS is a market leading, online system where all staff in a school can log concerns relating to safeguarding, child protection, and virtually anything pastoral that can impact the wellbeing of a child. Designated safeguarding leads in school can then gather important information quickly and easily to protect pupils with simple and thorough tools.
Reports can then be produced from the gathered information to be shared with the relevant agencies, such as Social Care, Police, the child’s next school, or any specialist visiting the school.

We are a fully customisable system, which enables our customers to use our system to help with ever changing legislations.

We have an extensive support available to our customers, our Servicepoint team is available Monday – Friday to answer calls, emails, and helpdesk tickets. We also have 1-1 training sessions where we offer specialised and bespoke support, webinars, bitesize clips, and best practice recordings! We have employees at CPOMS who have a school-based background and understand the educational sector. We thrive on using this skill set to develop and provide an intuitive and diverse system. We provide safeguarding advice through our experts, allowing school staff to enhance their safeguarding knowledge.”


Educater – Assessment

Educater is an educational data tracking software solution for schools, early years settings and other organisations. We provide bespoke tools for assessment and tracking, EYFS tracking, observations, schools reports, communication, analytics, SEND and SEF. Our modular based platform has been exclusively designed to dramatically reduce data management burden and workload.
We understand how valuable teacher and staff time is, that is why our system allows teachers and leaders to spend more time effectively in the classroom and workplace to make lesson planning more manageable.
Our system is reliable and allows flexible assessment curriculum to be input into Educater and also allows School Leaders to customise their assessment package in a way that is right for their setting.
Educater Assessment is perfect for pupil tracking and monitoring to provide a clear snapshot of pupil progression. We provide School Leaders with a tool where they can analyse real time attainment and progress data across the whole school or multiple schools with simplicity and speed.
We don’t expect our customers to change the way of doing things to suit the programme, we can set up the programme to suit their way of doing things.
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Education Innovation Projects – PEDAGOOG

Pedgaoog is an online pedagogical library and continuing professional development web-app designed to empower leaders, teachers and support staff in the primary and secondary education sector to raise standards and improve pupil outcomes.

Containing over 2000 articles, podcasts, videos and courses, carefully curated into 26 sections, Pedagoog makes finding what you need for CPD quick, easy and inspiring!

Pedagoog also saves time and effort for School Leadership teams looking to boost engagement with a whole-school vision, while departments can pursue subject-specific themes and individuals can build skills and evidence for appraisals or career development.

Users can also participate by rating, suggesting and sharing articles, thereby contributing to the quantum of pedagogical knowledge while developing their own.
Many thousands of hours of research have gone in to Pedagoog to make sure that education professionals do not have to plough the same furrow to access the knowledge they need – delivered for less than the price of a cup of coffee per user per month.

Pedagoog – CPD re-imagined by teachers, for learning, for life.


Guide Education – Guide Teacher Training / Guide Connect

Guide Connect – a teacher development platform for schools. Providing online school staff training, CPD, best practice and fully accredited teacher qualifications. From TA to QTS to Headship. Enabling leaders to manage, track and deliver expert and personalised training for their staff to improve retention, reduce staff turnover, improve pedagogical practice and share school culture in a few clicks.


Nautilus Education

It’s been a fascinating and exciting year for our platform. We’re now working with schools in over 40 different local authorities and also now in China. We wanted to make sure that our little idea was one that came from the head teacher’s office and for the benefit of other school leaders.

Nautilus is an online school improvement platform. Perform great learning walks, books studies, observations and parent and pupil surveys with your ipad or tablet. Capture and celebrate your curriculum with supporting photos. All of your evaluations and feedback will be presented on your dashboard and reports ready to analyse, share and for your school improvement purposes.

We’re helping school leaders to leave the building knowing the health of their teaching and learning, rather than waking up in the middle of the night trying to remember their last data set.


Practice Pal – Practice Pal

Practice Pal is a music department management system built for music teachers – by teachers. With Practice Pal, music departments have full oversight of their instrumental teaching timetable, teachers have the power to organise a week’s worth of music lessons at the click of a button, and learners have the opportunity to reach their potential with clear access to lesson times and practice notes.

We replace manual processes with groundbreaking automation and guesswork with complete reassurance. And we go beyond music lesson administration. Practice Pal exists to enhance the music education experience – and we do this by giving teachers revolutionary tools to equip their learners. Whether teaching online or in person, Practice Pal gives teachers all they need to record demo clips and write lessons notes that are automatically sent to the student’s guardian. Our online lesson room was built for music teaching, ensuring clear HD audio first and prioritising safeguarding above anything.”


Staff Absence Management – part of Fusion Education People Solutions

Staff Absence Management Ltd, established in 2013 has seen significant growth this year and has launched SAMpeople and FACE-Ed, whilst continuing to support Staff Absence Management Software (SAM). Our

EdTech products meet the needs of schools, trusts, colleges and universities, enabling them to integrate multiple systems and have a central point of management for their HR information and processes. Our company growth through an integrated marketing campaign is heavily supported by client referrals and social media recommendations.

We are passionate about innovation within the education sector. Our vision is “Creating Better Futures for Our Children Through Innovative People Solutions” and we utilise user groups to shape product development.

Our future roadmap includes integrated payroll and finance modules which demonstrates our commitment to innovation long-term.

We are committed to investing back into education. As a group, we host the Leeds School Managers’ Forum (LSMF) in our own time, and we are part of the DfE Network Leaders Group. We have sponsored a bursary for school business management training through the Association of BAME Leaders in Education and supported local football teams and charities. We will continue to innovate, grow and evolve as a company alongside our clients.