9 Digital – Academe Plus

Educating students with what they love, AcadeMe+ by 9-Digital offers more than 1,000 films licensed from Major Hollywood studios such as Disney, Fox, Marvel, Pixar, Sony
curated into curriculum-based interactive lessons developed exclusively by Harvard Graduate School of Education -X media Lab and Journeys in Film.

Using Pixar’s Inside Out to teach SEL, Martian to learn about STEM, or award-winning Green Book to discuss racism, teachers can boost their lessons into 21st century Education Technology, inspire curiosity and generate engagement.

Our core innovative technology platform offers the most advance digital learning service with an AI-based engine, interactive lessons, smart search by grades and curriculum topics, and a lesson creator tool to enable teachers to create and share their own interactive video lessons.

The service has been licensed by the Israeli ministry of education since 2019 for all public schools in Israel, with 4,000 connected schools and 2 million student users.”


Amazing People Schools

Harriet Tubman knew all about resilience. Einstein used wildly creative ideas in his scientific work. Character strengths such as empathy, perseverance and gratitude greatly improve the odds that our young people will thrive, regardless of the challenges. Character strengths also play a vital role in student wellbeing, social emotional learning and positive personal development. And they’ve never been more important.
Amazing People Schools offers a unique approach to character development and wellbeing that has been carefully developed by teachers, for teachers, to support whole-school learning that works hard right across the curriculum. It features an interactive, inspirational story library about amazing people from around the globe, and all walks of life, who used their character strengths to achieve amazing things. It also features audio stories, videos, collectable ecards, an avatar builder, quizzes, timelines and is packed with classroom-ready teaching tools and resources that can be used to support and inspire our next generation of Amazing People.


Busy Things

Stimulating pupils to help develop their knowledge is a challenge which Busy Things solves with a wide variety of fun, engaging, curriculum-linked activities. KS1&2 are the start of more formal learning, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. Ensuring that learning is never dull is one of our core principles. We help teachers spark enthusiasm, allowing pupils to enhance their knowledge and skills – often without realising they are learning.

Busy Things is enjoyed by pupils in 4.5k+ primary schools throughout the UK and overseas.

It carries 1000+ activities over a broad spread of subjects which can be aligned to the English, Scottish or Australian Curricula. The range and variety of activity types take into account that children learn in different ways and at different rates, enabling Busy Things to help challenge and advance all learners.

Rachel Hall, Managing Director at Busy Things said, ““We are delighted to be shortlisted for a BETT 2022 Award! It is a tribute to the hard work and creativity of our team of designers, programmers and teacher advisers. A special thank you is due to the many teachers who use Busy Things in their classroom and help us with their comments and suggestions.“”


ClickView Primary

Recognised for supporting over 5,000 schools and colleges across the world, ClickView’s new primary series of video-based learning content offers a comprehensive range of engaging videos, specifically designed for the primary classroom.

For many years ClickView has worked closely with secondary schools, colleges and universities across the world; more recently they noticed a trend of their Multi Academy Trust users asking for content for their primary schools. As more schools recognise the power of short curriculum aligned videos in engaging and inspiring children to learn, this demand for key stage 1 and 2 content increased, particularly during and post lockdown. After two years in development, including research with a wide range of primary schools, the new ClickView primary product is live and available, and ClickView is confident this will be a welcome addition to primary classrooms and beyond across the UK.

Jonathan Bishop, CEO of Cornerstone Multi Academy Trust and Edtech Demonstrator School says:

ClickView provides us with high-quality video curriculum content with built-in interactive quizzes. This saves our teachers planning time, enhances lesson delivery and engages our learners””


Juniper Education – Sonar Curriculum

Robust curriculum planning made easy by Juniper Education

It takes a huge amount of work to plan and deliver an exciting, purposeful primary curriculum that keeps pupils engaged, challenged and making progress.
Senior leaders spend hours ensuring all subjects get equal weighting and every subject in every lesson is mapped to specific learning objectives in the national curriculum.

It’s a major undertaking that can be overwhelming, even for the most seasoned curriculum designer.

Juniper Education’s Sonar Curriculum provides a rigorous and robust framework, based on the primary national curriculum, which heads can use to map the knowledge, skills and understanding children are expected to develop in each of the core and foundation subjects across every year group.

There’s an extensive supply of pre-mapped resources teachers can customise to the exact context of each lesson too, plus Juniper’s suite of pupil trackers to measure the impact.

For children, the result is the progressive mastery of all subjects within a broad, balanced and coherent curriculum.

“You can tell straight away that Sonar Curriculum has been designed by educationalists who know the reality of the task and who understand schools, teachers and how children learn.”

Diane Raftery, head of Five Spires Primary Academy

The Just2easy Toolsuite

The parent portal is a brand new development for the Just2easy Toolsuite. It allows teachers to invite parents of their pupils (via email) to register and then login to the parent portal on iOS or Android devices ( or laptops etc. if preferred). Using the parent portal they can see many different aspects of online teaching and learning for any of their children. If they are registered for more than one child, they use a single log in which allows them to select the child they wish to view. They can then see homework, messages, stars, and online work for that chid. They may also upload work for the child, for example a photograph of artwork produced at home etc.


LEGO® Education – LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential

LEGO® Education introduced the LEGO® Learning System – a comprehensive, adaptable, and inclusive STEAM learning system that grows with students on their learning journey through grades 1-8. The LEGO Learning System combines intuitive hardware, standards-aligned curriculum, creative programming, research-backed professional development, and the beloved LEGO brick to reimagine the learning experience. Together, these core elements help teachers rethink learning in the classroom and provide a thoughtful and innovative way to teach their students the STEAM and 21st century skills they need to thrive and become lifelong learners.

As part of the Learning System, LEGO Education also announced LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential. Designed for primary school students, this hands-on, engaging learning solution ignites students’ enthusiasm for STEAM learning through playful problem-solving and storytelling. As a true cross-curricular solution, SPIKE Essential supports children’s comprehensive development by intentionally and naturally integrating literacy, math, and social-emotional learning into STEAM lessons, preparing them to be resilient, independent thinkers.”


Twig Education – Twig Science Next Gen

Twig Science Next Gen is a complete Pre-K-8 STEM program designed from the ground up to make the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) come to life for students and educators. Engaging, hands-on digital investigations ask students to take on the roles of scientists and engineers to explore scientific concepts. Featuring dynamic, visual, digital, and hands-on learning, Twig Science Next Gen provides educational opportunities students will remember forever. Twig Books, theater-quality video, and other engaging multimedia brings real-world science into the classroom. Hands-on activities, digital interactives, and on-demand Video Labs help students learn to work just like real scientists and engineers as they develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills through a variety of investigation types.